Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong

Currently I'm going through some of my limited travels photos, and putting it up on this weblog of mine to document down my past experiences. Today's post shall be on one of the beautiful garden spots in Hong Kong when I was there mid of last year. Nan Lian Garden is a Chinese Classical Garden in Diamond Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The garden has an area of 3.5 hectares, designed in the Tang Dynasty-style with hills, water features, trees, rocks and wooden structures.

Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong
Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong

Nan Lian Garden
60 Fung Tak Road, Diamond Hill, 
Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon
7:00 am - 9:00 pm

How to get there?
1. By MTR: Exit C2 of the Diamond Hill MTR Station
2. By Bus: 3B, 10, 11, 11C, 38, 42C, 61X, 62X, 70X, 74A, 74X, 75X, 80, 82X, 84M, 85C, 85M, 89, 89B, 89C, 91, 91M, 92, 258D, 259D, 286M, 671, 796B, 906R, E22, E22A
3. By Public Light Bus: 19, 19M, 70, 72

Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong
Beautiful lake and scenery amidst rapid development just outside its gates

Besides adorned with characteristic timber structures, the garden is studded with clusters of bizarre rocks and planted with lots of old and valuable trees. In the garden there are a souvenir shop, vegetarian food restaurant, Chinese tea house and multi-purpose function room to cater for the various needs of visitors. With piped in music everywhere around the garden, I was feeling really relaxed the moment I entered the gates. Entrance was free, and the garden was a really nice escape from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong city life. 

Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong
The scenary around Nan Lian Garden

I was informed the garden's landscape followed the traditional Chinese landscape gardening and that there was actually four very distinct theme to it. Check out the few photos I managed to capture of Nan Lian Garden below. 

Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong
Check out the high density Hong Kong buildings in the background
Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong
The Pavilion Bridge (side view)
Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong
The Pavilion Bridge (Front View)
At the eastern end of the Blue Pond is the Pavilion Bridge. This double roofed pavilion doubles up as a bridge, offering shade and balustrade seating for enjoying the view. Like every other structures in this beautiful serene garden, I took it all in with a breath of delight.
Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong
Another wooden structure by the lake (Song Cha Xie - The Pine Teahouse)
Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong
One of the building structures

Song Cha Xie (The Pine Teahouse) stands on the north shore of the Blue Pond, fronted by a broad covered veranda on the water’s edge, its central court sporting the rocks excavated from the local site. Inside the teahouse, trellised windows let in intricate patterns of light creating a sense of movement in the serene ambience to enhance the pleasure of taking tea.

Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong
Falling waterfalls
Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong
Pavilion of Absolute Perfection

The octagonal pavilion above stands in the middle of the octagonal lotus-shaped pond, a symbol of absolute perfection and fulfillment in all aspects of life, and blessings to all visitors. Access to the pavilion is over the red bridges which also mark the central meridian of the garden.

Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong
Nan Lian Garden's Lotus Pond Garden
Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong
Lotus Pond Garden

In Chinese culture, the lotus is much appreciated because it grows in muddy water and yet rises above it in pristine purity. It signifies serenity and tranquility, joy and peace. Yet its stem is hollow and receptive. The lotus is also symbolic of revelation and enlightenment. The Lotus Pond gives the name of the Garden, which means, literally, South Lotus Pond Garden.

Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong
On a side note, I was rather intrigued with this, each of the trees are being fed some liquid
Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong
Chi Lin Nunnery

This Buddhist nunnery, Chi Lin Nunnery is stunning with its monastery complex having been renovated as a piece of Tang dynasty architecture. The buildings itself were really grand looking. Overall the Nan Lian Garden is a must visit spot in Hong Kong, where one can appreciate nature, within an enclosure separated from the noise and modernization of city life. Noise barriers with a total of 260 pieces of sound proof panels are erected along the garden to prevent noise of traffic, crowds, and bustling activities from outside the garden.

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wenn said...

I didn't get to this's beautiful

Isaac Tan said...

Yes it is. Such peaceful place, imagine outside it's so busy and noisy, when coming into the garden, quietness...

Tekkaus said...

Yeah. It is a real beautiful place. :D

suituapui said...

I love such peaceful KL Pac right in the midst of the very busy, very noisy, very jammed KL city centre... The one at KLCC's a bit too crowded usually.

Hey? No event lately...or starting to be a good boy now? Wink! Wink! Didn't go for the St Pat thing? Or the hot air balloon event? Been seeing a lot of those in some blogs...

Reanaclaire said...

These type of places, they dont take us if we follow tours.. we have to go there ourselves... nice place, Isaac.. dig up more pictures and show us..

[SK] said...

nice garden but I didn't even know it exists, haha!! :p

Diana Diane Teo said...

Frankly speaking, I never noticed about this place eventhough I went HK for 3 times not until you share this. The place looks like Japan instead. Will put this in my list the next time going to HK again =D

KiD said...

demmit..!!! so cool and relax. so nice huh.. :)

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new template? Nice.

Lovely photos :)

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So pretty!!! Reminds me of Kowloon Hong Kong song hahaha

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Very pretty garden but I doubt I have enough time to visit here when my coming HK trip >.<