Cinnamon Coffee House One World Hotel

One fine Saturday afternoon, we dropped by this nice place Cinnamon Coffee House at One World Hotel for their hi-tea buffet. Now the hotel itself is really rather classy, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that their hi-tea buffet had such an extensive spread of food from Chinese dim sums, to Indian cuisines, to Western fares and so much more.

Cinnamon Coffee House One World Hotel
Cinnamon Coffee House One World Hotel

Hi-Tea price for Saturday and Sunday are RM63++ (adult) and RM32++ (child).
Hi-Tea price for Public Holiday are RM70++ (adult) and RM35++ (child).

Cinnamon Coffee House
One World Hotel Petaling Jaya
First Avenue, Bandar Utama City Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603-7681 1157


One World Hotel Beautiful Coffee House
The really classy yet comfortable ambiance of Cinnamon Coffee House

My experience there that afternoon was good, as the food selection were really huge. It was on the same day as Future Music Festival 2012 in Sepang, hence I was glad I got to fill my stomach with good food before going over there.

Centre table with food
The centre are of Cinnamon Coffee House where there's a spread of western and local cuisine

Cinnamon Coffee House itself had various "stalls" or food sections catering to different taste buds. I was literally going from one end to the other checking out all the food available, some of which were my favourite namely the satay and nasi lemak corner. The Indian section presented to us a series of curries, breads, Thosai, Tandoori, chutneys and more.

Indian cuisine and Malaysian satay at Cinnamon Coffee House One World Hotel
#1 "A taste of Indian and Malaysian favourites"
Tiger Prawn Sambal
Tiger Prawn Sambal
An assortment of curries and sambals for the diners of Cinnamon Coffee House
An assortment of curries and sambals for the diners of Cinnamon Coffee House

Moving along, Cinnamon Coffee House do serve freshly prepared broth or porridge with different varieties of meat as well as the local favourite, the Char Kuey Teow which wasn't bad at all. I love fried kuey teows which are fried over a hot flaming wok as it does really enhance the taste, and this was exactly what was seen here when the cook prepared our dish.

Fried kuey teow at Cinnamon Coffee House One World Hotel
#2 Fried Kuey Teow
Porridge and broth
#3 Freshly prepared porridge with the ingredients of your choice

For those who wanted a lighter meal, there was a corner filled with sandwiches, aptly named the Sandwich Bar. As usual the ingredients were all placed in front of us for the choosing. I was so attracted to the buns and sandwiches that I took some for myself. It was good as most of the meat slices were really fresh.

The Sandwich Bar
#4 The Sandwich Bar
Yummy sandwiches and pastries
#5 Yummy sandwiches and pastries

Cinnamon Coffee House One World Hotel catered for the sushi lovers as well with one whole section dedicated to serve japanese sushis with a variety of seafood. It was a hi-tea buffet anyway hence we could stock up as many sushis as we wanted, eating to our heart's content. 

Japanese Food
The nicely done up Japanese corner
Sushi and seafood Cinnamon Coffee House One World Hotel
#6 A variety of sushis
Dim Sum Hi Tea Buffet One World Hotel
Dim Sums and "Yong Tau Fu"

On top of the local and Asian fares, we had various western dishes as well. I tried out a couple of the dishes namely the pasta dishes and the grilled meat section. It was all good as everything was served fresh and warm.

Western dishes at Cinnamon Coffee House
#7 Penne with Salmon
Grilled Beef at Cinnamon Coffee House One World Hotel
#8 Grilled Beef

What is a hi-tea buffet without lots of desserts? Cinnamon Coffee House One World Hotel really do serve a wide selection of sweet desserts to cater for the sweet tooth in all of us. Check out below on some photos I manage to take of the delectable desserts available.

delicious cakes and desserts at Cinnamon Cofffee House One World Hotel
Delicious Desserts

Overall it was a really good afternoon out with friends and food. The weekend hi-tea is available on every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday from 12 noon to 4.30 pm. Cinnamon Coffee House One World Hotel is definately a great spot to enjoy the fabulous wide spread offerings and live stations serving fresh and hot food with friends and family.


  1. Miss their nasi lemak with redang.. yummy

  2. wahh! Never ajakk!!!I WANNNAA EATTT~ ME HUNGRY...;(

  3. Alamak.. I masuk your blog malam2 and see the food photos make my stomach growl only.. Dah la wanna diet.. Ish ish..

    *go raid kitchen now*

  4. Wrong time to look at your post T__T

  5. looks yummy..lots of variety too

  6. tiger prawn sambal.. fuuuhhh!!

  7. hmmm... looks so-so and quite pricey. i wouldnt pay for this XD

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  8. awesome one! over 200 items... I dont think I even ate 1/3 of the food there that day... also I forgot to sample the whole lamb.. hehe!

  9. Oh...PJ One World. There's one in Genting too, right?

    Looks nice...but hotel food all the same, even the smell is the same. Been staying in hotels a lot when I was working. You've tried one, you've tried them all...and they're not cheap either. One person, where can eat so much...up to over RM60 - can eat till meletup elsewhere.

  10. fuyoh, yummy yummy!! remind me that i've not been to hi-tea for soooooo long!!!

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  11. so every food there is laid with Cinnamon? :p

  12. cinammon got too many choices, as in kind of different culture of foods in the house.

    hmmm but the cost still slightly high eh :P

  13. at first I thought it's @ Genting, almost recommend this place to mom =X

  14. recently me,hubby and baby stayed during new year eve. enjoyed the stay so much!ohh and the food too


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