Express Teppanyaki Food Republic 1Utama

The other day, we found ourselves in Food Republic 1 Utama for a good dinner. Now I've been here a couple of times before, but this was the first time I found out there was actually a really big section located deep inside Food Republic where it is more serene with less noise and customers. Anyway this post will be the first of a series of food posts from Food Republic. 

Express Teppanyaki Food Republic 1Utama
Teppanyaki Express Food Republic 1 Utama Shopping Mall
Teppanyaki Express Food Republic 1 Utama
Second Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Lebuh Bandar Utama, 
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Business Hour : 10am - 10pm

Express Teppanyaki Food Republic 1Utama
Some of the available choices

The 13,000sq ft food atrium can seat 550 at full capacity and has 15 tenants with an interesting mix of cuisines ranging from Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Western, Taiwanese and Malaysian. Our choice this time was the Express Teppanyaki. Going for the Chicken Chop Set, our meal was prepared in front of us by the cook as we watched on. Check out some of the photos I managed to capture of my Chicken Chop Set in the making. 

Chicken Chop Set
#1 Raw boneless chicken meat
Cooking a Chicken Chop Set
#2 Dicing, slicing and cooking it
Cooking a japanese chicken chop set
#3 Adding spices and sauce into the chicken chop
Express Teppanyaki Food Republic 1Utama
Our friendly Express Teppanyaki cook

Like any other Teppanyaki outlet, the food and meat was prepared in front of the diners. It was the same here, except probably slightly faster, hence the word Express Teppanyaki. Our rather tasty Chicken Chop Set was prepared in less than 10 minutes, which came with vegetables, the mandatory beansprouts, soup, a bowl of rice and of course the chicken chop itself. 

Express Teppanyaki Food Republic 1Utama chicken chop set
Chicken Chop Set (Comes with Vegetables, Bean Sprouts, Soup and Rice) - RM13.80
Express Teppanyaki Food Republic 1Utama
On this rare occasion, I liked the vegetables that came with this Teppanyaki Set

The chicken as expected came out really tender, and doused with the sweet sourish spicy sauce, it tasted good. Express Teppanyaki presented the dish on this aluminium foils placed on the hot cooking area, ensuring the food never cools down. Usually when I have Teppanyaki at other food outlets, I'm not very fond of the vegetables, but here the way they made the green vegetables got me wanting for more. 

Express Teppanyaki Menu
Express Teppanyaki Menu

Overall, I pretty much liked the Chicken Chop Set that evening. Tasty enough, and prepared with enough effort to make it look presentable and nice. I'm sure most of you have been to Food Republic in 1 Utama before, but do try out some of their different stalls available. There will be more food posts from Food Republic coming up, so do look out for it when it does.


  1. Yummmm...looks good. Prices also look good but when it comes to Japanese food, that's usually the case.

  2. so ekspress eh? Easy for hungry mman. Hehehe.. Salmon fried rice.. Wow!!

  3. oh, the new foodcourt in 1U.. have been passing by many times but no chance to go in, but it looks very nice from the outside..

  4. u make me hungry early in the morning! TT

  5. I had this in Singapore but @ Japanese stall LOL nice to know got mixed culture here in Malaysia :D

  6. I eat there everyday also got bored already :P

  7. Never really tried these type yet.. always order those in sushi form.. in Ipoh, not many choices..

  8. my all time fav teppanyaki stall..i guess its the same as Pavillion since under food republic

  9. Their pan fried is good!

  10. The Teppanyaki is quite special with some chili cooked with the meat>

  11. to be frank, I've never teepanyaki before.. ha ha ha.. :D

  12. STP,
    it's pretty reasonable though as the portions were really big :)

    Express train! hehe. Nom Nom goodness

    try going in bro, but there is a very big open space deep behind the foodcourt. Quite nice.

    Lol! nom nom when hungry.. make the stomach happy for the day.

    Oh! Here, we do have a mixed culture. For me anything goes, as long as it is nice :)

  13. Ken,
    lol! well, i'm staying quite far, so this is not an everyday spot for me. :)

    how about sibu? hehe, having a lot of fun there I see!

    same umbrella, food republic, XD.. the portions big and nice ..

    True, we had the same dishes remember? yum!!

    Choi Yen,
    It's a bit different from the usual teppanyaki. Spicier, but nice lo. Malaysian flavour i guess. haha

    you should try it. But to me they're mostly the same XD

  14. i had the beef set the last round

  15. yes, i loved the teppayanki food stall there as well. twice had my dinner there !!!!

  16. I love teppanyaki

  17. made it look so delicious. :D

  18. When I drop by at Food Republic, this is what I usually eat. The beef set. :D

  19. Never ate at Food Republic still. Would love to go in and explore when I'm sick of the expensive options lol

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  20. Interesting. I've never eaten at Food Republic in 1U before in my life!

    (and I go to 1U quite a lot)

    I always eat at the dedicated F&B outlets instead.

  21. I tried it but kinda thirsty after d meal.....
    Mayb they put too much of MSG when cook my meal...
    D pepper rice also very good...

  22. Wow! Looks delicious! Price also quite reasonable! Surprisingly, I have never eaten at this food court before!


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