Utara Coffee House Armada Hotel PJ

Just last week I was over at Utara Coffee House in Armada Hotel PJ for a sampling of their Mother's Day "Loveably Mama"'s promotion. The theme was on Peranakan food, specially coined up for the special occasion. Well, a special occasion calls for a truly special menu, and this was it.

Utara Coffee House Armada Hotel PJ
Utara Coffee House Armada Hotel PJ

Utara Coffee House
Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya
Lot 6, Lorong Utara C,
Section 52, 46200 PJ, Selangor
GPS: 3.104199, 101.640964
Tel: 03-7954 6888 (ext 4557)

Interior, decor, and food
Interior, decor, and food

Located inside Armada Hotel, Utara Coffee House comes off as a really nice comfy hotel restaurant serving good dishes. This round it was all about Peranakan food, or as they call it, Nyonya cuisine. It was my first time over at this restaurant and hotel, but the sight of the comfortable environment set me at ease almost immediately.

Eve of Mother’s Day (12/5/2012) – 7 pm to 10:30 pm
RM 70++ adult, RM 35++ child/domestic helper

Peranakan “Ho Chiak” Buffet Hi-Tea (13/5/2012) – 12 pm to 4 pm 
RM 75++ adult, RM 37.50++ child/domestic helper

Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya
Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya

We were served with a sampling of Peranakan dishes, the Duck Herbal Soup, and Nyonya Laksa to name a few. Do check out below on what we had that evening. The buffet itself will consist of many more varieties of dishes.

#1 Roasted Duck with the Ginger Herbal Soup
#1 Roasted Duck with the Ginger Herbal Soup

The Roasted Duck with the Ginger Herbal Soup tasted exactly as it should be, with ginger and herbs mixing well with the soft meat. There was a tinge of spiciness from the chilli inside, which went well with the slightly salty taste of the duck. 

#2 Nasi Kunyit with Nyonya Ayam Rendang
#2 Nasi Kunyit with Nyonya Ayam Rendang
#3 Assam Hu (Fish)
#3 Assam Hu (Fish)

Never one to say no to a good plate of Nasi Kunyit with Ayam Rendang, this dish was one of my favourite that evening. The rice may just be your average Kunyit rice, but the ayam rendang was great. With loads of herbs and spices thrown in, one serving of the rendang may not be sufficient for many. The Assam Hu (Assam Fish) was pretty good too, done the Nyonya way. 

#4 Nyonya Pot Laksa
#4 Nyonya Pot Laksa

The Nyonya Pot Laksa however needed some getting used to from my side, as I'm so used to the Penang Laksa. The taste for this dish was akin to curry laksa, with lots of santan and curry leaves. It tasted uniquely good though. 

#5 Seafood Pie
#5 Seafood Pie

Another one of the dishes being served was the Seafood Pie, not my favourite though as I'm not a big fan of having a mixture of seafood mixed into a pie. There was multiple flavours of prawns, tuna, fish and many other ingredients which gave out a unique flavour.

Desserts (Mango and Strawberry)
#6 Desserts (Mango and Strawberry)

Beside the main courses, Utara Cafe also serve desserts which was a perfect end to an evening of food. Utara Coffee House also serve nyonya kuihs to our delight such as the pulut tai tai, nine layer kuih, kuih talam and many more. Overall a good meal, with a good mix of dishes.


Merryn said...

Mother's Day only many places promote nyonya food. I miss my mummy :(

Isaac Tan said...

:( .. miss my mum's cooking lots, will find time soon to go back Penang and enjoy the nyonya dishes she makes.

Ken said...

i'm nt a big fan of nyonya cuisine but i'm wondering why is seafood pie is related to nyonya cuisine LOL, anyway, the seafood pie looks good :D

Josarine said...


suituapui said...

The nyonya ayam rendang looks like to die for.... You did not go on the actual day? My friend, smallkucing, was there.

Henry Tan said...

hahaha bro u shud just go back penang find your mum and eat his home cook! for sure 100% better than all these! =D

but ofcoz one thing this would win over ur mum's probably would be the variety of food! =DD

wenn said...

I like the creative looking dessert

[SK] said...

i think i've been there long time ago before, was working in Menara Axis then and it was a company event we had buffet there..

Unknown said...

Your mom a nyonya bro? anyway i have always liked nyonya foods, hot and spicy..

Still busy being a life style blogger bro?

have a great week ahead ya

Mumsgather said...

Wow! Lovely food photos you have here! You are making me very hungry indeed. Haha.

Small Kucing said...

good recommendation. Went there. That day they put a candy doll house. so nice

Isaac Tan said...

hehe that was one of their other dishes in the mother's day buffet.

Not bad lah. Wahaha :P

nope, i didn't go on the actual day, nor the eve, because I was at KL, mum in penang :(

True that,I'm planning a trip back to penang too! :)

yep, they have some really nice presentation for the food

Isaac Tan said...

Oh, it was my first time there, an okay experience for me :)

mum's not, but granmother is.. actually i'm not sure what constitutes being a nyonya, we were from a generation of nyonyas though :) Life have been pretty hectic recently.

Thanks so much for dropping by ya! :) Keep the blogging spirit flying high

Small Kucing,
It must have been a really nice mother's day for you! :) .. yum yum goodness

Nikel Khor said...


Reanaclaire said...

I havent tried Peranakan dishes before.. looks so tempting, all of them!

Caroline said...

eh not bad wei the food! the dessert i love la got mango and strawberry! >.<

Unknown said...

It's so nearby my place and i've never seen this place before lol What To Expect When You're Expecting review

Only Fish Recipes said...

Thanks for visiting my space and your wonderful comments.....this place surely is something....loved all the dishes...mostly the assam fish ...do visit my space again....following ur space here :-)

Twilight Man said...

Being a Penang kia like you, having Nyonya Food is a MUST for me. So far I only frequent Little Penang for hometown food. Perhaps I should also try this place!

hazman aka species1980 said...

Nasi kunyit and assam fish are my fav for nyonya menu....