SNSD (Girl's Generation) Twin Towers Live 2012

So I heard SNSD aka Girl's Generation was in town, and were to perform at the F1 Twin Towers @Live 2012. Now I'm used to listening to their songs when I used to play the online game Auditionsea, therefore it was nice I could catch them live at KLCC tonight. 

SNSD (Girl's Generation) Twin Towers Live 2012
SNSD (Girl's Generation) performing at Twin Towers @Live 2012

Twin Towers @Live 2012
Venue: Petronas Twin Towers, 
KLCC, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 23 March 2012

SNSD (Girl's Generation) Twin Towers Live 2012
Twin Towers @Live 2012 Concert

The event was an open event, with separated section or better known as fan zones. Now we need tickets to enter the fan zones and get closer to the stage. Thanks to Janice, I had two Golden Fanzone passes which gave me the chance to get right up to the front of the stage. It was pretty surreal to get so close to these internationally famous group, SNSD.

SNSD (Girl's Generation) Twin Towers Live 2012
Not so golden, but it'll suffice
SNSD (Girl's Generation) Twin Towers Live 2012
The atmosphere, with a rather huge turnout

Reaching the venue KLCC at 8pm plus, I was just in time to catch SNSD's performance slotted at 8.30pm. Of course, there were other wonderful performances by other artists too throughout the night, namely DJ Prem, James Baum, Reshmonou, Nicole Scherzinger and many others but the majority of the crowd were there to go crazy over Girl's Generation. 

SNSD (Girl's Generation) Twin Towers Live 2012
The view from where I was standing. I looked up and it was beautiful

It was a hot and sweaty wait for SNSD to appear, but I was glad I had Janice as company to enjoy the performance. The atmosphere was electrifying as the crowd consisted mostly of teenage boys and girls, who screams at every chance they get. Imagine having thousands of SNSD fans screaming into your ear, it's louder than clubbing music I tell you. Anyway, do check out some of the photos I managed to capture of the main act tonight, SNSD aka Girl's Generation from Korea! 

SNSD (Girl's Generation) Twin Towers Live 2012
#1 Beautiful ladies from SNSD doing their thing
SNSD (Girl's Generation) Twin Towers Live 2012
#2 SNSD Girl's Generation - Ladies in white
SNSD (Girl's Generation) Twin Towers Live 2012
#3 SNSD Girl's Generation - I do like their energetic dance moves
SNSD (Girl's Generation) Twin Towers Live 2012
#4 SNSD Girl's Generation - 8 members as one could not make it tonight
SNSD (Girl's Generation) Twin Towers Live 2012
#5 SNSD Girl's Generation - in Sync

Overall, it was a rather good night, one where I could enjoy some nice music on a Friday night. The venue was packed with people though, which might be a tad too crowded for many people. From what I gathered, there is going to be another night of performances tomorrow night, with other renowned artists performing. As for me, I called it a night after SNSD's performance.

P.S: I apologize for the poor sound quality of the video I took, my camera could not support the loud boomy bass from the concert. 


Nikel Khor said...

Live update from there?

Dila Ariff said...

at 8pm, how near were u from stage lol. and can bring dslr ah? :D

Tekkaus said...

I notice there are lots of fans...mostly are male... there to look at the girls. LOL :D

[SK] said...

wow!! very efficient to post this right after you finished watching the show..

Kevin Tan said...

Motherofgod.jpg... I missed it...

Camy said...

OMGG! seriously awesomeee! :D

michleong said...

Normal camera also so KENG la. Nice and clear pictures!

Isaac Tan said...

Lol! not live update lo, come home then update. hehe

Had to fight my way to the front. It was jam packed like seriously ><

Haha, hey you are right! it was a mix of male and female lo :P

well, I thought it's good to share out the photos I managed to capture :)

Aww, how could you miss it :(

Were you there? The crowd turnout was huge!

Isaac Tan said...

Hehe still can't compare to a DSLR lo ><

Taufulou said... this is what happening with the Girl Generation..

nice concert ehh..

Kelvin Tan said...

I know ZERO SNSD songs despite being the 1st KPOP group I know.

Anne Lee said...

free tix to see SNSD!! that's awesome.

xxx said...

i also there juz now.. but too bad i only get premium fan zone ticket from the petronas fb contest. cant really saw SNSD actually.. im juz watching the screen there.. sob sob

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Good zone you are in! How I wish I could go in there snap some photos =D Super fast coverage too!

missyblurkit said...

super fast! i gave my tickets away coz there was no kylie minogue:P Same zone as yours. I must have made my 2 designers super happy boys today.

Huai Bin said...

Very nice! I know one SNSD song that's *very* popular but I can't recall the title right now - it's an English song.

Awesome view, I can appreciate their concerts. :)

suituapui said... many people! Old man, see already headache. Hahahahahaha!!!! Not a fan of K-pop, anyway. MAS had links of Facebook - could stream and watch the show live but I did not bother. Bet you had a lot of fun.

wenn said...

I like the view of the twin tower

Meitzeu said...

Yor!!!! So happening!! How I wish I was in KL for live performance and some day in future is a must!!


Lindy said...

Im so jelly right now!! T.T!!

Yvonne said...

so a waste that your camera cannot input the loud sound effects...

choi yen said...

I don't know any Korean idol group, I'm an aunty after all, blek.... :P

Peeciella said...

whaii they no come KUching. hahah :P

Xue Ren said...

waa! so nice that u can entered the fan zone weyy! what songs did they sing eh?

madammondoq said...

wow!! really hot SNSD.. cuci matalah u.. hehe...

FiSh said...

wow enjoy watching pretty girls with your wife? :P

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• Sharon Phang • said...

must have been a hwaty and sweaty performances. wanna see them dance live so much!

Jia Ying said...

wao, so nice can get such a good position...How your wife can get the ticket??

Small Kucing said...

One of the girls in blonde looks a bit like your wife

Merryn said...

If you see these girls ALONE without the rest of their group members, will you be able to recognise her as one of SNSD? I can't....

Anyway... the more the merrier holds true for them i guess.. hehe :D