Tacos Tuesday Frontera Sol Of Mexico Jaya One

It was a Tuesday evening when we arrived at Frontera Sol of Mexico in Jaya One to try out their Tacos Tuesday promotion. It was a free-flow of sorts with an eat-all-you-can tacos buffet lined up for us. I've heard of this cafe before, but did not really have the chance to drop by until that day. 

Frontera Sol Of Mexico Jaya One
Frontera Sol Of Mexico Jaya One

Frontera Sol Of Mexico
18-G-2, Block L
Palm Square, Jaya One
72A, Jalan Universiti, PJ
03 7958 8515

Frontera Sol Of Mexico Jaya One
Simple and cozy interior of Frontera

It was Tacos Tuesday, and the crowd that arrived there that evening came for a tacos feast. We had the Diablo Prawn, Frontera Chicken, Frontera Beef, Tofu Guacamole and so many more tacos served out for our picking. The Tacos came in two types of wrapping, it's either you choose the tortilla chips crispy wrapping or the more conventional softer flour type. 

Tacos Tuesday at Frontera
Hey It's Tacos Tuesday!

Tacos Tuesday Promotion
Eat all you can tacos**
from 6pm onwards

12 delicious choices of tacos
+ soup
+ side dish
+ drinkHappy Hour : All Night Long

50% off if you book via Frontera’s FB Page wall or TableFour.Us:
Regular price: RM50++

Frontera Sol Of Mexico Jaya One
The ingredients for the Tacos laid out for us to pick

We had the chance to choose our ingredients from their buffet table, and for those not out at the table like the prawn, fish and tofu tacos, we could order it off the menu. With so many different choices of Tacos to choose from, we were truly spoilt that evening. Check out below for some of the tacos we had that night.

The Baja-Styled Fish and Tofu Guacamole Tacos
#1 The Baja-Styled Fish and Tofu Guacamole Tacos
More tacos for our dining pleasures, the Mushroom & Spinach Tacos and more
#2 More tacos for our dining pleasures, the Mushroom & Spinach Tacos and more
The Diablo Prawn Tacos
#3 The Diablo Prawn Tacos

I took the chance to sample each of Frontera's different tacos, and I must say, i do like the Frontera beef as well as the Baja-Styled Fish. The beef was done nicely without being overcooked and had the medium well texture to it which went well with my palette. The tofu however, was a tad too plain for my liking. Janice did mention the prawn tacos were good though. 

Frontera Sol Of Mexico Jaya One
The spicy, flavourful fillings which I had individually

On top of the various Tacos available on Tacos Tuesday, Frontera serves some nice side dishes as well. I appreciate the fries and their unique Mexican rice, not so the salad. Personally I've been spoilt with Caesar salads from other establishments, and it was tough to satisfy my salad cravings recently. 

Frontera Sol Of Mexico Jaya One
Garden Salad
Fries at Frontera Sol Of Mexico Jaya One
Delicious fries to go with our tacos
Mexican Rice at Frontera Sol Of Mexico Jaya One
Mexican Rice with the sauces
Tacos Tuesday at Frontera Sol Of Mexico Jaya One
Tacos Tuesday promotion advert

Well, there you have it, a round-up of my experiences at Frontera Sol of Mexico on their Tacos Tuesday. Go for their unique and nice tacos should you be in the vicinity of Jaya One. I did not get a chance to sample their other signature dishes this time though, but will be back to try out again soon.


  1. i wanna go for the eat all u can tacos!! but tuesday..... hard to be there laaa! TT

  2. I love Mexican. Used to go to Chili's for that. RM50++??? No, thanks. Old man can't eat that much, anyway...

  3. I heard their Tacos buffet pretty popular d..

  4. wah, 50% if booked through FB?? that means only RM25++?? those tacos definitely looks good, i also saw "Tacos & Tequila Tuesdays", means we have bottomless tequila too??

  5. Never tried their tacos but their really hot buffalo wings is really a killer which is not on the menu!

  6. tacos . . . . yuuuuuuuuuuum

  7. multi taste and choice! and I shall pick more meat if I there hahaha

  8. Wow...tacos...I don't think I have eaten any of them. :D

  9. Henry,
    Oh, they open at night bro.. where do you work again?

    I'm ok with Mexican :) lol, you're not old la

    yep, quite a number of people dining there were having their tacos

    hey, i heard about that too! saw the photos also.. asked the owner, he just said "today only have tacos .. =.="

    Kian Fai,
    Yummy Yum Yum! i took so many of that beef.. haha

  10. Ken,
    Yummy indeed :P

    It's something like kebab wrap, similar but different.. should try it one day bro

  11. Looking really good. *glup*

  12. Hmm unless working nearby, if not hardly for some people to go on Tuesday. Too bad ~ ={

  13. Hi,

    Thanks for the post.

    Sorry for taking so long to comment. Ha ha :)

    FYI, tequila is not free flow but at RM10nett per shot on Tuesdays, along with the tacos buffet :)

    BTW, I have added one photo here -> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=352287044834551


    Ramesh V
    Frontera Sol of Mexico


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