Urban Spoon Bistro Hartamas

Another rather new cafe has opened up in town recently, located just across the linked bridge from Hartamas Shopping Centre. With a really unique name, Urban Spoon Bistro Hartamas was the place we crashed in for their wonderful Weekend Buffet Roast.

Urban Spoon Bistro Hartamas
Urban Spoon Bistro Hartamas

Urban Spoon Bistro
B2-3A, Plaza Damas 3, 
No. 63 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 
Taman Sri Hartamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +60362012108

Urban Spoon Bistro Hartamas
The interior of Urban Spoo which was clean, comfy and new

Upon entering the cafe, I was rather impressed with the comfortable environment. Not only was the eatery really clean, I find it interesting that Urban Spoon took the trouble to make sure all their furniture, tables, menu came in eye-pleasing colours.

Urban Spoon Bistro Hartamas Menu
It blends in with the furniture!

Eyeing the buffet set, I just couldn't wait to sink my teeth into some roasted chicken and some roasted rib eye beef which were the main highlights of Urban Spoon's weekend buffet. Do check out the below on what we had that afternoon. The price for their weekend buffet is tagged at RM35++ per person, but fret not, we went under MilkADeal's deal which goes for way cheaper. I'll share the link to the deal at the end of this post. 

Roasted Chicken
#1 Unlimited supply of Lemon Rosemary Roasted Chicken for the chicken lovers
Roasted Rib Eye Beef
#2 For the beef lovers, we have these roasted Rib Eye Beef fresh from the kitchen.
Urban Spoon Bistro Hartamas
My favourite

Now if you've followed my previous food posts, I'm a big fan of steaks and beef dishes as well as poultry so the above 2 dishes were just what I wanted. Served with our own choice of sauces, I just couldn't get enough of the Roasted Rib Eye beef. After like a couple of servings of these heavy meaty dish, I moved on to Urban Spoon's other buffet spread. 

Urban Spoon Bistro Hartamas dishes
Some unique vegetables, brinjal and duck mixed dishes
Urban Spoon Bistro Hartamas buffet dishes
Deep fried and pastry dishes for those who love some extra calories
Urban Spoon Bistro Hartamas
Potato, duck slices and more vegetables and fruits
Toma Yam Soup
Tom Yam Soup

It was interesting as well to note that Urban Spoon did serve some good dishes in their buffet spread as well, with lots of varieties mixing meat, potatos, and lots of vegetables. We even had the good old Tom Yam soup which to me was a bit too salty. I personally liked the mixed "antipasti"-like dish where the chef actually told us was inspired from Russian cuisine. Up next was when I pitted my skills to mix and whipped up a delicious plate of Caesar's Salad.

Make your own caesar's salad
Making my own salad
Urban Spoon Bistro Hartamas
Some of the buffet spread on Janice's plate, my plate was too messy to be photographed

Overall it was a really good lunch, one where I left feeling full to the brim, most probably due to my countless servings of the Roasted Rib Eye Beef. Coming back to MilkADeal's current on-going promotion, one is able to enjoy all these for only RM25 inclusive of tax. Now, where else can you get unlimited supply of good meat and food for a flat price of RM25? Do check out the deal as linked below. 


  1. wah.. another good food!

  2. The meat certainly looks tender. That's a great price for a roast buffet.

  3. 35++ reasonable...but I can't eat so much these days, not worth going for buffets. Growing old. :(


  5. Wahhh RM 25 inclusive of tax for the good food !! =D

  6. Nice! will go for it .... :)

  7. I would love to have your salads..

  8. i love the colorful stripes on the chair and the menu.. wow, looks like something worth trying huh, only RM35++ for a buffet (plus you can even get discounts!!).. UNLIMITED supply of chicken, beef and food~~ wow, hahahaha!!!


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