The Apartment @ The Curve

Fancy having some good food over a cozy homely restaurant at The Curve? Well, drop by The Apartment then, specially designed to cater to diners who are looking for a casual dining experience. A couple of weeks back, I had the opportunity to dine here sampling their "Unlimited Flavours of The Ocean" menu. 

The Apartment @ The Curve
The Apartment @ The Curve

The Apartment @ The Curve
Ground Floor, Western Courtyard,
The Curve Shopping Centre,
Mutiara Damansara.
Tel: 03-77278330
* Pork Free 

The rather cozy ambiance of The Apartment
The rather cozy ambiance of The Apartment

It was my first time dining at The Apartment, a place which I noticed a couple of times when I was at The Curve. The first thing I noticed of the restaurant was the name, The Apartment had a unique name if you ask me. Upon entering the restaurant, we were ushered to our tables to begin a seafood feast of sorts. 

#1 Oyster Shots - RM11.90
#1 Oyster Shots - RM11.90

Currently The Apartment are having their Chef Series featuring special serving of deep sea delicacies themed menu Unlimited Flavours Of The Ocean. The menu will come in 2 parts, Part 1 in April and Part 2 in May. Our dinner that night began with the Oyster Shots, which came in these rather cute small cups. The mango gave out a sweet and sour flavor with the Oyster being taken in one shot. 

Jamie’s Duck Pasta - RM27.90
#2 Jamie’s Duck Pasta - RM27.90
Prawn Capellini - RM33.90
#3 Prawn Capellini - RM33.90

The pasta dish that arrived next was named Jamie's Duck Pasta, which tasted good for a meat lover like me.  It was Fettuccine with shredded slow-roasted duck and tomato red wine ragout, topped with toasted pine nuts, and I must say the duck went well with the pasta. The Prawn Capellini came with these huge tiger prawns, lemon zest, olive oil and marjoram. After the oyster shot and thess pasta dish, we were in for more seafood dishes. Continue below for more of what we had that night. 

Surf 'n' Turf  - RM43.90
#4 Surf 'n' Turf  - RM43.90

Surf 'n' Turf, a combination of steak and prawns was up next. I'm new to this term Surf 'n' Turf thing but I did enjoy the steak, just that being served with prawns, it did interfere slightly with the flavor of the steak. Sirloin steak cuts served with au jus, garlic, chilis, honey glazed tiger prawns on a bed of mashed potatoes, now that's a really beautiful dish isn't it?

Pan Fried Snapper - RM39.90
#5 Pan Fried Snapper - RM39.90
Almond Crusted Cod - RM64.90
#6 Almond Crusted Cod - RM64.90
Stuffed Squid - RM25.90
#7 Stuffed Squid - RM25.90

Fish lovers would love the next two dishes that arrived, namely the Pan Fried Snapper and the Almond Crusted Cod. The Pan fried red snapper came with couscous and lemon butter reduction served with rice tasted good, but nothing beats a plate of really fresh cod. 

I can safely say this dish would be my favourite for that night as the cod was served with these crispy almond on top and clams by the side. Someone once told me, fresh cods are the ones where the meat would just fall off when you attempt to cut it with the fork, and here I can say the Almond Crusted Cod was really well prepared. Stuffed with herbed rice, the Stuffed squid was a crowd favourite as well. It looked as good as it tasted.

Banana Layered Cake - RM13.90, Chocolate Cake - RM16.90, Signature Red Velvet Cake - RM16.90)
#8 (Banana Layered Cake - RM13.90, Chocolate Cake - RM16.90, Signature Red Velvet Cake - RM16.90)
Buah Melaka Dessert - RM12.90
#9 Buah Melaka Dessert - RM12.90
Creme Brule - RM13.90
#10 Creme Brule - RM13.90
Baked Chocolate Pudding - RM16.90
#11 Baked Chocolate Pudding - RM16.90

We ended the night of good food with some sweet and really tempting desserts ranging from the savory Creme Brule, the hot Baked Chocolate Pudding, to the local Malaysian Buah Melaka and various cakes. Indulging in these delights, it's no wonder my waistline keeps growing. Do drop by The Apartment the next time you're at The Curve this 2 months for some delicious seafood dishes.


  1. Wah, i wan that succulent meat/steak from the surf and turf set, but looks kinda exp o.0

  2. the food looks good n so does the interior :)

  3. Nice place, nice food... Creme bruleee with ice cream? Hmmm...that's an idea - not crazy about it but with ice cream, maybe I would love it more.

  4. oh they have an outlet in the curve?? haven't been there but the photo looks good, especially the Buah Melaka Dessert is so pretty~~

  5. Gosh! Looks so yummy! Makes me wanna eat the duck pasta now!!!

  6. WAhhh I wish i have the stomach for all those at once.

  7. prawn cappelini looks nice to me..should try this one day

  8. I loved the oyster shots. wouldn't mind having quite a few of it!

  9. Love the food presentation. Very professional

  10. such unique name..

  11. i wanna go surf and thurf too! :) what a delicious dish there

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  12. I remember there is a branch at KLCC, which is . . . ok ok only lol


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