Food Bites Jaya One PJ

Jaya One held it's first Food Bites event today, together with a total of eight eateries coming out with food ranging from hot dogs, to pastries, cakes and ice creams. Thanks to Sue Lynn, I was given some food vouchers to try out all these goodies. Held at the same time as the flea market, the whole area was crowded with shoppers.

Food Bites Jaya One PJ
Food Bites @ Jaya One

Food Bites "Cook Up A Storm"
26 May 2012
11am - 6pm
Jaya One
72 Jalan Universiti  Seksyen 11,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Food Bites Jaya One PJ
Some of the many bloggers I managed to catch up with today.  (Sue Lynn, Evelyn, Ah Bok and I)

Give me cash vouchers and you know I'm going to go wild with the food, which I did, making sure I tried most of the food that was up that afternoon. Arriving just before lunch time, the timing could not have been better. Check out some of the stalls and food that were on sale at Food Bites below. 

Food Bites Jaya One PJ
Transparent Apron Stall
Food Bites Jaya One PJ
#1 Pork-Dog from Transparent Apron - RM10
Food Bites Jaya One PJ
#2 Deep-fried breaded balls of bacon bits (BRB) from Transparent Apron - RM5

One glance at Transparent Apron with its huge non halal signage, and I directly went ahead to order their pork-dog. The waiting time of 30 minutes was a tad too long though, but I guess good things have to wait. Arriving in my hands piping hot, the sausages itself was okay, but the same could not be said of the deep-fried breaded balls of bacon bits. Lots of cheese, but not enough bacon bits to give a better taste or flavour. 

Food Bites Jaya One PJ
Ultra Fudge Brownies Stall
Food Bites Jaya One PJ
#3 Alcohol infused brownies - RM9

Fancy having some alcohol infused brownies? Well, gorge on these sinfully sweet brownies then, which was exactly what I did. Infused with various alcohol, rums and wine these brownies were really good. A nut lover, I took the ones with walnuts. Now if only they were served hot, with ice creams. 

Food Bites Jaya One PJ
#4 Classical Gourmet Quiches from the Quiche Stall

Would you believe these quiches were sold out even before I got to have some. Their business was that good, and I kind of regretted not buying it then when I was snapping the photographs. Anyway I was told their smoked salmon quiche in crispy potato crust was a hit. 

Duck Mango Salsa and Yucatan Prawn tacos from the Frontera Sol of Mexico stall
#5 Duck Mango Salsa and Yucatan Prawn tacos from the Frontera Sol of Mexico stall

Now I've tried the tacos at Frontera Sol of Mexico previously during their Tacos Tuesdays promotions, and I liked it. Served in these crispy hard tacos shells, it was the perfect afternoon snack, or if you are a small eater, it could even double up as your healthy meal of the day. 

Espressolab Coffee Stall
Espressolab Coffee Stall
Exotic experimental cupcakes from The Fat Blossom stall
Exotic experimental cupcakes from The Fat Blossom stall

Get a shot of espressos, lattes, or cappucinos from the Espressolab. I did not get it even though I was recommended to try, but it was just so hot that afternoon to grab another hot drink. We had these rather cute cupcakes for sale as well from the uniquely named stall "The Fat Blossom". 

Alcoholic "Potong" Ice-creams from the Potong Stall
Alcoholic "Potong" Ice-creams from the Potong Stall
Sandwiches from Crumbs Cafe
Sandwiches from Crumbs Cafe

Fancy some alcohol in your ice-creams? Make that a beer "potong" ice cream. Personally I preferred my ice-creams to be an average one, but it was really a different taste all together. The sandwiches from Crumbs Cafe (their cafe is located in Lucky Gardens, Bangsar) were freshly prepared, again the perfect afternoon snack.

Haute Dogs Stall
Haute Dogs Stall
#6 Teriyaki Chicken Hotdog
#6 Teriyaki Chicken Hotdog

Janice had the hot-dog from the Haute Dog stall, which was again okay, but if only the bread had been steamed first then it would have been perfect. With loads of mustard, this snack had a tinge of spiciness. Checking out the stall, the hot dogs there were really special, imagine honey-glazed chicken sausage with kim chi and miso mayonnaise and you pretty much get an idea of what Haute Dog is all about.

Tartart Tart Stall
Tartart Tart Stall

It was a fruitful afternoon for me, as I did not just get to munch down on the food, Janice and I actually took the chance to shop at the flea market in Jaya One as well. Food Bites advertises itself as a creative space for food lovers to create their very own unique dishes.

From my brief lunch there, I found out most of the vendors there weren't full-time food vendors but were actually food lovers looking to share out their creations. Maybe I should showcase my Maggi Mee Homemade Special in the next edition of Food Bites? Jokes aside, it was truly a nice showcase of various unique creations, one which you must try to find out.


suituapui said...

I'd love the quiches...

Ken said...

how i wish i can try those alcoholic "potong" :P

Small Kucing said...

Is this a one time event or a weekly affair?

Isaac Tan said...

would you believe i missed it! :( Wanted to come back and try it later, but it was all sold out when I went back!

I tried the beer potong, wasn't really my taste ><

Unfortunately it's only for today, they might go for another judging from the response, not sure though. It's still on by the way, until 6pm :)

Unknown said...

wah lau eh....u damn efficient the event and u blog dee..LOL i tempted to go but then end up too lazy and sleepy so never go..haha

Unknown said...

some of the food looks damn nice though. love how the cupcakes were organized and designed..not to mention the sandwiches

Unknown said...

wahh..the alcoholic popsicle looks sooooo tempting.. i wonder how it taste like...>.<

little miss smexy said...

Nice write up! I was there as well but didn't have some bites at Food Bites. :D I was surrounded by pretty fashion pieces! haha

Nikel Khor said...

I think I have missed something special about food..

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

My gosh! I literally go :O when I saw the pork dog!! Uwooo..
Your post made me hungry la! :P

Hilda Milda™ said...

Alchohol infused brownies? Interesting! Don't think I can handle myself at such an event, I can't resist food HAHA I'll go 'TRY ALL THE FOOD'!

wenn said...

love much varieties!

FiSh said...

wow that's so many to munch on :)

Latest: Matcha, Goma and Fruity Sushi

Ken Wooi said...

Looking good. Good for a fluffier tummeh too! :D

Wawa Kyoko said...

i luv Espressolab Coffee..its gud to drrink at the night time LOL :D

JunFook said...

wo yao....

Caroline said...

the prices all quite reasonable eh? ;) and omg!! i wanna try one of those alcoholic ice potong! >.<

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Woww the price quite affordable and the food looks so tasty and attracted me a lot !! =D

missyblurkit said...

i went gaga over the food. lovely waking p to a different Saturday morning.

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Koh Kian Fai said...

man, should not miss this man lol . . . .