Win A Trip To London 2012 Olympic Games

I've wrote a previous post about the Samsung Global Bloggers Competition last week. This shall be a recap of the competition, and another reminder to invite all you awesome bloggers to join for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Win A Trip To London 2012 Olympic Games
Submit to

"Samsung are searching throughout the world for curious, imaginative and motivated people to invite to London for a once in a lifetime trip to experience the London 2012 Olympic Games."

"If you’re chosen, you will be based in the capital during the biggest sporting event of the year. While there, you will search out the best London has to offer during the Games and share it with the world via video, photos and written entries on specially created blogs. You’ll provide a unique insight into the Olympics as it dominates life in London through the summer"

Win a trip to London!

Now I'm not an expert in video making, hence I have not completed my video submission yet. It would definately be cool to be able to catch the plane to London and cover the 2012 Olympic Games. I did however check out some tips given from the contest website as well as in the internet. Let me do a quick share with you here on 3 tips which I feel is rather important for a good video. 

#1 Have A Content and Be Different
  • Make it interesting, draw it out first, or have a good plan on what will be the message, in this case probably it would be "why Samsung should choose me over the rest?" 
 #2 Showcase your Talent
  • If you're generally very photogenic, or "videogenic" in this case then play it to the maximum, smile all the way. Speak clearly if it's going to be a funny video. 
 #3 Proper Equipment and Editing
  • Video camera, Lighting and Sound would be the 3 very important factors in making sure the video would be a success. 
  • Make sure you're good in editing that video, as that would be key. Personally I'm a newbie in this video editing, but there are loads of good information out there on how to get this done.

Win A Trip To London 2012 Olympic Games
Video everything!

"The deadline for audition videos is before midnight GMT on April 29th."
So what are you waiting for guys? Get those creative juices flowing, make an awesome video, and just hit the submit button over at the Samsung Global Bloggers website at Of course, you will have to fill in some details in between.


  1. You're joining too? Good luck!I like Greg Louganis... Read his biography. Real sad, his life.

  2. good it!

  3. all the best to u!

  4. want meh . . . sigh lazy to do this XD

  5. Isaac, i've done one video and submitted... anyway all the best to you ok


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