The Lorax (2012) Movie Review

Lorax is coming to town, this Dr Seuss' creation is opening soon and I had the opportunity to catch it's premiere screening thanks to ChurpChurp and Nuffnang. After a rather long time, I was actually excited to catch an animated movie as the trailers from Lorax totally caught my attention. Glad to say, it did not disappoint. Think along the lines of Despicable Me, and Horton Hears A Who, Lorax was an entertaining watch.

The Lorax (2012) Review
The Lorax (2012)

Reaching Midvalley late due to the rain and jam, I was thankful to have Benjamin help me collect my tickets. Caught up with the rest of the bloggers and while waiting for The Lorax to start showing at 9.15pm, we were pleasantly surprised o see a life sized Lorax hanging around. Needless to say, most folks rushed over to get a photo session with Lorax, I was one of them.

Anne, Yen Ling, Victor, Benjamin, May Ying and Jayren
Nuffies, Churpies and Bloggers (Anne, Yen Ling, Victor, Benjamin, May Ying and Jayren)
The Lorax 2012 Review
Hey that's me with The Lorax!

The best thing for this round's screening was we were going to catch The Lorax in full 3D which Janice and I totally enjoyed. Unfortunately for bespectacled folks like me, it is kind of tough getting the 3D spectacles to sit perfectly on the nose. It keeps dropping too low!
The Lorax 2012 Review
The Lorax in 3D Premiere Screening Tickets

Coming back to this movie, The Lorax is an environmentally friendly animated movie which capitalizes on vivid colours and really funny, cute and lovable characters. Environmentally friendly in the sense that it advocates trees and frowns on the chopping down of these trees. 

The Lorax 2012 Review
Ted and his lady friend Audrey

We see Ted, a young lad who lives in the world of Thneedville, where everything is artificial with no trees around and the tycoon Mr O’Hare who makes a fortune selling air to the residents since there were no more trees. When his lady friend Audrey mentioned her wish of seeing a real life tree, Ted goes all the way out of town and across many obstacles to find this Once-Ler who was told to be able to give back the long lost trees. 

The Lorax 2012 Review
Make a fortune selling air? How unbelievably believable is that?

That's when Once-Ler starts telling his tale of how a long time ago there were trees, and how the trees disappeared from excessive logging. We were also introduced to the really cute and colourful forest creatures and Lorax himself, the guardian of nature. 

The Lorax 2012 Review
Ted's Spunky Grandmother
The Lorax 2012 Review
Lorax with the forest creatures consisting of teddy bears, fishes and these cute duck-like creatures

Everything is really cute and funny in this movie. While the underlying message about how things can go from bad to worse if the environment is not well kept is emphasized in the background, we were truly entertained with the really funny jokes and antics from the creatures and Lorax himself. We had singing fishes, adorable beady eyed bears and many other comical characters which are both colourful and vivid, in 3D.

The Lorax 2012 Review
I love these fishes

Overall, I rather liked this movie. A feel good movie, suitable for kids and adults alike. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the funny antics shown by most of the characters in the movie. Probably I'm biased towards Dr Seuss as I loved both his books and the past movies, but I could totally relate to all the stuff in this movie. Personally I'll rate it an 8/10, pretty good for an animated film. 

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little miss smexy said...

Hey there!! Aww you got to take a photo with Lorax!!! I missed it geeez... The movie is so nais I actually cried in the end. X)

By the way, nice seat. Watch movie like a G6.

Charlie said...

I always have to press the specs nearer to my eyes else I get dizzy with poor vision =.=

Hilda Milda™ said...

Those fishes sure can live without water! :p haha I enjoyed the movie too :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


toninkush said...

we almost fell asleep. to me, it's worse than despicable me in many levels lol

“追食富迪” said...

My son will love these movie.......thx.

suituapui said...

My daughter saw the trailer on youtube and loves it! She can't wait to go and see...

The Yum List said...

One of my favourite books - awesome message for adults and children alike. Cant wait to see it.

[SK] said...

i actually like Lorax and the creatures more than those human beings, hahaha.. they are a lot cuter right?? :p

madammondoq said...

waa!! The Lorax Maskot was so cute lah!!! yellow like DiGi Maskot.. i follow u... ;)

KiD said...

hahaaaa.. Lorax mascott so cute lah!!