Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall

Sushi lovers and their sushis, it remains a mystery to me the allure of raw salmons and sushis to these wonderful people. I'm not generalizing, lots of people love sushis and with the recent bloom in sushi restaurants everywhere, we are all spoilt for choice. Recently I had the chance to go for a round of good sushi at Sushi Tei in Tropicana City Mall. With a concept similar to Sushi King, but with a better presentation and atmosphere, I couldn't wait to dig in. 

Sushi Tei Tropicana City Mall
Sushi Tei Tropicana City Mall

Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall
Lot G-16 Ground Floor,
Tropicana City Mall
Tel: 03-7728 9299
Business hours : 11:00am - 10:00pm ( Last Call 9.30pm)
Website :
Facebook :

The interior of Sushi Tei Tropicana City Mall
The interior of Sushi Tei Tropicana City Mall

Sushi Tei is currently having their Spring Promotion, with dishes which we had the chance to sample. Service was quick, and the dishes came out pretty quick from the waitress there. Sushi Tei originated from Singapore with various other outlets nationwide employing an open concept kitchen where patrons could see their meals being prepared. Check out below on what we had that wonderful afternoon. 

Kamaage Shirasu, Chutoro & Negitoro Don - RM28.80
#1 Kamaage Shirasu, Chutoro & Negitoro Don - RM28.80

All the dishes had these Japanese words attached to it, and even though I used to study Basic Japanese back in my university days, it was all still alien to me. The Kamaage Shirasu, Chutoro & Negitoro Don consists of steamed baby sardin, tuna belly & minced tuna belly on sushi rice. How's that for a nice tuna combination? I liked the fact the baby sardin was soft and mixed well with the rice. 

Sakura Okonomiyaki - RM16.80
#2 Sakura Okonomiyaki - RM16.80
Eringi Batayaki - RM9.80
#3 Eringi Batayaki - RM9.80

Up next was the Sakura Okonomiyaki which was basically egg omelette with colourful and tasty toppings. The Eringi Batayaki however was rather unique, eringi mushroom with Japanese leek, it's not often I've tasted this type of dish. It was a tad too oily though, but had lots of mushroom flavour to it. 

Sashimi Moriawase "Wakana" 5 kinds - RM56.80
#4 Sashimi Moriawase "Wakana" 5 kinds - RM56.80
Chu Toro Sashimi - RM29.80
#5 Chu Toro Sashimi - RM29.80

It was sashimi galore next as we were served with 2 sashimi dishes back to back, namely the Sashimi Moriawase "Wakana" and the Chu Toro Sashimi. Perfect for the sashimi and raw fish lovers, but not so perfect for me as I am not really into sashimi and all. Any fresh sashimi is good sashimi to me. 

Soft Shell Crab Tortilla Pizza - RM13.80
#6 Soft Shell Crab Tortilla Pizza - RM13.80
Soft Shell Crab - RM15.80
#7 Soft Shell Crab - RM15.80

My favourite dishes at any Japanese themed restaurants would definately be their soft shell crabs. I just can't get enough of these savory tasty crabs. Sushi Tei brought out 2 soft shell crab dishes, the standalone Soft Shell Crabs and the Soft Shell Crab Tortilla Pizza. I was pretty intrigued with the way they managed to fuse Tortilla bread with Soft Shell Crab. I like it crispy, and these were done just to my liking. 

Aka Ebi Sushi - RM13.80
#8 Aka Ebi Sushi - RM13.80
Maguro Yukke Pasta Salad  - RM16.80
#9 Maguro Yukke Pasta Salad  - RM16.80

Before we proceeded to get some items from Sushi Tei's kanban belt, we were served with further good food as above. Aka Ebi Sushi, red prawn sushi had the really sweet taste to the prawn meat. The Maguro Yukke Pasta Salad was prepared specially for pasta lovers as it comes with spicy minced tuna pasta with french dressing. I was more interested in the next dish below. 

Gyu Misoyaki - RM15
#10 Gyu Misoyaki - RM15
We got the pleasure of cooking it ourselves
We got the pleasure of cooking it ourselves

Give me any beef or lamb, and I will gladly accept it. The Gyu Misoyaki dish is essentially a DIY teppanyaki set with sliced beef and miso based sauce. Cooking it over the pan, the sliced beef smelt as good as it tasted. If not for the huge amount of other good food earlier, I would have gone for second helpings of these. 

Kamaage Shirasu Sushi - RM6.80 per pair
#11 Kamaage Shirasu Sushi - RM6.80 per pair
Maguro Heart Roll  RM16.80
#12 Maguro Heart Roll  RM16.80
Various Sushis - Inri Kani Mentai Mayo - RM5.40,  Tamago Mentai Mayo - RM5.40
#13 Various Sushis - Inri Kani Mentai Mayo - RM5.40,  Tamago Mentai Mayo - RM5.40
Volcano Roll - RM6.80 (Unagi & cucumber with cream cheese)
#14 Volcano Roll - RM6.80 (Unagi & cucumber with cream cheese)

Needless to say, it was a really good meal being stuffed to the brim with good tasty japanese food. The food actually tasted better than other competing franchise out there. The spring promotion menu definately had some really quality sushis and japanese cuisine, so do catch their promotion this whole month of May. Do take note Sushi Tei has branches all over at The Garden, Mid Valley, Gurney Plaza, Pavilion KL, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall and coming soon at Setia City Mall, Setia Alam.


  1. me likey soft shell crab *crunchy & crispy*

  2. Their volcano and kaki mentai memang bes giler :D

    Also, try their corn croquette next time :)

  3. Kian Fai,
    My favourite bro! hehehe.. nom nom

    Actually I did try their corn croquette.. but forgot to take a nice photo of its inside.. conveniently left it out here. Sorry, too greedy. lol!

  4. We have a Sushi Tie in Sibu, Tie not Tei...named after a Foochow guy surnamed Tie. Very successful, good business...making lots of money but unfortunately, he was killed in an accident. I hear the wife is running the business now...

    Personally, I'm not into Japanese food. Rather expensive and despite having spent a lot, not really I prefer stuff with stronger, exotic tastes. My daughter loves it though...

  5. i had sushi tei in the garden, it was fantastic. though, i probably can onluy splurge on this fancy jap food once in a while. But worth all the prices paid!

  6. i went to their outlet in MV once but didn't find it that nice.. but i saw many people in the Tropicana outlet, maybe it's nicer there??

  7. quite costly eh? Been there once...

  8. okonomiyaki is my fave other than takoyaki! :DD

    Latest: Frog Addiction

  9. my kids love sushi anytime..

  10. Le presentation is indeed better but the price is also higher lol Genting Theme Park review

  11. waaaahhh.. ini isaac kuat makan meh. but i ate sushi less than ten times only.. hehehee

  12. oo they took over the San Fran Steak house place ya?

  13. The food look fresh and delish. If not mistaken they hv branch in Gardens, Midvalley too. Cos noted always Q with ppl.

  14. I'm attracted to Sakura Okonomiyaki! It looks like pizza XD

  15. love japanese cuisine !

  16. Halo saya mau kasih info bagi yang sedang butuh dus makanan untuk Okonomiyaki bisa search di dengan Keyword Greenpack yah teman-teman. Semoga membantu :)


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