Manhattan Fish Market Queensbay Mall Penang

It's been awhile since I dined at Manhattan Fish Market. Now I feel this franchise was nice when it came out years ago, but in recent times after having a meal there, I remind myself over and over again not to do it so often. I did not really like the after taste, probably due to the oil and method of deep frying the seafood that Manhattan uses that I can't get used to. 

Manhattan Fish Market
The Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market Queensbay Mall
Lot 48, Lower Ground Floor, 
Queensbay Mall, 
Persiaran Bayan Indah,
11900 Bayan Lepas Penang
Phone: 604 646 1620

Manhattan Fish Market
The outside seats located along the corridors of Queensbay Mall Penang

I was with Janice when we decided to crash in at Manhattan Fish Market in Queensbay Mall Penang for a simple dinner. It wasn't my first time dining here, but the last time I ate at any of its outlet, I left feeling really full and bloated while feeling I had too much oil. This round wasn't much different, I'm not sure what came into my mind when i suggested to Janice to try their Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter. 

Manhattan Fish Market Restaurant Menu
The Restaurant Menu showcasing their huge Sharing Platters

The Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter came in this huge platter meant to be shared by two to three people. In fact, it must be shared with three people as between the two of us, we could barely finish the whole platter ourselves. The Manhattan staffs had a novelty way of preparing our dish, as they burnt the dish in a fiery flame before serving the platter to us. 

Manhattan Fish Market
The Manhattan Fish Market Staff looking rather insecured with his "flame thrower"
Burning the prawns at Manhattan Fish Market
Burning the prawns to a crisp
Manhattan flaming Seafood Platter
Our huge platter of Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter - RM52.90++

The Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter came with generous amount of Garlic Herb Rice with 2 huge pieces of Deep Fried Fish Fillet, Fried Calamari, Chips, Oysters and huge juicy Prawns. Having a little of a good thing is nice, but when we had so much food between the two of us, the butter and mayonnaise starts to feel a tad too much for our liking. 

The taste was okay, just that the deep fried oil taste overwhelmed the whole dish. Do remind me to try Manhattan Fish Market's other dishes the next time I drop by any of their outlets again, probably some steamed or grilled fish instead of deep fried stuff. So are you a fan of Manhattan Fish Market?


  1. One of my fave place to have fish and chips! :P

  2. Hilda,
    not a bad place, but need to bring more people to finish the huge platter! lol XD

  3. booo... sucks big time. Both in Queensbay n Gurney Mall branch =(

  4. Same same like you lah, each time I go there I take the same thing and always end up with that oil complain. and I always tell william to remind me not to take that again, yet the next time we go there, we'll order the same thing again! >_<

  5. I had exactly the same meal before and flamming the shrimp scared the hell outta me. like gonna chao da d.

  6. i think cannot eat too much lah, just a little of everything will do.. overeating sure makes you feel very "jelak" because everything seems so greasy and buttery~~ :)

  7. The outlet at Pavillion are awesome to me. Not greasy. Should try out there sometime.

  8. Been to this particular outlet before - my Penang friend took me there on one of my earlier trips to the island. Loved their seafood platter...but must share. Too much for one person. Yummmmmm!!!!

  9. well i do feel that the taste is different among the outlets.

    the one i always tried in alamanda seems better.

    anyhow, i like the flamming platter! i like how they burn the cheese to melt it on the prawn. and the garlic rice! =DDD

  10. Anonymous8:18 AM

    yum yummmmm.....

  11. YY,
    aww you didn't really like it hor, well i'm okay with it, just have to makan it in moderation.

    Hehe, probably if we take that dish but with four people having it, then it's more edible. lol!

    Yes, flaming seafood. Burn it all!

    Anne Lee,
    Omg, well flaming the shrimps were rather cool. With the fire and all ! Haha

  12. SK,
    Hey you're right. Over eating this buttery stuff really can jelak one. Moderation is the key word here. hehe

    Oh i havent tried the one at Pavilion yet, it should be good though. :)

    definately have to share, even with Janice and I having this one huge platter was way too much food for us. >< Glad to hear you liked it!

    Henry Tan,
    Thats why each time I'm back at Manhattan Fish Market, i tend to order the same thing. It tastes good at the start, but when we have too much then a bit off.

    Hey! thanks for dropping by! :) yum yum indeed XD

  13. the only time i went to an outlet of this franchise was for a review. it was so-so. i aint no fan of no fishes, yo

  14. i love their seafood platter :D

  15. eh! Isaac share with me please~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D

  16. their fish n chips is good.....

  17. been there once..the platter was huge!


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