Secret Recipe Buy 3 Free 1 Promotion

The Secret Recipe franchise is no stranger to us living in Malaysia, and with more than 210 outlets, Secret Recipe is the largest cakes and cafe chain. This round, coming soon from the 10th to 25th March 2012 in conjunction with Secret Recipe Malaysia's 15th Anniversary, we were introduced to the very cool "Buy 3 Free 1" promotion.

Secret Recipe TTDI
Secret Recipe TTDI
Address : Secret Recipe @ TTDI
54, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hour : 
Sun-Thurs 10.00 AM-10.00 PM
Fri-Sat 10.00 AM-11.00 PM
Tel : 03-7725 3918
Website :
FB :

Secret Recipe TTDI interior
Secret Recipe TTDI interior

Well, the other day we were invited to dine over at Secret Recipe TTDI courtesy of Nuffnang and Secret Recipe to try out their new upcoming Buy3 Free 1 Promotion. Reaching Secret Recipe TTDI just in time for lunch, I found the outlet particularly big, tidy and clean. There were three of us at the table, and it wasn't long before we were briefed on the promotion and how we can try it out. 

Secret Recipe Buy 3 Free 1 Promotion
The large banners celebrating Secret Recipe Malaysia's 15th Anniversary Buy 3 Free 1 promotion

A quick rundown on the mechanics of the Buy 3 Free 1 promotion is in order. Check it out below, for a quick overview on how it's going to work. In a nutshell, any 3 dishes ordered from the same category gets us 1 free dish from the same category.

Buy 3 FREE 1* from the same category (Starter, Main Meals, Beverages, Desserts)
  • Dine-in of 3 pax, and get another 1 for free
  • The lowest priced item(s) in the same category will be free. 
  • The free item of the category ordered is valid for dine-in
  • Valid from 10-25 March 2012
  • Not valid for whole cake purchases. 
  • Not valid with other on-going promotions, set meal, offers or privileges. 
  • Valid at all Secret Recipe outlets nationwide, except KLIA. 
Secret recipe Buy 3 Free 1 Promotion
The 4 Categories of Food which actually translates to virtually everything off the menu

Our menu where we get to order 4 starters, 4 main meals, 4 beverages, and 4 desserts!

So there we were, all three of us seated at the table given the menu. Like excited little kids, we immediately went ahead to order four dishes from each category. Bear in mind there were only 3 of us ordering food meant for 4. I do advice coming in a group of four so as not to overeat. Do check out below on what we had that wonderful afternoon. 

Secret Recipe Chicken Satay
Starters #1: Chicken Satay - RM7.50
Secret Recipe Minestrome Soup
Starters #2: Minestrome Soup - RM5.50
Secret Recipe Mushroom Soup
Starters #3: Mushroom Soup - RM5.50
Secret Recipe Crispy Chicken Salad
Starters #4: Crispy Chicken Salad - RM11.50

Four starter dishes, one which was my favourite, the chicken satay. I can never get enough of Satays, and the ones here were not only big but juicy as well, totally worth it. Janice ordered the Crispy Chicken Salad which had generous amounts of these "popcorn" like chicken along with vegetables. The Minestrome and Mushroom Soup was standard issue, nothing much to shout about. Let's move on to our main courses shal we? 

Secret Recipe Chicken Cordon Bleu
Main #1: Chicken Cordon Bleu - RM 15.80
Secret Recipe Chicken Parmigiana
Main #2: Chicken Parmigiana - RM17.50
Secret Recipe noodle in tom yum soup
Main #3: Noodle in Tom Yam Soup - RM13.50
Secret Recipe Stewed Aussie Beef Steak
Main #4: Stewed Aussie Beef Steak - RM19.50

Four main dishes, 3 happy stomachs as the fourth dish was free. It's a Buy 3 Free 1 delight, and we did enjoy it to the maximum. I've always liked Secret Recipe's Chicken Cordon Bleu with its great taste and cheesiness, calories laden goodness. Janice ordered the Tom Yam Soup which she commented was really spicy, while our other foodie friend Sky had the Chicken Parmigiana. Our extra dish was the Stewed Aussie Beef Steak which was one of the newer dishes on Secret Recipe's menu. It had a nice taste, with the tender meat falling off the bones easily, not bad at all.

Secret Recipe Beverages
Our beverages, Appletiser - RM7.80, Ice Blended Chocolate - RM8.50, Chocolate Banana in a Glass - RM8.50, Green Apple Kasturi - RM7

Having all these good food without something to wash it down was a no-no for me, hence we went ahead to order the beverages consisting of the Appletiser, milkshakes, and this very nice sweet sourish Green Apple Kasturi drink. Up next was our desserts which consisted of Secret Recipe's famous cakes and one Chocolate Sundae. 

Secret Recipe Chocolate Sundae
Desserts: Chocolate Sundae - RM9.90
Secret Recipe Cheese Cakes
Our desserts indulgences: Durian Cheese Cake, New York Cheese Cake - RM6.50, Choc Mud Cake - RM6.50

A trip to Secret Recipe is never complete without having their cakes, and this round we had 3 of their cakes on top of the fourth complimentary Chocolate Sundae. Now I have to comment on their Durian Cheese Cake, it was heavenly. Every bite into the cake felt like I was having the real thing. The New York Cheese Cake and Choc Mud Cake are both moist, sweet and sinfully nice to have as it melts in our mouths.

Isaac Tan at Secret Recipe Event
It was a happy Secret Recipe outing for us, enjoying their Buy 3 Free 1 Promotion

What are you waiting for? Do drop by your nearest Secret Recipe outlet once this promotion goes live on the 10th of March to enjoy the Buy 3 Free 1 Promotion. It is totally worth it, just remember to bring along your friends if not you'll have too much of a good thing!


  1. Yummy.. the Chicken Cordon Bleu is awesome!

  2. Nikel,
    yup, its pretty yummy XD love the cheese flowing out. lol! :)

  3. that's a very good offer. so worth.

  4. 4 person can just divide price of 3, good deal!

  5. That's a get more people coming to get the 25% discount or to order more. They could have just said 25% discount off whatever one eats. @#$%^&*!!!!!

    I think that place is really expensive for that kind of franchise eatery. Expe3nsive and just so-so - nothing great...and poor quality control. Wouldn't want to go if I had a choice...

  6. I dont quite understand. Does it mean that if i buy 3 pieces of cakes and i would get 1 piece free? dine-in only?

  7. err, I never fancy SR that much.. but if it's for free, it's heaven.. :D..

  8. Ohh,it been a few month didn't go to Secret recipe after bad experience at SR, wangsa walk mall....COmplaint to their official website, but no action taken...It's ok, got many restaurants that i can visit and spend my money on....


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