Chef Lim Organic Kitchen Scott Garden

Organic food, what comes to mind when you hear of this? Well, for me the first thought that came to mind was that it had to be some really healthy vegetarian-like food, and I was not too far off from the fact. Chef Lim Organic Kitchen is located inside Scott Garden in Old Klang Road serving organic food to those who wished to have something healthier without additives, and excessive flavouring. 

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen Scott Garden
Chef Lim Organic Kitchen Scott Garden

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen Scott Garden
Lot 2-47, 2-48 & 2-49
The Scott Garden, 4 1/2 Mile
Jalan Klang Lama
58100 Kuala Lumpur
(T) 603 – 7982 3395
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Chef Lim Organic Kitchen Scott Garden
The interior and environment

Upon reaching Chef Lim Organic Kitchen, I was pretty impressed with the interior as everything was white from the chairs and tables to the counters and walls. White tones certainly brought a certain classiness to the whole restaurant. Scott Garden is well known for its bars, so having this on the second floor of the building was a breath of fresh air. 

Cukawanee (Seaweed) - RM6.90
#1 Cukawanee (Seaweed) - RM6.90
The first green dish of the evening was the Cukawanee, or as the chef described is essentially a seaweed appetizer. I could not get used to the overly green taste though. The subsequent vegetarian dishes were pretty good. Check them out below. 

Lo Han Chai - RM15.90 (S) RM19.90 (L)
#2 Lo Han Chai - RM15.90 (S) RM19.90 (L)
Basil Leaf Mushrooms - RM13.90 (S) RM17.90 (L)
#3 Basil Leaf Mushrooms - RM13.90 (S) RM17.90 (L)

It was mushrooms galore as we were served back to back with two mushroom dishes namely the Lo Han Chai which consisted of mixed mushroom, broccoli and cauliflower stir-fried, and the Basil Leaf Mushroom which consisted of Fresh Shimeji Mushroom and Fresh Whole Button Mushroom. The taste itself was pretty mild if compared to other dishes outside, as we were told by the chef he tried to tone down on the flavour to cater for everyone who loves healthy food. 

Golden Beancurd - RM13.90 (S) RM17.90 (L)
#4 Golden Beancurd - RM13.90 (S) RM17.90 (L)
Yam Basket - RM18.90
#5 Yam Basket - RM18.90

I think the vegetarian dishes served at Chef Lim Organic Kitchen were really very colourful, so fitting with the all-white interior. Healthy Golden Beancurds were served which were these pumpkin beancurd served in yet another low flavoured sauce. Personally I liked the Yam Basket, probably because it has these cashew nuts which were my favorite type of nut. Served with mixed vegetables (baby corns, snow peas, black fungus) inside, it was pretty good. 

Coconut Tom Yam - RM17.90
#6 Coconut Tom Yam - RM17.90
Kapitan Fish - RM14.90 (S) RM18.90 (L)
#7 Kapitan Fish - RM14.90 (S) RM18.90 (L)

Finally after a series of really healthy vegetarian dishes, we were then served with more vegetarian organic food which thankfully had more flavour in it namely the Coconut Tom Yam as well as the Kapitan Fish dish. I found it interesting to note that slices of white coconut flesh was being used in the Tom Yam. The Kapitan Fish itself was made from beancurds, with lots of coconut oil and curry thrown in. 

Classic Cabonara - RM14.90
#8 Classic Cabonara - RM14.90
Grilled Beef Steak - RM22.90
#9 Grilled Beef Steak - RM22.90

Pasta lovers, you won't feel left out here, as Chef Lim Organic Kitchen serves this really tasty Classic Cabonara dish. The white cream used here did not differ much from our usual fare outside. We even had the Grilled Beef Steak which tasted similar to ham. Made from different types of mushrooms, it was truly a unique dining experience. 

Home Made Pudding - RM5.90
#10 Home Made Pudding - RM5.90

We ended the session with some Home Made Pudding with apple and mango cubes. The mango contributed to the really sweet taste of this dessert. Overall, it was a different type of dining experience for me, as I wasn't really fond of the less salt, less flavour idea of all the dishes served here. Try it, if you're in for some healthy organic vegetarian food. 


  1. full of vege goodness! LOL the pudding looks good :)

  2. hmm... coconut flesh in tom yum, interesting...

  3. The Kapitan Fish looks really good. Hah!!! Organic food, healthier...but usually more expensive.

    Haven't seen you around for a while. Busy? Hope you and Janice are fine. Take care, God bless.

  4. i wanna try the cukawanee! =DDD the kapitan fish seems not bad too! =D

  5. the steak looks awesome! can't wait to go and try..

  6. wow! i can see some really healthy food here! =D

  7. Wow! The lo han zai, curry (?) fish and pasta look nice! :D I love vegetarian food but it's kinda expensive though. >_<

  8. would love the golden bean curd

  9. Just curios , are the ingredients all certified organic ?

  10. Getting more and more organic restaurant recently, I've tried the one at TTDI, called Ecogreen Organic Shop & Life Cafe, found it not bad too :)

  11. Love this place! am still craving for their Fruit Pizza!! =)

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  13. I wished they served real meat. Was very surprised the first time I ate there hat the fish wasn't actually fish:-(

    My all time fave there is the Fruit Tea. Awesome maximus.

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  15. Yummy food! I like cos it's healthy : )


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