Heineken A Legendary Night - Tickets Giveaway

I did a short writeup on this upcoming event recently (UEFA Champion League Finals With Heineken) which gives fans of UEFA Champion League a chance to watch the finals "Live" on the big screen.This post will serve as a giveaway post for you to get 1 pair of tickets watch it. Bear in mind I have 2 pairs to giveaway.

Heineken A Legendary Night - Tickets Giveaway
Watch It Live!

Watch the UEFA Champions League final between Chelsea vs. Bayern Munich live on cinema in High Definition on:

Date: Saturday,19 May
Time: 11:30pm
Venue: GSC Signatures, The Gardens

Heineken A Legendary Night - Tickets Giveaway
The physical invites

"Bringing to life the ‘Legendary Football’ campaign, Heineken will be hosting a one of a kind football viewing event for its biggest fans. Presenting the masterpiece moments up close,  football fans will be able to enjoy the live grand finale match at GSC Signature, The Gardens."
"This unique experience on big screen aims to highlight the legendary moments that UCL creates, allowing fans to feel as though they are watching it live in a football stadium."
Heineken A Legendary Night - Tickets Giveaway
Don't miss the chance to get it
Now, this would be a simple giveaway, as I'm never really good in giving things out nor choosing who to give to but here it goes. If you are really interested to catch the final match between Chelsea and Bayern Munich live in GSC Signatures The Gardens, just leave a comment below on "Why I want to watch Heineken's Legendary Night?" with your details (be it FB, Email, or Twitter) so I can contact you. The most creative comment get 1 pair of these exclusive invites. 

About Heineken- UEFA Champion League (UCL)
"The core focus of Heineken’s activation of the sponsorship is to bring fans in Europe and abroad high quality UEFA Champions League experiences. The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious club platform for international football stars and their clubs."

"With over 150 million TV viewers watching live coverage of the UEFA Champions League in 220 countries and territories every match week, this premier-sporting event has become global and fits perfectly with the Heineken brand, which is enjoyed in almost every country in the world."


  1. Aduh~ not a football fans. Got free flow or not LMAO!! =S

  2. Kah Mon,
    This was the response I got from the organizers..

    "live grand football finale match showcased in HP Cinema with free flow of beers and food."

    I guess there's free flow of beer! :)

  3. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Why I want to watch Heineken's Legendary Night?watching Live HD match on big screen with air con always better than Mamak with free flow favourite Heineken beer and cheers with all die hard football fans!!


  4. Q: Why I want to watch Heineken's Legendary Night?

    A: I just wanna scream with the crazy fans and take my top off spinning in the air when they strike a goal!!


  5. I wana watch Heineken's legendary night because it is nothing short of epic when I can catch it with a group of like-minded fans in a filled cinema, what more on HD, to give a feel of me being physically there! :D

  6. Hmm...too bad..not a fan of footbal...unless it is FOOD Ball LOL

  7. If I get, can change for cash or not? Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  8. Aiya say earlier ma then I wouldn't need to do a short mention for NN for it lol GONE movie review

  9. Woah woaaah....defo gonna join! lol

    Q: Why I want to watch Heineken's Legendary Night?
    A: How else could it be more legendary watching a Live Champions League match in a Cinema! How else could it be more legendary watching a Live Champions League match on such an awesome HD and huge screen! How else could it more legendary watching a Live Champions League match with the whole cinema filled with football fanatics! Nothing can beat watching the Live match between Chelsea v Bayern Munich with Heineken clearing our thirst the whole night and cheering the team that each of us support! I would want my Live Champions League be as epic as I mentioned just now, that is why I want to watch Heineken's Legendary Night!


  10. Actually I am not a football fan but because of my dear I am willing to go with him . It's gonna be a surprise for him if I won this invites and also for us to spend some precious time together. due to his event job, we rarely can meet up. Therefore, this is a perfect hanging out night. That's the reason why I wanna watch Heineken's legendary night!


  11. beer? lol sounds tempting haha

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  13. "Why I Want to Watch Heineken's Legendary Night?"

    I want to watch Heineken's Legendary Night because I'm a big fan of Schweinsteiger and he plays for Bayern Munich. So catching him live in a cinema on a HD Screen playing against one of England's awesome football club Chelsea would be a blast!


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