Herbs & Spices Restaurant Sri Petaling

Herbs & Spices is this quaint restaurant over at Sri Petaling serving some really good western and local fare. A couple of weeks back, I had the opportunity to catch a meal there, and it was good to say the least. Located in a rather strategic location at Sri Petaling, Herbs & Spices Restaurant takes it's name from the various spices used in their menu items. 

Herbs & Spices Restaurant Sri Petaling
Herbs & Spices Restaurant Sri Petaling

Restaurant Herbs & Spices KL
51, Jalan Radin Bagus,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-9057 5592
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Restaurant.HerbsSpices.KL

The ambiance and interior
The ambiance and interior

It was a rather simple no frills eatery, one which one could make themselves at home the instant they enter the restaurant. We were greeted by the owner, and subsequently seated at one of those family tables to feast on their menu offerings. Herbs & Spices had both the western menu as well as our local fare, and we started off with the western dishes. Check out what we had that wonderful afternoon.

Mixed Grill (Grilled Lamb Shoulder, Grilled Chicken Chop, Fish Fillet, Jumbo Sausage and 3 Prawns) - RM29.50
#1 Mixed Grill (Grilled Lamb Shoulder, Grilled Chicken Chop, Fish Fillet, Jumbo Sausage and 3 Prawns) - RM29.50

For a rather affordable price of RM29.50, you could feast on their Mixed Grill with an array of meat choices from Grilled Lamb Shoulder, Grilled Chicken Chop, Fish Fillet, Jumbo Sausage to prawns. I liked the Lamb Shoulder as it was done just the way I like it, with sprinkles of herbs on it. 

#2 Hainanese Chicken Chop - RM15.90
#2 Hainanese Chicken Chop - RM15.90
3 Black Pepper Chicken Chop - RM15.90
#3 Black Pepper Chicken Chop - RM15.90
#4 Grilled Salmon - RM19
Up next were three more western fare, poultry and white meat in the form of their Hainanese Chicken Chop, Black Pepper Chicken Chop and Grilled Salmon. The chicken chop was the usual fare, except it was doused in Herbs & Spices' special Hainanese Sauce which came with onions and green peas. As for the Grilled Salmon, Janice did mention it was really tasty, made from Norwegian fish, lightly salted before being grilled and served. Again the prices were affordable without skimping on the portion. 

#5 Grilled Sirloin Steak - RM26.50
#5 Grilled Sirloin Steak - RM26.50

Herbs & Spices served my favourite steak as well, the Grilled Sirloin Steak which was prepared in the traditional way. I do love my steaks, and I'm glad to say the ones here were really succulent and nice, medium done, seared on the outside and juicy inside. All that good meat for only RM26.50, I won't mind going back again soon just for the sirloin steak. 

#6 Nasi Dagang Ayam Goreng - RM12
#6 Nasi Dagang Ayam Goreng - RM12
#7 Nasi Dagang Ikan Tongkol (Tuna) - RM9.50
#7 Nasi Dagang Ikan Tongkol (Tuna) - RM9.50

One of Herbs & Spices' chef hails from Kelantan hence the specialty Nasi Dagang were served together with fish and chicken. Made from brown rice steamed with coconut milk and herbs, it actually paired really well with the meat.

#8 Curry Fish Head (Seasonal based on weight)
#8 Curry Fish Head (Seasonal based on weight)

Yet another specialty dish from Herbs & Spices was their Curry Fish Head which was seasonally priced, The owner did mentioned they used New Zealand Ling fish head as their main ingredients which came in this really thick curry gravy. Personally I liked the curry a lot, as it was thick and full of flavour. 

#9 Cream Caramel - RM5.50
#9 Cream Caramel - RM5.50
#10 Sago Melaka - RM4
#10 Sago Melaka - RM4

After the rather heavy meal, we ended the session with some sweet desserts, namely the Cream Caramel and the Sago Melaka. The really special Sago Melaka was brought out comprising of sago with gula melaka and coconut milk. It was that good. Overall, Herbs & Spices Restaurant in Sri Petaling do serve some really nice food, with an affordable price. Do check them out should you be in the vicinity. 


Koh Kian Fai said...

herbs is everywhere in this post! hahaha , but why no extra vege on dish since the restaurant name got "herb" , or no extra greenish? XD

Unknown said...

WAHH!! Herbs and spices.. nice name!! can imagine how good their food is...

[SK] said...

the serve a wide variety of food huh.. i'm drooling at the Nasi Dagang Ayam Goreng~~

suituapui said...

Cream caramel! Sago Melaka! Ooooooo!!!! All my favourites!!! Drool! Drool! Nice name, looks like a fusion joint. Food looks good too. Seems like there are a lot of nice eating places at Sri Petaling...

Nikel Khor said...

Not malay food ar?

Jia Min said...

I've been there once, but I've totally forgotten what I had. :\ Now that you're saying that it serves such good food, I'll definitely go back again. Sago Melaka! :D

FiSh said...

i miss the sago melaka ;) so delicious

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Norasiah Nasir said...

buat my air liur meleleh....

choi yen said...

price is quite affordable but too far for me... :(

wenn said...

the grilled salmon looks good..

Small Kucing said...

really makes me drool

Blackswan said...

Herbs & Spices sound like my kind of restaurant. Love the 2 chicken dishes! Too bad I didn't get to see u in Malacca. It turned out great :)