Honda Hybrid Launch Technology

Recently Honda again launched their all-new Jazz Hybrid, running up from their new updated Honda Insight. This writeup will be focused on Honda's Hybrid technology and how it is being implemented in their all-new Jazz Hybrid.

Honda Jazz Hybrid 2012
Honda All-New Hybrid Vehicle - Honda Jazz Hybrid
A couple of months back, I was privileged to be invited for a test drive event which gave me the opportunity to drive the Honda Insight all the way from KL to Malacca, truly a good driving experience. (Honda Insight Driving Experience). It gave me some truly valuable hands-on experience with a hybrid vehicle, which I'm going to explain further on in this post, focusing more on the latest Honda Jazz Hybrid.

Honda Hybrid Launch 2012
An adventure in a hybrid vehicle

The latest Honda Jazz Hybrid was launched recently, going for RM94,800 (otr w/ insurance) which successfully makes it the most affordable hybrid vehicle in the Malaysian market at the moment. It’s powered by similar technology, engine (1.3-litre) and motor as the Honda Insight. Similar yet different.

Honda Hybrid Launch 2012
The dashboard of the new Honda Jazz Hybrid

The Jazz Hybrid uses two distinct power sources, an i-VTEC engine and an electric motor. This integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid system enables the Honda Jazz Hybrid to achieve better fuel efficiency and enhanced performance. 

Naturally Green

So how does a Honda Hybrid actually works? Well, in a nutshell, a couple of things work together over 6 scenario namely when we Start, on low speed cruising, Acceleration, High Speed Cruising, Braking and while the car is in Standstill. In its ECON mode, the Jazz Hybrid does help to save fuel. 

#1 and #2 Start/Acceleration and Low Speed Cruising

#1 During Starting Acceleration:
  • Engine operates with electric motor assist
  • Providing more power at lower revolutions, the electric motor supports the engine for powerful acceleration. 
#2 During Low Speed Cruising:
  • Electric motor operates alone
  • All cylinders stop during low speed cruising. Vehicle cruises on electric motor only. This is where we save fuel from not running the engine.

#3 and #4 Acceleration and High Speed Cruising

#3 During Acceleration:
  • Engine operates with electric motor assist
  • The electric motor assists the engine and provides powerful acceleration
#4 During High Speed Cruising:
  • Engine operates alone
  • The electric motor stops, and the engine operates on its own. 

#5 and #6 Braking and Standstill

#5 During Braking:
  • The hybrid technology works in such a way that each time the brakes are applied, the IMA battery is being charged by the electric motor
  • All cylinders stop to enlarge the charging efficiency
#6 During a Standstill:
  • When encountered with a traffic jam, the car goes into standstill mode, where it will automatically idle stop. 
  • Idling stops automatically to save fuel consumption and exhaust gas. This is where hybrid cars are most useful on our congested roads.
A simple diagram showing how the hybrid technology actually functions

There you have it, Honda's Hybrid technology summarized in a couple of short paragraphs. Similar to the Insight and CR-Z, the 5-year / 140,000km warranty on its IMA battery applies for the new Honda Jazz Hybrid as well. Customers can test drive and place their booking for the All-New Jazz Hybrid at any authorized Honda dealers nationwide.

Now even though it may sound really confusing and all here, one important thing to note is that driving a hybrid is just like any other car doesn’t require any "extra" care. Send the car for it’s usual servicing just like yu would any conventional car. With ECON mode activated, all one has to do is just to step on the acceleration pedal and drive away. Eco driving can be fun and easy as the hybrid car is already built to be fuel efficient and environment friendly.

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