St Patrick's Day 2012 Launch Pavilion

It was the launching of Guinness' St Patrick's celebrations at Malones Pavilion tonight, an event which I had the chance to attend. The event held in the vicinity of Malones Irish Restaurant and Pub showcased lots of laughter and fun to give everyone a small taste of the main event happening this 17th March 2012 over at Changkat Bukit Bintang.

St Patrick's Day Launch at Pavilion KL
St Patrick's Day Launch at Pavilion KL

St Patrick's Day Launch
Date: 27 February 2012
Venue: Malones, Pavilion

St Patrick's Day Launch at Pavilion KL
The venue was packed with everyone having a jolly good time

Braving the after work jam towards Pavilion KL, I reached the launching event just in time to start eating. It was a buffet spread of food with free flow of Guinness. Unfortunately, I missed the welcoming speeches by the directors and big heads as I did not arrive in time, hence no photos of that. To make up for that, hopefully these photos of the wacky folks there that night as well as loads of Guinness shots will suffice.

guinness Stout free flow
Drink up!
St Patrick's Day Launch at Pavilion KL
My rather messy plate of food taken from the buffet spread

The celebration of all things green is back for the 6th year running and promises to be so 'March' fun for all. Touted to be the largest Guinness St Patrick's Celebration in Asia, if tonight's craziness was a hint of the main event, I would love to be a part of it!
Framed for the album

Throughout the night's event, we had various mass scale dancers dancing to some latest club tunes, Rock Anthem being on of them. St Patrick's Day was suppose to be an event to celebrate fun and laughter, hence the light hearted atmosphere. I was pretty pleased to see friends everywhere, even strangers were friends tonight.

St Patrick's Day Launch at Pavilion KL
Check out those spinning plates!
Isaac Tan and Jester
Fancy your own personal jester to lighten up your day?

Not missing the chance to capture some fun photos with fellow bloggers and friends, I was all around the area snapping away. Wearing green, eating green food and even drinking green beer are just some of the ways in which people commemorate St Patrick's Day hence the night was filled with greenery all round. I was slight out of place with my red shirt but made up for it with that green wig!

St Patrick's Day Launch at Pavilion KL
With Mike Yip and the pretty lady
Benjamin and Isaac
Benjamin and I with our rather tall hats giving the thumbs up for this event

A quick check online reminded me on what is St Patrick's Day all about. Do check out some of the facts of Guinness St Patrick's Day if you don't already know about it.
  • St Patrick's Day is an Irish celebration occurring on March 17 of every year and is also known as St Paddy's Day
  • It is a national holiday in Ireland.
  • St Paddy' Day celebrations usually feature live music, traditional Irish cuisine, drinking, games, and generally good fun with family and friends. 
  • and much more! 
Check out and to find out more about this wonderful day

St Patrick's Day Launch at Pavilion KL
Happy faces all round
St Patrick's Day Launch at Pavilion KL
More happy faces of friends brightening up the event

On the 17th March 2012, the much anticipated Guinness St Patrick's Street Party will come to Changkat Bukit Bintang where the streets will be transformed into an iconic St Patrick's street party from 6pm till late. Do mark down this date and head down to the party to watch hilarious performances by some really funny folks!

St Patrick's Day Launch at Pavilion KL
Pretty ladies

This year, Guinness will also be spreading the fun and laughter of St Patrick's with parties throughout Malaysia in Ipoh, Penang, Melaka, Johor, Pahang and East Malaysia. In the Klang Valley itself, we will see Guinness hosting 13 St Patrick's parties from Sunway Giza to Bangsar, to Sri Hartamas and beyond! It was a good launch event, keeping me all excited anticipating the main event at Changkat Bukit Bintang happening this 17th March 2012.


Nuffnang Malaysia's Contest Blog Entry

This section is to dedicate to Nuffnang's contest at this link for some complimentary pints of Guinness Draught Beer. To participate, just submit the pledge online via Facebook at Guinness Malaysia's FB Page to make St Patrick's Day officially the Friendliest Day of The Year. My completed pledge is as below.

Pledge too at this link

What gestures would I do to make St Patrick’s Day the friendliest day of the year?

Well, if you have gone through this post, I have donned on bright green wigs, make funny faces, and smile to virtually everyone I met on the streets that evening. I believe that should be a good enough gesture to show people we mean it when we want to make St Patrick's Day the Friendliest Day of the Year! Smile, make friends, and be jolly! It'll be a whole lot of fun this coming 17th March 2012.


  1. You're always that efficient! I love the photo with me inside you took today =P

  2. drink till you drop!

  3. Xiang,
    NIce, I like the photos of you any day la, leng chai is leng chai one.. haha

    Yup, free flow! hehe :P

    I controlled my alcohol intake.. lol!

  4. Wahhhhh so many hot and pretty girls. hahahhaha

  5. fast eh you...

    sad nia..i have to miss it!

  6. salute! geng! ho liau! I m still amazed on how fast you are... faster than a speeding bullet... :P

  7. haha, looks very fun!! and everybody seems to be wearing themed costumes.. :)

  8. Was reading Xiang's comment and I choke on my water! "I love the photo with me inside you" OMG!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Merryn! Merryn! Behave yourself... Thought you're sick? Doesn't change anything, I see. LOL!!! Hmmm...this event certainly looks like a whole lot of fun.

  10. when coming to penang? i wanna go! =(

  11. So happening, I missed this :(
    Mr. No. 1 !!

  12. it was certainly fun! the whole mood was awesome...

  13. nice green wig!

  14. didnt know u looks soooooooo great in the green afroo hair lol

  15. SO FAST!!

    P/S: It was an awesome night! GUINNESS sure knows how to throw a party! ;D

  16. lol i see sidney with the spinning plates! so funny wei :X

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