In The Bowl IPC Shopping Centre

The last time I actually have been inside IPC Shopping Centre was for their Smurfs Day Event (Smurfs Day Event At Ikano Power Centre) middle of last year. This time around, I was back again in IPC Shopping Centre to sample some good chinese rice and noodle dishes at the newly opened In The Bowl Cafe located on the lower ground floor.

In The Bowl IPC Shopping Centre
In The Bowl IPC Shopping Centre

In The Bowl 
IPC Shopping Centre
Lower Ground Floor, Lot LG3
No.2, Jalan PJU 7/2
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya
Facebook :

In The Bowl is a hidden gem inside IPC Shopping Centre. We were served with a multitude of dishes that evening, and it was all good. Check out more of the dishes that we had that evening below. 

Marmite Chicken On Rice - RM8.90
#1 Marmite Chicken On Rice - RM8.90

In The Bowl itself is this rather nice outlet serving hot bowls of noodles and rice dishes. With a variety of flavours and meat, In The Bowl's signature dish and crowd favorite had to be the Marmite Chicken on Rice dish. The dish came with generous chunks of chicken doused in marmite sauce served in a bowl of rice with a sunny side up egg, I do agree it tastes good.

#2 Fish Katsudon on Rice - RM11.90
#2 Fish Katsudon on Rice - RM11.90
Soup of the day consisting of pickled vegetables, taufu and meat
#3 Soup of the day consisting of pickled vegetables, taufu and meat

The Fish Katsudon on rice dish came with a layer of really delicious egg thingy on top with the fish fillet cutlet underneath. In between dishes we were served with In The Bowl's soup of the day, with pickled vegetables, taufu and chicken meat inside. 

Lemongrass Chicken on Rice - RM7.90
#4 Lemongrass Chicken on Rice - RM7.90
Black Pepper Chicken on Rice
#5 Black Pepper Chicken on Rice

After having their signature dish the Marmite Chicken, the next couple of chicken dishes that came out just didn't kick it. We had the Lemongrass Chicken as well as the Black Pepper Chicken which was okay to me, not great though. 

Chicken Tomyum Soup with Rice - RM9.90
#6 Chicken Tomyum Soup with Rice - RM9.90

The Chicken Tomyum Soup came with enough ingredients to really fire up our tastebuds. We had prawns, mushrooms, and various vegetables in the soup. Most important in any tomyum soup would be the base itself, and In The Bowl did it just right. 

Next up, these dishes below were new additions to In The Bowl's menu. Unfortunately I did not get the information on their prices, so let me just share with you the pictures for now.

A huge plate of Egg Omelette with szechuan styled sauce
#7 A huge plate of Egg Omelette with szechuan styled sauce
In The Bowl IPC Shopping Centre

Calamari Ring in black sauce set with rice, vegetables and soup
#8 Calamari Ring in black sauce set with rice, vegetables and soup

It was nice to note that on top of rice and noodle dishes, In The Bowl do provide snacks for those who rather go for some light bites instead of a heavy meal. This was the time where I had the chance to indulge in some nice deep fried chicken skin, to the chagrin of Janice who tried to stop me from taking too much. 

Crispy Chicken Skin - RM3.90
#9 Crispy Chicken Skin - RM3.90
Fried Squid Ring - RM6.90
#10 Fried Squid Ring - RM6.90
Fried Boxing Chicken (Chicken Drummets) - RM5.90
#11 Fried Boxing Chicken (Chicken Drummets) - RM5.90

I did enjoy snacking on the chicken drummets and fried squid rings. Overall In The Bowl is a pretty good place to dine in should you happen to find yourself shopping in IPC Shopping Centre. Again, do check out their Marmite Chicken and if you don't mind the extra cholesterol, order the crispy Chicken Skin to munch on. Hello big stomach, goodbye slim figure.


  1. I want that marmite chicken..

  2. Marmite chicken must use "Ji Ding" for the best result, donno how to call it in English -,-

  3. love the marmite chic...n the prices looks reasonable too :)

  4. waaahh.. calamari look different

  5. I've passed by many times and said I wanted to try it (because i love rice+meat dishes like these XD) but so far haven't yet. T_T Either because not hungry or already eaten at Ikea, lol. Must definitely try it after reading your review with the mouthwatering pics. The prices seem really affordable too! ^^

  6. omggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. What a name for a cafe huh! In The Bowl! I think we should have like...In The Cup...In The Plate...haha :D

  8. The marmite chicken with rice certainly looks good. :D Must be the sesame.

  9. Fuiyoh so many good food! I like the marmite chic, tomyum, szechuan omelette and lots more. How you finished all? by your own?

  10. Wow! Didn't even know there's such a restaurant at Ikano! Must check it out! The food looks delicious!! : )

  11. I want the Marmite Chicken and the Chicken Tom Yum Soup!! : )

  12. Food looks good... Wah!!! Who's that in the red t-shirt in the first photograph? Memang terror punya DSLR... LOL!!!!

  13. I like small unpretentious places like this - usually food is good and not so pricey. I do wish they would not use those metal rings to fry the eggs though... I love the golden crispy edges.

  14. i wan the fried boxing chicken! hahaha

  15. where is this IPC mall i've not been there or even heard about it.. BTW, nice food.. :)

    Latest: Scary Fingernails

  16. Paiseh paiseh..dont know why when I saw the title I thought of Bowling. looks good

  17. Nikel,
    Yup! newly opened a couple of months back

    it's the crowd favourites, lots of customers ordered that dish

    ooh, shall ask the mrs what is ji ding.. hehe :)

    It's actually a really nice humble cafe serving good food at affordable prices :)

    Thanks for dropping by bro!

  18. i love chicken katsu, but didnt try fish katsu before. hope the eggs dont soften the crispy skinned fish :)

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  19. LauraLeia,
    oooh, try it the next time you are there! for me I rarely drop by IPC actually ><.. probably coz i'm a KL dude.

    Omg!! :P hehe

    It is a pretty unique name. Got me thinking of bowling too. Haha. The marmite chicken is always nice, no matter where we eat.

    Hey there! wow, in japanese name, thanks for dropping by my blog ya :) .. nope I wouldnt be able to finish all by myself, we had 8 of us there that evening. Yum

    It is a new outlet. Hehe. I dont mind dropping by there again for some nice food :)

    Good afternoon sir! haha, the guy in the red shirt is the husband of a food blogger from pretty awesome camera he has there. :)

    Same too, but golden crispy edges usually mean more oil.. :P

  20. Henry Tan,
    I want lots and lots of it pls.. wahaha :P

    Ikano Power Centre, located just next to Ikea in PJ. hehe :)

    Ken Wooi,
    Woot, thanks for dropping by bro. it tastes yummy as well!

    Small Kucing,
    Haha, no need paiseh. When I heard we were going there to makan, my first thoughts was a bowling alley as well :P ..

    The egg actually complemented the taste of the fish katsu.. wasn't soggy at all. nom. XD

  21. memang kuat makan eh u !!!!'DDD nbye bye slim isaac..hello plump isaac!;D

  22. Oh my Gooooood, my mouth is watery only by looking at your photos!

  23. the food look awesome there! *drools

  24. Good food again, Isaac!!

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  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Wow! Will definitely try it next time :)

  28. Chicken tom yum soup with so many big prawns!


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