DG Smart Plan and my Android Phone

If you have been following my blog, you'll have realized I have actually written two different posts on the Samsung Galaxy Note. The first was to introduce the Galaxy Note when it first came out, complete with some really awesome specifications and all. (Samsung Galaxy Note is Here!) A couple of months later, I had the opportunity to catch their roadshow over in 1 Utama, where we were introduced to how the Samsung Galaxy Note can function much more than just an average phone. (Samsung Galaxy Note Studio Roadshow)

Samsung Galaxy Note
The Samsung Galaxy Note

Coming back to the purpose of this post, it's all about the Yellow Man, yes Digi. Currently Digi Store Online is showcasing a vast amount of android phones with irresistible offers. My choice if I had the chance to obtain an Android Phone from Digi's website would definately be this "monster" Samsung Galaxy Note. I've had the chance to play with a couple of my friend's Samsung Galaxy Note, and I must say with the beautiful display, large screen and sensitive pen input, this android phone is a keeper. 

Digi Online Store
Digi's Online Store at http://shop.digi.com.my

This brings us to the next question, on how exactly is my new Samsung Galaxy Note going to be smarter with the DG Smart Plan? Well, if you were to check out the website, Digi is offering two packages of DG Smart Plan to go with the Samsung Galaxy Note. It's either we go for the DG Smart Plan 48 or the higher end DG Smart Plan 68. Do check out the details below. 

DG Smart Plans
DG Smart Plans to obtain the Samsung Galaxy Note

Getting the Samsung Galaxy Note at a discounted rate with this plan is a pretty good start, and on top of that there's the monthly bill rebate. Throw in the low call and SMS rates with ample data usage, it is rather hard to actually say no to these plans. I guess with all that, it does make my android phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note smarter in a sense. 

Fandroids and Nuffnang
Fandroids, Digi and I

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  1. not gonna sign any plans. I still need to settle 1 year contract even after being away from Sngapore. Unless mom knows how to serve using smart else there's no point for me to waste money if I plan to move somewhere else :S

  2. Been a loyal supporter of DIGI since my very first handphone. I wish they would extend their 3G Broadband to Sibu...

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