Tony Roma's Pavilion KL

Tony Roma's, I've been to this chain restaurant a couple of time before at their other branches. It so happened the other day I was at Pavilion KL with Sherrie, a fellow outstation blogger who came to town, when we decided to crash in at Tony Roma's. The place itself seemed fairly nice and all, but after our short meal there, I found myself feeling shortchanged as I could actually get better food elsewhere at their price.

Tony Roma's Pavilion KL
Tony Roma's Pavilion KL

Tony Roma's (Ribs, Seafood, Steaks)
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Lot 1.15, Level 1,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
55100 Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Tony Roma's Pavilion KL
The environment was not unlike any other restaurants, clean though
Tony Roma's Pavilion KL Menu
The Restaurant Menu

With a tagline that reads "Ribs, Seafood, Steak" I would assume the steaks here were pretty good, hence I went ahead to order their Ribeye Steak, medium done. It took some time to arrive, and while waiting for it, we were served with some bread. Check it out below.

Tony Roma's Pavilion KL
Something to munch on while waiting for our orders
Ribeye Steak
#1 Ribeye Steak - RM55.90++

If you have been following my previous posts, recently I've tried quite a number of steaks at various restaurants around KL, so I have a pretty good idea how a nice juicy piece of steak is suppose to taste like and Tony Roma's ribeye steak pales in comparison. It came in a nice big plate with fries and coleslaw on the side, but upon cutting into the meat, I was pretty disappointed by the absence of the juicy taste. I had to pile on some steak sauce to flavour it further. 

Meatball Pasta
#2 Meatball And Sausage Pasta- RM35.90

Now luckily the other dish that arrived, the Meatball Sausage Pasta was good, which made our Tony Roma's dining all better again. With generous amount of meatballs, pasta, and spices, I couldn't get enough of this dish as it tasted really good. Unfortunately I could not have it all as it was Sherrie's order!
That's me, before digging into my steak

Overall, it was an okay meal, one which satisfied our stomach, but not really our taste buds. For an established chain such as Tony Roma's I came in with such high expectations, but left feeling slightly shortchanged or maybe it's just this particular outlet.

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