Comida Solaris Dutamas

Solaris Dutamas may well be the next food spot in town, for now it is already buzzing with office workers from all the offices around the area. There I was a few weeks ago with friends at Comida Solaris Dutamas, where good pizzas were served. 

Comida Solaris Dutamas
Comida Solaris Dutamas

Comida Solaris Dutamas (The Way We Like It)
D2-G3-1 Solaris Dutamas
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Hartamas/ Mont Kiara,
50480 , Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 03-6211266

Interior of Comida Solaris Dutamas
Comfortable interior of Comida

Comida, which is also named the home of the Giant Pizza, has a nice ambiance for a good pizza, burger or just to hang out with friends. I like the logo which has a chef's hat on it. Reaching the eatery at around 8pm, I did notice Solaris Dutamas had much less people at night as compared to the lunch crowd. Nevertheless, there were still folks seen enjoying their pizzas over in Comida. 

Mushroom Tapas at Comida Solaris Dutamas
#1 Mushroom Tapas - RM11
Prawn and Aubergine Tapas
#2 Prawn and Aubergine Tapas - RM16
To go with the Prawn, Mushroom and Aubergine
To go with the Prawn, Mushroom and Aubergine

For starters we were served with the mushroom tapas and the Prawn & Aubergine Tapas, both of which were really unique. The Mushroom Tapas came in a bowl of shitake, button and oyster mushrooms sauteed in garlic and came in this thick buttery sauce. It was pretty good, but not as savory as the Prawn and Aubergine Tapas which came with Comida's special chilli sauce. Up next were their specialty pizzas, and I need to add, Comida do mean business when it comes to making good pizzas. 

Peppershrooms Pizza - RM31.90
#3 Peppershrooms Pizza - RM31.90

The Peppershrooms Pizza made up of Pepperoni, Onions, Capsicums and Mushrooms came in their regular sizes for RM31.90, good for up to 4 diners to share. I'm a big fan of beef pepperoni and coupled with mushrooms and onions, I was quick to finish up this pizza.

Pesto Rocket Chicken Pizza - RM32.90
#4 Pesto Rocket Chicken Pizza - RM32.90

Up next was the Pesto Rocket Chicken Pizza which was really unique in green. Initially I thought it was too green for me, but one bite into this pizza and the Basil Pesto flavoured with Italian Cheese and Rocket Salad does bring up the taste. It wasn't what I expected at all. 

Hell's Pizza - RM28.80
#5 Hell's Pizza - RM28.80

If you're up for some really spicy pizzas, then the Hell's Pizza would be right up your alley. With a combination of Pepperoni, Jalepeno and Chilli Flakes, your taste buds will be taken for a fiery ride. I also love how Comida just lays on the melted Italian Mozarella Cheese. I do love my cheese, do you?

BBQ Chicken Pizza at Comida
#6 BBQ Chicken Pizza - RM28.90

After the explosion of tastes, we were then served with their signature BBQ Chicken Pizza. The chicken on this pizza was grilled together with the onions and served with melted Italian Mozarella Cheese and Comida's Homemade BBQ sauce. Now Comida is not only about the pizzas, they serve some really thick and good burgers as well. 

Cheese Burger at Comida Solaris Dutamas
#7 Cheese Burger - RM19
Bacon Burger at Comida Solaris Dutamas
#8 Bacon Burger - RM20
Comida Burger
Check out those wonderful beef patties on the Comida Burger - RM21

All the burgers here tasted equally good, but I have to commend them on their Comida burger, with those homemade beef patties between their homemade bun and lettuce. The beef burger was good too, with bacon slices placed on top of those thick patties. I couldn't get enough of those bacon slices.

Pesto Prawn Pasta - RM27
#9 Pesto Prawn Pasta - RM27
Comida Depostre - RM12
#10 Comida Depostre - RM12

We ended a good meal over at Comida Solaris Dutamas with their Pesto Prawn Pasta and their dessert Comida Depostre. Made from handmade pesto cream sauce sauteed with fresh Tiger prawns and olive oil, the Pesto Prawn Pasta was one good creamy dish. The Comida Depostre was another unique dessert offering by Comida, coming in Chocolate Fudge Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream. 

Overall it was a good meal and night out with friends. Comida Solaris Dutamas comes off as a suitable spot for friends and families to relax and chill while having good pizzas. I went home with a contented stomach and a big smile on my face. 



For RedCard holder, you are entitled for 30% discount off on total food bill (only apply to ala-carte menu)

1. RedCard offer not available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
2. Booking in advance is needed and please mention you are RedCard member.
3. Maximum guests allowed is 4

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1. Fill up the registration form at
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  1. i love pizza too, and those pizza really looks delicious.. and oh, i also love the tapas!! especially mushrooms and aubergine my favourite.. :)

  2. The pizza look great

  3. Not the way I'd like it. I'd probably settle for the bacon burger...but RM20!!! *faints!!!*

  4. home of giant pizza? =p
    the price is giant lo! hahaha
    anyway what attracted me is the red card. LOL

  5. pizzas are rather filling so can't take much

  6. gosh..all so fat fat food one! hahaa... i think i choose the last one..desserts!!

  7. vISIT ONCE, the portion was huge!

  8. I love Prawn and Aubergine Tapas. Looks damn delicious. :D

  9. sluuurrrppp... u make me feel hungry!!!

  10. All the foods look Ah-mazing!!!! especially the pizzas! drooool!

  11. me want the mushroom tapas!!! so in love with them :D

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    Hello can I reference some of the material here in this entry if I reference you with a link back to your site?


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