Street Dance 2 (2012)

It was the special screening of the movie Street Dance 2 over at E-Curve which I had the opportunity to watch thanks to Churp Churp. I've always been a fan of dance movies as I felt the actors and actress inside had to be really skillful to pull of those super tough dance moves. The same cannot be said with the plots and storyline of movies of this genre, which proves true for Street Dance 2.

Street Dance 2 Review (2012)
Street Dance 2 (2012)

Reaching the cinema just in time to catch the movie Street Dance 2 at 9.30pm, I was rather glad to catch up with a few familiar faces before entering the cinema hall. Due being late in collecting my tickets that night, my seat was 4 rows from the front, not that I'm complaining or anything because I felt the cinema itself was rather comfortable with ample space for the legs.

Street Dance 2 Premiere Tickets
Street Dance 2 Special Screening Tickets
Beautiful Ladies at Street Dance 2
The two beautiful Churpies, May Ying and Michelle

The movie itself was a sequel to the first Street Dance movie back in 2010. Street Dance 2 starts off with the main actor and dancer Ash (Falk Hentschel) assembling a team of really talented dancers from all over Europe with his new friend, Eddie (George Sampson) to beat the world's best dance crew, The Invincibles. Gathering all the streetdancers is one thing, but to come up with a really unique dance moves to beat the champions is another feat altogether. That is if Ash could get each individual street dancer to work as a team.

The Dance Team of Street Dance 2 Review (2012)
The assembled street dancers

While gathering the world's best street dancers, Ash chances on a club with Latin dancers performing some really cool B-Boy themed dance infused with sexy Latin moves. That's when he meets up with the beautiful and hot salsa dancer Eva (Sofia Boutella) who teaches him the ropes of the Salsa dance.

Ash and Eva from Street Dance 2 Review (2012)
Ash and Eva practicing together for the finale

The plot is really very predictable down to the ending, which could actually be summarized up in a few short sentence. I'm in awe of the dance moves in the movie though, as the team really brought it up a notch to beat The Invincibles. With some good bass thumping music, hip-hop, b-boy street dance merges with Latin Salsa to create a beautiful finale dance.

Street Dance 2 Review (2012)
Eva and her girls when Ash met her for the first time
Sexy Eva from Street Dance 2
The beautiful Eva

What can I say, I love the dance moves, pretty much yawned though some of the slow moving cliche of a plot, and felt good in the end because everybody leaves home happy. It played like a Disney feel good movie with a really simple storyline. Watch it for the dance moves, turn away at the rather insignificant scenes which I felt were put in just for the sake of having a story. Personally I'll rate Street Dance 2 a 5/10, mainly because I love how the dance moves were performed to the nice music.

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Koh Kian Fai said...

for the overall about this show, the should show more detail about recruiting their member crews lol :D

it is dam simple the way they recruit member lo

Reanaclaire said...

So many events and happenings in KL... :)

suituapui said...

Oh! A movie... For a moment, I thought you went street dancing. I certainly would love to see that! LOL!!!

Tekkaus said...

A movie for dancers to watch. :D

ku E said...

i knew it i saw you!... ツ

Tekkaus: i second you. i have already recommended to my line dancing friends... its an inspiration when we do the moves to latin or hip-hop musics.

Merryn said...

oooooo.. THIS i MUST watch! I oso a fan of all these dance movies!

Small Kucing said...

cool ...guess you be one of the first ones there :)

Xue Ren said...

Love their dance moves! =D

Vickylow said...

Those dancer are so energetic and sexy. Love it, I wish I able to dance like that too. Too bad my lazy bum can't get out from the sofa LOL

Jayren Kwan Hann Yaw said...

I got to say Step Up 3D dance moves was way better and cooler than street dance 2 ! =D

Jobless Girl said...

I going to watch this weekend.. Thanks for the review Isaac.

Josarine said...

I wanna watch it again! CAn't wait till it's cleared then can dload. Hehe... love love love the dance moves. But yeah story line kinda *yawns*. I wanted to fast forward. Lol.