Zouk @ Sepang International Circuit 2012

There were quite a lot of hype over Zouk's rave party at Sepang with international and local DJ's rocking the stage from 6pm till late. Check out my pre-event post (Zouk @ Sepang Party 2012) which I did a week before the event. Thanks to Nuffnang, I got myself a pair of VVIP passes to attend this huge rave party.

Photos Zouk @ Sepang International Circuit 2012
DJ Afrojack was the main act of the night coming on at 12.30am

Zouk @ Sepang 2012
Date: 7 April 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 6.30pm till late
Venue: Sepang International Circuit, KL

VVIP tickets to Zouk @ Sepang International Circuit 2012
My passes to catch Zouk @ Sepang 2012
Zouk @ Sepang International Circuit 2012
The futuristic and colourful entrance to Zouk @ Sepang 2012

So there I was, with Janice arriving at Sepang International Circuit at 9.40pm just in time to catch DJ TyDi performing to an already huge crowd of ravers fist pumping and dancing along. The night was still young though, as I saw more and more people coming in, in anticipation of the final performance of the night by DJ Afrojack

VVIP Lounge Zouk @ Sepang International Circuit 2012
The rather comfortable lounge where we could take a breather.

There was this lounge where we could take a breather between DJ sets, but the free flow of Heineken stopped at 9.30pm. I reached the venue just passed the free flow timing which wasn't very cool. It wasn't cool to end the free flow so early to begin with. As a first timer to a huge rave party as this, Janice was slightly overwhelmed by the crowd. 
Zouk @ Sepang International Circuit 2012
Us! L-R: Sam, Marilyn, Sherry, Janice and Benjamin
Zouk @ Sepang International Circuit 2012
Some games, and the crowd

Australian DJ TyDi (Tyson Illingworth) was a really good sport, as after his performance to the really enthusiastic crowd, he actually came down to greet us below the stage. Now that's what I call a really nice international DJ. One of Australia's top DJ, TyDi did not disappoint. 

DJ TyDI Zouk @ Sepang International Circuit 2012
DJ TyDi in action
DJ TYDI Zouk @ Sepang International Circuit 2012
DJ TyDi coming down to greet the ravers

Now I've been to a couple of rave parties recently, but Zouk @ Sepang irks me in the sense that the DJ podium had this really huge TV screen which actually blocked the view of those standing in front from seeing the DJ. Right in front, I couldn't do much to take any good photos as the view was blocked and had to snap the photos from behind. Needless to say, my compact camera could not really capture the electrifying atmosphere.

DJ GOLDFISH and Blink Zouk @ Sepang International Circuit 2012
Our local top DJs, DJ Goldfish & DJ Blink rocking the stage

After some more DJ sets by DJ Bobby Burns, DJ Terence C, we were entertained with beats from our top local DJs Goldfish and Blink. It was not until 12.30am that DJ Afrojack came up to the stage and by that time, the crowd was already bursting at the seams. It sort of reminded me of when DJ Tiesto performed at Sepang end of last year (DJ Tiesto 2011 Sepang)

DJ AFROJACK Zouk @ Sepang International Circuit 2012
DJ Afrojack pumping up the music

Overall, a good night out and another big rave event has been successfully organized at Sepang this year. Zouk @ Sepang 2012 delivered what it promised, with good music and a sold out crowd. Partying the night away with thousands of other ravers on a Saturday night, another unique experience.


  1. wow..another awesome happening!

  2. Seems that the VVIP section is nothing much except for the free beer. For a party like this, gotta be up close to the stage to feel the beat. :D

  3. Wow!!! Real happening! Huai Bin was there too...but I guess it's hard to bump into people you know in such a crowd...

  4. All the Wows from the aunties and uncles ... hahaha... wonder whether my heart can still stand the loud music or not.. :)

  5. wow, VVIP pass somemore leh, you sure is very very very important and had many many many fun in the party~~

  6. fuiyohh, VVIP! so syok ya :D

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  7. VVIP ah? Free flow lahhhh! seems like u guys pretty enjoy there! :D

  8. wah, WIP, don't play play oh...

  9. It's so hot and happening there. See the crowd, I worry I'll suffocated in there haha

  10. Your wife look very si mun in that pose :)

  11. Wow...a forbidden place for me to be. LOL :D


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