Pick-Me-Up Desserts & Snacks Kuchai Lama

Pick-Me-Up is this rather new desserts shop in the vicinity of Kuchai Lama. My initial thoughts when I heard of the name was that it is unique, a place to go to for some "pick me ups". With a tagline that reads "scrumptious desserts and snacks", Pick-Me-Up got me interested to try it out from the start.

Pick-Me-Up Kuchai Lama
Pick-Me-Up Kuchai Lama

Scrumptious Dessert and Snack
Address: 35, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8,
58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 016-3355301
Business hours: Mon - Thu: 1:00 pm - 11:30 pm/ Fri - Sat: 1:00 pm - 12:30 pm/
Sun: 1:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Website: http://www.pickmeup.com.my/
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pickmeup.com.my

Pick-Me-Up Kuchai Lama
The interior of Pick-Me-Up

It was already late evening when Janice and I decided to crash in at Pick-Me-Up with other blogger friends to try out their snacks and desserts. Greeted by the friendly owners, we settled down in one of the tables of this comfortable "orangey" looking cafe. Everything looked and feels really new from the counters to the decor.

Pick-Me-Up Kuchai Lama desserts menu
Pick-Me-Up's Desserts Menu

Glancing through the menu, it was refreshing to find out on top of the main desserts and drinks Pick-Me-Up do provide some snacks. I found it's the norm recently for many desserts shop to go for snacks and side dishes on top of their desserts, probably to diversify their menu. Check out what we had that evening below.

Nuttela French Toast
#1 Nuttela French Toast - RM5.50
Nuttela French Toast with Ice Cream
#2 Nuttela French Toast with Ice Cream - RM6.50

The Nuttela French Toast that arrived first was this two slices of bread toasted in egg topped with lots of chocolate sauce. For an additional RM1, we could add a scoop of ice-cream to it which makes this snack sweet and savory.

Ice Cream Burritos with Nuts and Oreos, and Mango
#3 Ice Cream Burritos with Nuts and Oreos, and Mango
Cheesy Nachos
#4 Cheesy Nachos - RM4.50
Sweet Rice Balls coated with Crushed Peanuts
#5 Sweet Rice Balls coated with Crushed Peanuts - RM3

We were also served with their signature snack dishes which was the Ice Cream Burritos. These Burritos came in two flavors, the nuts and oreos flavour and also the one with mangoes. It was essentially ice creams wrapped with the ingredients in a "popiah" skin-like layer. Coupled with some Cheesy Nachos and Sweet Rice Balls coated with Crushed Peanuts, these made an excellent choice of afternoon or evening snacks before taking Pick-Me-Up's desserts.

Drinks at Pick Me Up Kuchai Lama
Various Drinks for the evening, Barley Lime -RM3.50, Cranberry Mixed Tea - RM4.50, Pearl Milk Tea - RM4.50

Next up were Pick-Me-Up's desserts. We had their Taiwanese Ice Pick, which were these "Snowflakes" like desserts. Each of these Taiwanese Ice Pick had 3 toppings from a choice of grass jelly, red bean, barley, peanut, green bean, nata de coco, taro balls, yam and more. Personally, I'm not really a big fan of iced desserts, but it was sweet enough, good to have but not really the best that I've tried.

Ice Taiwanese Pick Desserts
#6 Palm Sugar Ice Taiwanese Pick - RM6.60
Ice Taiwanese Pick Desserts
#7 Soya Ice Taiwanese Pick - RM6.60
Ice Taiwanese Pick Desserts
#8 Grass Jelly Ice Taiwanese Pick - RM6.60

While we were having the Ice Taiwanese Pick desserts, behind the counter they were preparing their huge Tower Shaved Ice and Frozen Yoghurt. It was a slight disappointment for me when these two desserts were served because I had expected something way nicer. Check them out below.

Pick Me Up Frozen Yoghurt
#9 Fruity Picks + 1 set of toppings + frozen yogurt - RM 7.90
Pick Me Up Tower Shaved Ice
#10 Tower Shaved Ice - RM12.90

For RM12.90, the Tower Shaved Ice was this huge three layered frozen ice where two or more folks could share. The flavours were blueberry ice, mango ice, and strawberry ice, but tasted akin to having syrup in iced form. At it's base we have the mango, pineapple, pearls, taro balls and vanilla ice cream.

As for the frozen yoghurt, I did not really like the taste at all. Coming from someone who had tasted frozen yoghurt from numerous other establishments, these seems to have a slight problem. The owners did mention it was probably the vendor. I'm sure the next time I drop by there, the yoghurt would be way better after the change.

Pick Me Up Ordering System
Pick-Me-Up's cute UFO like ordering gadget

Overall Pick-Me-Up in Kuchai Lama do serve rather nice desserts and snacks. For a new establishment, they are continuously improving their menu and dishes with customers satisfaction in mind, being patient and all. So if you are around the vicinity, do check Pick-Me-Up out.


  1. Not bad and omg I want nutella french toast with ice cream!! :O

  2. hmmmmm but it looks better than UFO. can't wait to try it

  3. Tower Shaved Ice look nice.. must try it..

  4. Yummy yummy... Looks good.. I like tower ice-cream.. how they make ar? using mole ar? =)

  5. Hilda,
    Yes, it was rather delicious. I wouldn't mind having one of that now! With the ice cream. lol!

    Not bad la, from the recent photos I saw on their page, there seems to be huge crowds there already. And they're continuously improving!

    That's one huge tower. Haha, do check it out when you're there!

  6. June,
    I was told they freeze the layers in some huge fridge or something, not exactly sure though. lol! ><

  7. I love their burritos :) always yummyyyy!

  8. I love their burritos :) always yummyyyy!

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  16. The Nuttela French Toast with Ice Cream looks real sinful! Wondering how you managed to eat the Tower Shaved Ice without it crashing down?

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    Dei, how come I sent you email but.......

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  21. The desserts all look so tempting!

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