John Carter (2012) Movie Review

John Carter, before catching this movie screening tonight, I've heard some good things about it. The movie is slotted to come out in our cinemas this 8th March 2012. Seeing the trailer, I was expecting a good sci-fi movie but coming out of the movie a couple of hours later however, I must say it did entertain in some aspect.

John Carter (2012) movie review
Disney's John Carter
So there I was at Sunway Pyramid, reaching just in time for a short dinner and the movie thereafter. Due to John Carter being a Disney production, there was usual mandatory checks for electronics gadgets. We had to surrender for safekeeping throughout the movie, which was okay, except this time they did such a bad job in handling our gadgets that long queues were formed before and after the movie to submit and collect back our gadgets.

Premiere screening for John Carter (2012) movie review
Special Screening Tickets for John Carter

Coming back to the movie, John Carter is played by Taylor Kitsch who looked like a surfer dude throughout most of the the movie who is a man being transported to Mars smack in the middle of a civil war between two humanoid clans with some aborigines in the middle.

John Carter (2012) movie review
John Carter before on Earth before his adventures in Mars

Upon arrival on Mars, he is captured by the aborigines called the Tharks, green four armed giants. The difference between Mars’ gravity and Earth’s gives him super-strength, as well as the power to leap huge distances. John Carter uses this to his benefit as he helps both the Tharks and also the humanoids.

John Carter (2012) movie review
The Tharks

John Carter then meets this beautiful Princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins), daughter to Tardos Mors (Ciaran Hinds), leader of one side of the humanoid clan who are at war with the other humanoid clan, led by the Sab Than (Dominic West). One thing leads to another and we see some love thing blossom, with John Carter going all out to help the lady in need. 

Sexy dejah thoris lynn collins and john carter
Princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins) and John Carter
Sexy dejah thoris lynn collins and john carter
More of these two

As the movie progressed, there were just too many predictable scenes and cliches for comfort. Yes, John Carter is a superhuman, and he does incredible things, but all the CGI in the movie could not detract from the dialogs which I felt was a bit too cheesy. 

John Carter 2012
Some actions scenes from John Carter the movie

The humor was there though, with a lot of references to Avatar, Star Wars, and a couple of sci-fi movies. The Tharaks were pretty nice to watch, and so was Princess Dejah Thoris. Lynn Collins played out the fighting beautiful princess perfectly, without being too manly, and retaining that feminism. I found John Carter cool, but just not awesome. 

Sexy dejah thoris lynn collins in john carter
Princess Dejah Thoris before her forced marriage to the villain Sab Than

Overall, John Carter is an okay Disney movie to watch, based on a novel if I'm not mistaken, and with the trademark feel good ending. There was a slight twist in the end though, but it still couldn't make out for the lack of spirit to the whole movie. The action and humor was there, CGI was there, characters were in place, but something just did not click. Personally, I would rate this movie a 6/10, still kind of sad because I expected way more. 

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  1. From watching the trailer, I actually expected waaaay less instead LOL. HAHA Surfer dude!

  2. under deliver for your expectation, guess gonna skip this show and wait it to appear @ HBO/FOX lol

  3. Gosh!!! I'm so out of touch. Dunno anymember of the cast at all...

  4. i saw the huge poster of this movie and thought i seems to be interesting.. looks like star wars leh.. so not really entertaining ah?? but you still rate it 6/10 woh.. let's see what Kian Fai rates it later~~ :p

  5. wow.....looks good. But....haiz...sure kena my son bann

  6. hmm... i think i will skip this movie and watch anime for free. i would want to watch more intellectual movies than a cheesy predictable movie. saving money for such movies.

  7. would really catch up this movie :P because I like it since after the trailer and preview fight scene.

    maybe u shall create john carter 2 :P

  8. Actually you should give this movie a second chance. many dismissed this as a sci fi but I actually found it a good attempt of the book and the script was brilliant. Added more depth to the movie.

  9. BROO you forgot to mention the woola!.. DAMN CUTE

  10. Abraham Sherman8:20 AM

    John Carter is based on the novel "A Princess of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan. The APOM novel influenced much of 20th century science fiction. George Lucas, James Cameron, Carl Sagan, Arthur Clarke, and many others were all inspired by Burroughs' John Carter stories. Star Wars, Avatar, Superman, and many other films, all owe a debt to the books that John Carter is based on. It's cool to finally see a movie made from the source material that inspired so many others.


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