DiGi WWWow Awards 2012

Digi WWWow Awards 2012 is coming again this year where bloggers and website owners are showcased and rewarded for their contributions. I had the chance to attend last year's Digi WWWow Awards and it was pretty cool. (DiGi WWWOW Awards 2011). Last week, they had their press conference and launch over at Digi D'House, which I was given the opportunity to attend thanks to Nuffnang.

DiGi WWWow Awards 2012
DiGi WWWow Awards 2012

Press Conference of DiGi WWWow Awards 2012 
Date: 24th March 2012 (Saturday)
Venue: D' House, Subang Hi-Tech, Industrial Park, Shah Alam
Time: 10:30 am - 2:30 pm

Isaac Tan at Digi Wwwow Awards 2012 Press Conference
There I was with one of the costumed characters at the press conference

About DiGi WWWOW Awards

We are Malaysia's 1st and only Internet For All awards created with the aim of showcasing the incredible creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurial-ism of ordinary Malaysians using the Internet in extraordinary ways. For the second year running, we will be spotlighting mavericks, creative geniuses and innovators across all different fields of online innovation: blogs, videos, shops, charities, start-ups, techies, events, music, apps, and much more.

The launch and Q&A session for DiGi WWWow Awards 2012
The launch and Q&A session for DiGi WWWow Awards 2012

So there I was at DiGi's D'House early on a Saturday morning to catch first hand the launching of Digi WWWow Awards portal. It was a good morning and the weather was kind to us as we were introduced to all the sponsors for this award, as well as being briefed on the mechanics of the voting process. 

This year there will be new (bigger) prizes, new award categories, new partners and a brand new theme, Inspire! And in case you haven’t heard, this by-the-people-for-the-people award will be highlighting 16 categories which includes:
  1. Astro Top Online Over-Achiever Under 15
  2. Nuffnang Fave Makan-Makan Expert
  3. Nuffnang Fave Kay Poh
  4. Lowyat.net Fave Tech Head
  5. Says.my Online Shop of the Year
  6. Nuffnang Blogger of The Year
  7. Google Most Inspiring Internet for Good Award
  8. Innity Funniest Video of The Year
  9. inMobi Mobile Short Film of The Year
  10. Malaysiakini PhotoJournalist of The Year
  11. MSN Breakthrough Star Performer of The Year
  12. Yahoo! Social Media Gathering of The Year
  13. Mudah.my Most Promising Webpreneur of the Year
  14. Samsung App of the Year Award
  15. DiGi WWWOW People's Choice of The Year Award (by popular vote)
  16. DiGi WWWOW Of The Year (The Best of The Best)

With the Nuffies at Digi Wwwow Awards 2012
With the Nuffies L-R: Janice, Isaac, Shah and Pinky

Winners for DiGi WWWow Awards 2012 will not only get to walk away with the bragging rights to brag about their title as one of the bests in the Internet industry, they will also be getting prizes worth up to RM200,000 from DiGi and its partners ASTRO, Era.fm, Hitz.fm, Google, Exabytes, Lowyat.net, MSN, Mudah.my, Nuffnang, Says.my, Yahoo!, AirAsia X, Samsung Malaysia Electronics, Chartis Insurance, DiGi Simple MasterCard, InMobi, Innity and Malaysiakini.

The dudes that morning KY Speaks Isaac, Jin from Hitz.fm and Joseph Germani
The dudes that morning L-R: KY, Isaac, Jin from Hitz.fm and Joseph Germani

Being there that morning, I was glad to find out we were to be served with Nandos for lunch. It was served buffet style, my first time having free flow of Nandos chicken which was pretty awesome to say the least. Yours truly had a few helping of that wonderful coleslaw and chicken doused in the new Extra Extra Hot Peri Peri Sauce

Nandos Chicken Buffet at Digi Wwwow Awards 2012
Nandos Chicken for us

Just like last year, the public will have a say in all categories, except for The Best of the Best category, which will be decided by the panel judges from amongst the winners in the 15 other categories. For all other categories, the winners will be selected based on a combination of People's vote and Judges evaluation.
Important Dates:
24 Mar - 22 Apr 2012
Submission of entries
23 Apr - 13 May 2012
Public Voting
9 June 2012
DiGi WWWOW Awards Finale

colourful characters at DiGi Wwwow Awards Press Conference
Some colourful characters at DiGi Wwwow Awards Press Conference

So how do you get to join to be in the running for the awards this year? It's pretty simple actually, summarized in four easy steps below. (Register - Select a Category - Submit Entry - Shout it Out). Just remember the dates for public voting starts from 23rd April to 13th May 2012 and submission opens now until 22 April. 

Summision Process for Digi WWWow Awards 2012
Just head on to www.wwwow.my and sign up now
Nuffnang Bloggers at Digi Wwwow Awards 2012 press conference
Some of the Nuffnang bloggers who were there that morning
Digi Wwwow Awards 2012 Press Conference
One for the album

So there you have it, the entries submission have opened up for the 2012 DiGi WWWOW Internet For All Awards. Do head on to http://www.wwwow.my and submit your entries. Good luck to you, and I hope to catch all of you at the finale this coming June 2012.


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