Samsung Galaxy Note Studio Roadshow

The other day, I received an email from Nuffnang informing on the on-going Samsung Galaxy Note Studio Roadshow happening at One Utama over the weekend. Weekend came, together with Janice, we took the chance to drop by to check out what the fuss is all about.

Samsung Galaxy Note Studio Roadshow
Samsung Galaxy Note Studio

The Samsung Galaxy Note Studio Roadshow
10 – 12 February 2012
One Utama, New Wing Oval Concourse 

Do check out my previous writeup on the Samsung Galaxy Note if you have not read about it yet. (Samsung Galaxy Note is Here!) That's where I elaborated on the functions and specifications of the phone when it just came out.

Samsung Galaxy Note Studio Roadshow
The crowd where anyone and everyone can just grab a Samsung Galaxy Note on display and play with it

Arriving at the venue, I knew it was worth the effort to drop by as at the roadshow, not only do we have a chance to play with all those Samsung Galaxy Note, we could actually get our caricature done and printed out by the numerous artists there.We were able to use, play, sketch, and touch the Samsung Galaxy Note to our hearts content. It was a good idea to get a feel of the phone, which I believe pushed up the sales of the phone throughout the duration of the roadshow.
Play, touch, listen, poke, doodle, and sketch on the Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note Studio Roadshow
Get your caricature drawn, and printed on mugs and T-Shirts

On top of being able to fiddle with the Samsung Galaxy Note, there were caricature artists seated at every corner providing free caricature sketching services which we could get it printed on T-shirts and mugs. However, we were short of time, and getting those caricature done requires some queuing to be done, hence we skipped it. There is a slight regret now though.

Caricature Artists at Samsung Galaxy Note Studio Roadshow
Artist at work, sketching directly from the Samsung Galaxy Note
Caricature Artists at Samsung Galaxy Note Studio Roadshow
The quality of the caricatures weren't bad at all!

In the span of the 20 minutes that I was there, I manage to catch this short performance by a group consisting of a couple of dudes on the Samsung Galaxy Note and a lady singer. Together, they played some really cool music, with percussion, beats and rhythms, with only the Samsung Galaxy Note in hand.

Samsung Galaxy Note Studio Roadshow 1Utama
I would have preferred some real drums and keyboards though, but this is pretty cool

During the duration of the roadshow too, customers that purchase it at the roadshow will be able to redeem a bluetooth headset up to the limit of 150 units. Now if only the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note came down below RM2000, it'll be much cooler as it was selling at RM2.2k at the roadshow.

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suituapui said...

No money, no talk... My birthday's in December. You think you can save enough by then? Hehehehehe!!!!

michleong said...

Advert? haha! I saw it while walking to work in the morning. Went there last friday at lunch time. The caricature drawing was stunning. To me, it's quite hard to control the cursor on the phone but those people managed to draw beautifully. (Y)

Koh Kian Fai said...

still . . . so expensive la

Charlie said...

ish, why roadshow no come to KK??? T_T

Rolling Funbling Thug said...

Have one Samsung Note at home, tried to do that copy and paste function but it seems not as easy as what shown in the ads. :D

Simple Person said...

kinda big.. everytime have to use gigi biru..
My wife will think that I am crazy talking to myself .. but actually i am using the bluetooth...

[SK] said...

aiyah, you should have queued up for the caricature and get them printed on the tees and mugs, once in a lifetime chance leh~~ @_@

Merryn said...

I saw that performance too.. It gets kinda boring after a while..

Xue Ren said...

i received an email about it too but i can't make it over the weekends. Looks like a nice event to attend there! :)

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Wish to have one galaxy note in future haha XD

wenn said...

nice but rather expensive..

akuzle ayu said...

i hope they still have this roadshow as i missed the 1 in KL n 1U.. the artists r so good n the band performance is awesome. Yamaha cannot sell lah...ahahhah