Make That Call Change Your Life

Short Mention:

This post would be a recap of this video circulating around the Internet which I found to be interesting and have actually done 3 short posts for it. If you remembered, my first short mention was titled "BF Is A Serial Cheater?" which was actually the first phase of this video series.

There we saw this pretty lady venting her frustrations by throwing stuffs around in her room, but despite being so angry with her partner, which I assumed was her boyfriend, the girl is still in love with him and a phone call made her realize that. Then I shared on the second phase of the video in my second short mention titled "Don't Wait To Make That Call" which shows a rather happy ending, check it out below.

Now it does make me wonder why they fought in the first place. There must be a trigger somewhere which caused the outburst and anger. There were lots of question marks running in my head until the another new phase of videos came out. Three videos which shows what may have been her boyfriend cheating on her were shared out in my third short mention titled "Should He Get A Second Chance?"

I have yet to check out the finale videos, but from what I have gathered, the boy was innocent after all! It had been a misunderstanding all along. So he moral of the story was actually very simple, misunderstandings can always be avoided just by making a simple phone call.

“If the boy had called the girl to tell her about who he will be spending the day with, the girl might have not have gotten the wrong impression”.

“If the boy had immediately called the girl to offer an explanation, she might not have gotten so angry”.

“If the girl had called him for an explanation, he might not be so distracted that he had that accident”.

“If the girl had pick up her call or called the boy back, they could’ve resolved their misunderstanding”.

My personal experience:

Call me old fashion, but I still prefer to call someone up to speak my mind instead of resorting to text. It's pretty much the next best thing to being actually there in front of the person. I've had experiences in the past when I resorted to SMS'ing rather than calling just because I was lazy to speak. Turns out, my friend misinterpreted the message, and it escalated into a rather messy affair. Thinking back, it would not have turned out bad if I had just picked up and dialed him up.

So, what’s stopping you from making that call? Seize the day and make a call to your loved ones! You’ll never know what you’ll miss when you don’t make that call. After all, how much does it costs to make a call?

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  2. I will also call. SMSing can be such a nuisance, so tedious if there's a lot to say. Ok for what the name implies - SHORT messages.


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