Emperor Grand Dorsett Subang Dim Sum Buffet

Weekends are the best day to indulge in some good dim sums early in the morning. This round, I had the chance to dine at The Emperor Chinese Restaurant in Grand Dorsett Subang and have some really good halal dim sum for breakfast, in my case it was a Sunday brunch.

Dim Sum Buffet at The Emperor Restaurant Grand Dorsett Subang
Dim Sum Buffet at The Emperor Restaurant Grand Dorsett Subang

Dim Sum Buffet 
Every Sunday & Public Holiday from 10am
Price RM60++ per person

The Emperor Restaurant Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel
Jalan SS12/1
Subang Jaya,
47500 Malaysia
GPS : N03 04.755'  E101 35.808'
Website: http://www.granddorsett.com/subang/

Dim Sum Buffet at The Emperor Restaurant Grand Dorsett Subang
The Emperor Chinese Restaurant

The multi-award winning Emperor Chinese Restaurant in Grand Dorsett is having their halal dim sum buffet which opens every Sunday and public holiday beginning from 10am to roughly 2pm plus. Upon reaching the luxurious hotel and the restaurant, I was pretty impressed with the traditional Chinese decorations. I've heard so much of the dim sum here, hence my expectations were pretty high the moment we arrived.

Emperor Bridge
A bridge across waters entering into The Emperor Grand Dorsett
Emperor Grand Dorsett Restaurant Menu
Restaurant Menu

Inside the restaurant, there were a couple of different sections serving various food and dim sums. I could roughly divide out around six sections namely the "Cold Starter" section, the "In-steamer Basket" section, the "Main Dish" section, the "Chinese Barbecue Meat" section, the "Dim Sum Baked & Deep-fried" section, and finally the "Desserts" section. There were a whole lot of choices for us to choose from. Let us begin then shall we?

Cold Starters
#1 Some of the cold starters lined up

I wasn't a big fan of cold dishes, but the cold starters comprising of Fresh Crispy Salad, Marinated Jelly Fish and mini October, and cold sliced Smoked Duck Breast was a refreshing start to the hotter dim sums to come. Up next, we had the main dishes.

Salt and Pepper Prawns
#2 Salt & Pepper Prawns
Deep Fried Fish with Soya Sauce
#3 Deep Fried Fish with Soya Sauce
Fried Tiger Prawns in Spicy Sauce
#4 Stir Fried Tiger Prawns in Spicy Sauce

Now I really like their Salt and Pepper Prawns, as these prawns were deep fried with batter and tasted really good on its own without any sauce needed. I'm really fussy when it comes to the "fishy" taste of seafood, but glad to say, the prawns and the deep fried fish with soya sauce had no fishiness to it. Same goes to the Stir Fried Tiger Prawns, which had lots of meat to it. If you came to this buffet with an empty stomach, these main dishes are a welcome sight. More main dishes below.

Chinese Barbecue Meat
#5 Chinese Barbecue Meat

There was a separate counter for the Chinese Barbecue Meat which comprised of Roasted Duck, Roasted Chicken, and Barbcue Char Siew Chicken served with traditional condiment. Bear in mind The Emperor Chinese Restaurant served only halal food, hence all the meat served were halal. At the counter, we could see our meat being sliced and prepared in front of us.

Black Pepper Ostrich Meat
#6 Black Pepper Ostrich Meat

I tried the next dish which was the rather exotic Black Pepper Ostrich Meat. Now I don't always have the chance to have ostrich meat hence I jumped at this chance to savor it. It tastes just like chicken to me though, but cooked in black pepper sauce, this was one of my favourite dish that morning.

Vermicelli with Shrimp
#7 Vermicelli with Shrimp

Usually at any other buffet, I'll skip the mee or meehoon, but this round I tried their Vermicelli with Shrimp. Guess what, I came back for 2 more servings. Prepared with shrimps, I just loved the taste of the springy vermicelli with the chilli and all.

Dim Sum Buffet at The Emperor Restaurant Grand Dorsett Subang
#8 A variety of steamed Dim Sums
Dim Sum Buffet at The Emperor Restaurant Grand Dorsett Subang
#9 Deep fried dim sum and Pastries
Dim Sum Buffet at The Emperor Restaurant Grand Dorsett Subang
#10 Deep Fried Dim Sum

We had the dim sums next, and the varieties available were a pleasant surprise. There was just so many to choose from that morning. From Sui Kows, to deep-fried prawn rolls, baked mini egg tart custard, chicken barbecue paos to various meat dumplings, my stomach was stuffed from all the good stuff. The ingredients used were rather fresh, as I had no complaints about the taste.

#11 Porridge
Watercress with chicken soup
#12 Watercress with Chicken Soup
Dumpling Soup
#12 Dumpling Soup

For soup and porridge lovers, fret not as there were the compulsory porridge, Dumpling Soup and chicken soup available. Janice had the porridge and soup while I went ahead to try out their dumpling soup. It was a tad too salty, but the dumplings tasted really good.

Desserts at Grand Dorsett Emperor Restaurant
#13 Desserts

We ended the fine morning brunch with some desserts comprising of chilled longan with sea coconut syrup, red bean soup, chilled mango pudding, and lots of assorted french pastries and cakes. It was a good dim sum buffet, one which was halal and held in a luxury hotel. It was no wonder The Emperor Chinese Restaurant in Grand Dorsett Subang had won themselves numerous food awards. Do check them out for some good dim sum buffet if you're up for it.

Dim Sum Buffet  
The Emperor Restaurant Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel
Every Sunday & Public Holiday from 10am
Price RM60++ per person


  1. Long time I've never eat dim sum. But the one you went to looks rather expensive.


  2. its look very original dim sum wor!

  3. Kelvin,
    Well it is rather pricey, but for the environment and quality, i think its justifiable. XD

    Quite nice taste, and halal some mroe XD

  4. Oh my gawddd.. I wanna grab my fork and spoon (or in this case, chopstick?) after seeing all this glorious food..

  5. Aweeeesome! Mother of god tempting!

  6. wow wow wow!! the food looks so nice and delicious!! makes me hungry again lah, so bad..

  7. So is the steamed dim sum made to order?

  8. I got a friend who is working in Subang Grand Doorsett. hope that he can bring me there makan =)

  9. Priscilla,
    Grab one, and let's go for some good dim sum ya! :)

    Hey, long time haven't caught up with you.. :)

    How's your weekend bro, Actually i missed dinner tonight, feeling really hungry now too. Wanted to try that KAw Kaw burger, but afraid of the long queue.

    Baby Sumo,
    They have ready made in those steamed baskets, but I noticed some diners asking the chef to make some other flavors. So i guess yes, its made to order. :)

  10. Is this the former Sheraton, next to Holiday Villa Subang? I suppose it's halal?

  11. Hmm.. not bad.. I prefer non halal one though =P

  12. Wah.. lots of choices! Dont mind trying this out... :0)

  13. marinated jellyfish?? i didnt try yet? woohoooo

  14. RM 60 huh, need to think about it twice lol :P

  15. Glad that they serve others food too other than dim sum because I can't eat many dim sum in one go :P

  16. Oh yumms! I would start with the watercress soup (my all time fave soup) then "attack" for the dim sum:D

  17. that dim sum is astonishing, and yeah, I prefer the roasted duck more.. :D..

  18. i thought it was about RM48 lehh. why this time there's no more abalone :(

    Latest: Meh-meh Goats

  19. LOL..
    very interesting comments here.. guess I shall not add on since I agree with the comments.

  20. thank you drop by teratak usang


  21. this chinese restaurant serve pretty good food eh


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