Sanook Bistro And Sports Bar Kelana Jaya

Recently, working life has taken it's toll on me sapping up most of my energy every day. I was pretty glad then when I was given the opportunity to dine over with a group of bloggers and friends at Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar in Plaza Kelana Jaya a couple of days back. The last time I was in the vicinity of Plaza Kelana Jaya was back in July last year where ChurpChurp had their ChurpOut session over at Mark's Place. (First Ever ChurpOut Session At Mark's Place)

Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar Kelana Jaya
Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar Kelana Jaya

Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar Kelana Jaya
Block C-06-G / 1 / 2 
Plaza Kelana Jaya, SS7 / 13A,
47301 Kelana Jaya,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +603-7877 3636

Opens on Monday to Saturday (Saturdays dinner and drinks only)
For Reservation, please call 03-7877 3636 or
GPS Coordinates: 3° 5’ 40.66” N 101° 35’ 52.61” E

The comfy spot in Sanook by the lake
The comfy spot in Sanook by the lake

"Sanook, meaning "fun" in Thai, is a guiding principle of Thai social life. And indeed, it’s a principle that transcends all borders and cultures and is applied by all and to all who wants to enjoy life."

Situated just by the lake, patrons dining at Sanook got to enjoy a pretty good ambiance with a really nice view of the lake.  Having good food while lazing back in the chair enjoying the night air was pretty cool. Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar had a full fledge bar counter complete with pool table and alcohol of all types on their first floor. That was where the crowd was at, which I found out when I went up to explore the place. 

#1 Marco's Spaghetti Alio e Olio Seafood Special - RM26
#1 Marco's Spaghetti Alio e Olio Seafood Special - RM26

We were treated to a variety of really god food from their menu "Chef’s Selections: Simply The Best". True to it's tagline "Simply The Best", Sanook brought out most of their signature dishes for us to sample that night beginning with the Italian fusion dishes. The Marco's Spaghetti Alio e Olio Seafood Special was one of the better dish of the night, which came with fresh tiger prawns, mussel, clams, & squids, flavored with coriander, crispy garlic and chilly flakes. Now I've always loved a good Alio Olio, and these came perfectly done.

Excuse Me One Lagsana Please - RM22
#2 Excuse Me One Lagsana Please - RM22

The Excuse Me One Lagsana Please had a rather unique name, and when the dish came, I couldn't help but enjoy the luscious cheesy toppings with a choice of either beef or chicken tucked inside. "Garfield" came to mind, and I began to imagine myself growing to be a really fat cat. 

Teriyaki Char Siew Chicken Chop - RM24
#3 Teriyaki Char Siew Chicken Chop - RM24
Ayam Percik Vietcong - RM18
#4 Ayam Percik Vietcong - RM18
Alfresco BBQ Wings - RM21+
#5 Alfresco BBQ Wings - RM21+

Next up on the "Chef’s Selections: Simply The Best" menu were the poultry dishes. We had chicken in all type of flavours from the Alfresco BBQ Wings (hot & spicy smokey chicken wings served with roasted herb  garlic and sour corn mojo), to the uniquely fused Ayam Percik Vietcong (malaysian style BBQ chicken served with Vietnamese peanut sauce and pilaf rice and  garnished with spicy acar rampai and fish crackers). Personally I liked the Teriyaki Char Siew Chicken Chop as it had this distinct pseudo Japanese flavour fused with our local Char Siew Chicken.

Kim Yang Lamb Cutlets - RM54+
#6 Kim Yang Lamb Cutlets - RM54+

Before diving into my favourite steaks, we were served with this rather cute Kim Yang Lamb Cutlets. Don't be fooled by it's simple presentation as the lamb itself was coated in korean spices, charbroiled to perfection and accompanied with the Korean kimchi. How's that for a mish mash of taste? 

Tangier Moroccan Steak (250g) - RM42+
#7 Tangier Moroccan Steak (250g) - RM42+

Being a steak lover, any good meat that was served hot be it on a skewer or a platter, I just had to have some whenever I'm given a chance. The New York Strip Steak (best cuts of beef strip steak roasted tenderly in special roasted garlic marinade and served with pomelo and sweet onion salsa and creamy garlic sauce) and Tangier Morrocan Steak (sirloin steak in tangy apricot glaze, grilled to perfection) came in generous servings which I found to be really juicy and tasty.

Sotong Otak Otak - RM31+
#8 Sotong Otak Otak - RM31+

Sanook's Sotong Otak Otak was another dish that looked really good even before digging into it. Doused in this really spicy sambal tumis, the grilled whole squids (250 gm) was stuffed with prawn otak otak. Needless to say, we braved though the spiciness to enjoy that giant of a squid. 

Tiramisu - RM16
#9 Tiramisu - RM16
Chocolate Mud Cake - RM16
#10 Chocolate Mud Cake - RM16

The desserts came out last, in the form of the Tiramisu (Old time Italian favorites of sponge cookie soaked in strong coffee with mascarpone cream) and the Chocolate Mud Cake (Savory mud cake with haagen Dazs vanilla pecan ice cream on vanilla sauce). Truly an enjoyable night out with good food, comfortable "by the lake" environment, and great friends, we just chilled on chatting away even after the meal. Do drop by Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar should you happen to be around the vicinity of Plaza Kelana Jaya.


  1. Ho ho ho.. Bro, long time no see U.. :p.. well, U make me jealous once again.. ho ho ho.. But I'm no garfield.. But that sotong otak2 look good on me.. :p

  2. Aki bro, I think the next time you see me, you'll be shocked at how wide I've grown. haha Stress at work makes me eat more.. Garfield gonna be my middle name soon :P Thanks for dropping by here, really appreciate it

  3. I really love the first photo!
    So colorful! Eyeing on the Teriyaki Char Siew Chicken Chop too hehe

  4. OMG! All the food looks awesomely delicious!! I want the lamb cutlets!!!

  5. hehehe...thought you are busy attending too reviews and events:P

    sanook still looks good. i should return to check them out. being some time since i visited this place.

  6. Thai? Got ladyboy or not? Muahahahaha!!!! Hey...the food doesn't look Thai either....the nearest would be the Vietcong! Everything looks real yummy though... You belanja, we go there? Wink! Wink!

  7. oh, not bad woh, looks like the food are quite fusion huh?? and i just love the name of the lasagne, hahaha, so cute~~

  8. Chocolate Mud Cake? dessert always the best for me :P thanks for the post ^U^

  9. ya.. long time no see u... hope to see you soon...

    I m eyeing the sotong otak otak and lamb!! yum...

  10. I used to live and work near this area. :)

    Yeah, the food is pretty good.

    There's another branch in KL Sentral right? Or is that a different one?

  11. Love pork love pork!

  12. New name garfield?? ho ho ho.. that's good.. :p.. Now I'll have a Garfield friend.. Widen huh?? :p.. Pass it some to Janice.. So both of you will.. Then I'll call you both Garfield Couple.. :p

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  15. nice presentation too..


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