Future Music Festival Asia 2012 Sepang

This is one really cool event, so cool that I actually did 2 pre-event writeups for it last week, one to promote Future Music Festival Asia, and the other to talk about their pre-event party. (Future Music Festival Asia Pre-Party Vertigo Club, Future Music Festival Asia 2012) Well, last weekend the party happened at Sepang and I was fortunate to obtain 2 first class passes to catch the performances in person. 

Future Music Festival Asia 2012 Sepang
The Future is Now!

Future Music Festival Asia Event Info
Where : Sepang International Circuit
When  : 17 March 2012
Time    : 2pm till late

1st class tickets to Future Music Festival Asia 2012 Sepang
Ticket Sales at the booth going for RM188/entry.. RM388 for first class
Future Music Festival Asia 2012 Sepang
Ravers queuing up for the party of the year

So there we were, reaching the venue at Sepang International Circuit around 4pm, just in time to catch one of the bigger international artist performance, Flo Rida! This was the first time Future Music Festival Asia was held in Malaysia, and they made it really huge with not one but four music stages erected all around the area. The stages were named Future, Las Venus, Flamingo and Gnome respectively.

Isaac Tan wristband to Future Music Festival Asia 2012 Sepang
My rather cool wristband which allowed me to enter the various air-conditioned halls
Future Music Festival Asia 2012 Sepang
Ravers at Future Music Festival Asia 2012 in Sepang

After paying RM10 for parking, which was the norm for Sepang Circuit, we immediately headed for the largest stage (Future Stage) to catch Flo Rida in action. Now I'm not exactly the party type of person, but nearly all of his songs were familiar, and I loved it. Judging from the crowd's response by screaming and grooving to the beat, I can safely say Flo Rida truly rocked the stage that evening. 

Flo Rida at Future Music Festival Asia 2012 Sepang
Flo Rida being an awesome performer coming down to the crowd driving them wild
Flo Rida at Future Music Festival Asia 2012 Sepang
A really good performance from Flo Rida

Rocking to crowd favourites like “Low”, “In The Ayer”, “Sugar”, “Right Round”, “Club Can’t Handle Me”, and more, Flo Rida literally had the crowd eating out of their hands. Even though the afternoon heat was a killer, the crowd stood their spots and rocked on. Heck, sweat will not hinder us from enjoying ourselves! 

Flo Rida at Future Music Festival Asia 2012 Sepang
Flo Rida in action
Isaac Tan at Future Music Festival Asia 2012 Sepang
An I was here moment

There were several "first class" tents erected around the venue for us to rest while waiting for the next big act. It was good that these tents were air-conditioned, but I was disappointed there were no free flow. Even water was charged exorbitantly here, not very cool. It was good however to catch up with some of my fellow bloggers who attended the Future Music Festival Asia as well. 

Future Music Festival Asia 2012 Sepang
This ain't Kansas Toto ...
Bloggers at Future Music Festival Asia 2012 Sepang
A couple of us, L-R: Yen Ling, Isaac, Benjamin, Sharon and partner, Jackie, Ken and Marilyn

It was unfortunate that there was another event that night, St Patrick's Day street party which I wanted to attend as well, hence I could not stay until the end of the night. But it was an awesome experience though, one which I had not experience ever since DJ Tiesto came to town (Heineken Thirst Tiesto 2011 Sepang). That was only 1 act, we had numerous artists and DJs from the international, regional and local scene that night at Future Music Festival Asia 2012. 

Music Schedule Future Music Festival Asia 2012 Sepang
One of the stages had a foam party, which I arrived slightly too late to join in
Music Schedule Future Music Festival Asia 2012 Sepang
The schedule for Future and Las Venus stages
Music Schedule Future Music Festival Asia 2012 Sepang
The schedule for Flamingo and Gnome stages

Future Music Festival Asia 2012 was one really huge non-stop party going on for 12 hours straight. (2pm - 2am) A record 30000 folks turned up to enjoy the music there that night, and I am still excited from the prospect that I was there to experience it all. 

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Josarine said...

OMG you were so close to the stage! Awesome!

Isaac Tan said...

Actually we had four stages, hence the crowd was crazy but manageable. Lol! Any concerts i usually will fight my way to the front also :P

Charmaine Pua said...

OMG FloRida!!! Club Can't Handle Me yo~~

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Merryn said...

Flo Rida all sweaty! OMG! faint...

wenn said...

wow..great participation!

Cutebun said...

Too bad I can't go.. won passes lol

michleong said...

Wow. 12 hours. No wonder people were saying they were pretty worn out from FMFA but heard it was fun nonetheless.

suituapui said...

None of them my favourite... Old man mah! Bet you had a great time.

[SK] said...

wow, that's really a cool event.. :)

Small Kucing said...

sure looks fun :)

Tekkaus said...

Wow...foam party? If you were there in time, wouldn't you be too wet? :p

Alice Law said...

Oh dear, such great event! Guess I hv missed it again...

Nath said...

OMG foam party reminds me of Siloso Beach Party *bring out the bikini*

momto8 said...

wow..this is so interesting to me! I am completely unaware of events like tis. i liked the pictures...don't have a clue what a foam party is?! but like learning and seeing new things!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Ciki said...

what a party! 12 hours.. really need stamina for that eh. Great pix - really captured the moment;)

wristband said...

Nice Info!!!