BF Is A Serial Cheater?

Stumbling upon this video yesterday, I was rather intrigued by the emotions shown by the girl inside. It is a rather short video, 28 seconds run time to be exact, with a "to be continued" phrase at the end indicating there might be more to come. Check it out below.

My first thoughts after watching that short video was that this sweet young thing just got ditched or something by the boyfriend. After a quick glance at his broken photo, she smashes it down into this box filled with what is most likely his presents. 

We see a really emotional girl reminiscing about some happy memory with the boyfriend, one of which he gives her a teddy bear. Crying and raging, the emotions evoked by this video brings forth so much anger and sadness. What do you think? There should be more coming up, as I'm still really curious on the ending of this video.


  1. Ordinary life of a girl. Bad guys are abundant, Good guys are aplenty, faithful guys, not so much. Haha

  2. seems like this is one of the most shared vid this week

  3. Advertising something is it?

  4. Shemah,
    ooo do you mean some good guys aren't faithful? Lol!

    Hehe, it's actually a series of vids to come to promote a certain company.

    sort of. Lol! but intrigued by the video also la..

  5. Yes it's an ad. haha! waiting for the next part of the video.

  6. Not thinking of cheating, are you? Spank! Spank! LOL!!!

  7. It's totally is an advertisement la ! and you promoting it right ? lol


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