UEFA Champion League Finals With Heineken

If you're a fan of the UEFA Champion League, then don't miss this chance to watch the finals "Live" on the big screen. Heineken today announced the launch of its ‘Legendary Football’ campaign for the 2011/12 UEFA Champions League (UCL). Working together, Heineken and UCL combine to create spectacular artistry that fans around the world can enjoy.

UEFA Champion League Finals With Heineken
Watch It Live At GSC Signature, The Gardens

"Bringing to life the ‘Legendary Football’ campaign, Heineken will be hosting a one of a kind football viewing event for its biggest fans. Presenting the masterpiece moments up close,  football fans will be able to enjoy the live grand finale match at GSC Signature, The Gardens."

"This unique experience on big screen aims to highlight the legendary moments that UCL creates, allowing fans to feel as though they are watching it live in a football stadium."

UEFA Champion League Finals With Heineken
Get a chance to experience all this and more!

To participate and be part of Heineken ‘Legendary Football’ campaign, just log on to https://apps.facebook.com/heineken_ucl_my/ or www.heineken.com/MY and answer a couple of football questions and you just might win yourself some invites to catch the UCL finals over at GSC Signature, The Gardens this 19th May 2012. 

UEFA Champion League Finals With Heineken
Answer some simple questions at the Facebook app (https://apps.facebook.com/heineken_ucl_my/)

Personally, I'm looking forward to experiencing the UEFA Champion League Finals on this really huge screen in GSC Signature The Gardens. Watching football on the projector at our neighborhood mamak place is one thing, but watching football in a huge cinema with its huge screen is a different experience all together. Come, join me this 19th May, just log on to the Facebook link and join the contest. 

P.S: I have one pair of passes to this cool event to giveaway, do be on the look out for another post coming up soon on how to get it.

About Heineken- UEFA Champion League (UCL)
"The core focus of Heineken’s activation of the sponsorship is to bring fans in Europe and abroad high quality UEFA Champions League experiences. The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious club platform for international football stars and their clubs."

"With over 150 million TV viewers watching live coverage of the UEFA Champions League in 220 countries and territories every match week, this premier-sporting event has become global and fits perfectly with the Heineken brand, which is enjoyed in almost every country in the world."


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  1. Wah!!! That would be awesome!!! Big screen! Almost as good as watching the real thing. You're going?

  2. STP,
    Yes I'll be going, unless something else comes up on that day. Looking forward to catching it on the big screen :)

  3. that's interesting..

  4. football on Cinema screen n HD too...interesting!

  5. cannot waiting 2 see the action...wwowowow

  6. Heneiken arr! lol nope nope nope :P (self mumble)


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