Sakae Sushi Berjaya Times Square

Sakae Sushi has been around for quite some time now, but they have always been coming up with new additions to their menu. As such, I had the chance to savor some of their new menu items with a couple of other bloggers the other day at Sakae Sushi Berjaya Times Square. 

Sakae Sushi Berjaya Time Square with its Froggie mascot
Sakae Sushi Berjaya Time Square with its Froggie mascot

Sakae Sushi 
Berjaya Times Square Mall
03-106, 3rd Floor

Sakae Sushi Berjaya Time Square with its Froggie mascot
The interior with the kaiten belt and their unique iPad ordering system

I've been to the Sakae Sushi Sunway Pyramid branch before and there wasn't any complains from my side. Food was good, and I was particularly intrigued by the ease of ordering via their iPad ordering system. Just swipe the page to choose, and touch your selection and your orders are sent directly to the kitchen. Do check out below on what we had to eat that day. 

#1 Kaisen Salad - RM16.90
#1 Kaisen Salad - RM16.90

We kicked off with an appetizer, the Kaizen Salad. It was part of Sakae Sushi's new menu addition, not so new now though as this event actually happened a couple of weeks back. Comprising of fresh prawns, tuna flakes, snow crab legs, and fish roe, this was truly a very 'seafoody' type of dish. 

Hotate Mentaiyaki - RM20.90
#2 Hotate Mentaiyaki - RM20.90

For seafood and scallop lovers, the dish Hotate Mentaiyaki would fit right up your alley. The half scallops itself were sweet, but I did not fancy the excessive use of mayonnaise type of dressing on top of it. It was really rich in flavour though. 

#3 Kaisen Pirikara Nabe - RM24.90
#4 Curry Udon - RM12.90

Before being served with various sushis, we were treated to some udon dishes in the form of the Kaisen Pirikara Nabe which was essentially a kimchi soup based dish and the Curry Udon. With a mixture of cuttle fish, prawns, salmon and mushroom, the Kaisen Pirikara Nabe hit the spot for kimchi and spicy dish lovers. The Curry Udon came with lots of potatoes and meat, which does give out a nice overall taste. Japanese curry is slightly milder version of our Malaysian curries.

Hana Maki - RM9.99
#5 Hana Maki - RM9.99
Sakae Blossom - Rm9.99
#6 Sakae Blossom - RM9.99
Soft Shell Crab Maki - RM5.99
#7 Soft Shell Crab Maki - RM5.99

It was sushi galore after that with loads of these cute sushi makis being served out. I was intrigued with the pricing though as instead of RM10, if was priced at RM9.99. The Hana Makis were made from fresh salmon petals wrapped around the rice topped with mayonnaise and shrimp roe. Similarly, the Sakae Blossom too had salmon paired with lots of shrimp roes. I for one liked the Soft Shell Crab Maki, in fact any japanese dishes which had soft shell crabs inside are bound to be good. 

#8 Ebi Crepe - RM5.99
#9 Inari Avocado Ebi - RM7.99

The final two sushis were prawn based with the prawn head being displayed prominently on the Inari Avocado Ebi as well as the Ebi Crepe. The Ebi Crepe had these light crepe wrapped around a whole cooked prawn, similarly with the Inari Avocado Ebi which had a whole prawn included inside with vegetables and salad dressing. 

#10 Ice Creams - RM6.90

Any meal wouldn't be complete without dessert, and this round we were served with some multi flavoured Ice Creams ranging from Passion Fruit, Dragon Fruit, Matcha and Goma flavours. It was good though, but I would have liked my ice creams being sweeter. A good end to a great meal, thanks to Sakae Sushi.

"As a means of further rewarding it’s loyal customers, Sakae Sushi has also launched several promotions for the customers. Newspaper readers can enjoy a special RM10 cash voucher valid with a minimum spend of RM25, with an additional free pink plate worth RM3.99 for Citibank cardholders. Facebook users will also be entitled to their share of freebies by joining the Sakae Sushi Facebook fan page and taking part in various fun contests."


  1. Like their scallops very very much!

  2. like the whole world went to sakae sushi for review LOL

  3. Nikel,
    Lol! i like it too!

    you're right! recently they have been inviting a number of bloggers to try out their new menu :)

    Prince n princess mum,
    hi there! thanks for dropping by my blog. XD yup, it was rather yummy :)

  4. the food looks yummy!! but i've only been to sakae shushi twice, haha!! maybe should go there more often..

  5. They have an outlet there? Good! I usually stay nearby and my daughter loves Japanese food. We can always work there... ;)

  6. I love sakae sushi :D

  7. wow, that's a lot of food.. I'd love to try the Kaisen Salad.. Scallop looks interesting as well..shall go there and give the new menu a try.. =)

  8. man, somehow I love this froggy, wonder if I wear the costume and get hugs from girl or not? lmao :X

  9. WOW! I would love to try them all.Looks Delish!

  10. WOW!I would love to try them all. Looks Delish!


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