Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party Neverland Club

Still reeling from the efffects of the last big Nuffnang event (Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011) a couple of months back, here we are again at another important milestone event in Nuffnang's timeline. It was Nuffnang's 5th Anniversary / Birthday, and we celebrated it with music, food and drinks over in Neverland Club KL.

Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
Janice and I @ Nuffnang's 5th Birthday Celebration

Nuffnang's 5th Birthday Anniversary Party
Date : 26 February 2012
Time : 6.00pm – 10.00pm
Venue : Neverland Club, 1 Jalan Kia Peng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, WP, Malaysia
Dress Code : Blue

Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
Neverland Club KL

Braving the slight rain on a Sunday evening, we reached the venue Neverland Club at half past 6 to be greeted and welcomed by Nuffnang's pretty and handsome staffs. The party was to begin at 7.30pm hence we had like an hour to just mingle around with the other bloggers who attended this birthday bash. There were balloons everywhere, in a darkened club atmosphere where everyone was pumped up to celebrate Nuffnang turning 5 years old. 

Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
We are bloggers yo! With Ernest

The event kicked off with some really good MC'ing by DJ Phat Fabes, where he truly entertained us by his funny antics throughout the night announcing each performances in style. There were a couple of performances lined up on top of the customary cake cutting ceremony which I'll be elaborating further down this birthday post.

Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
DJ Phat Fabes keeping us entertained the whole night
Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
With Tian Chad and Redmummy

Soon enough, the buffet line was opened, and food was served to everybody's delight. We had some rather nice food and desserts consisting of braised lamb, spiced chicken, otak-otak, deep fried fish fillet and many more. Unfortunately the lighting of Neverland Club did not give me the chance to get good photos of the food hence it shall be omitted from this Nuffnang's Birthday Post. 

Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
Performance #1
Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
Performance #2

All Nuffnang bloggers present were entertained by a couple of performances, which wasn't the best, but suffice to say, did really entertained us. The music was loud, with booming bass, just what we would have expected from a birthday party at a club. Not just any birthday party, but Nuffnang's 5th Birthday Party! The event culminated with the candle blowing and cupcakes distributing by Timothy and all the Nuffies present. 

Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
We had Timothy Tiah, co-founder of Nuffnang giving a short speech
Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
Happy Birthday Nuffnang!

Of course, it was a night of celebration, and celebrate we did. With both familiar faces and new faces around, there were two things in common among us, the knowledge that Nuffnang turned 5 this 27 Feb 2012 at 2am, and also a smile on each of our faces. Do check out below on some shots that I manage to take of the Nuffnang bloggers that were present. This post would be rather image intensive so do bear with me.

Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
#1 A group photo (Tian Chad, Kelvin, Caroline, Isaac, Janice, Benjamin, Elwyn and Melissa)
Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
#2 Audrey Ooi and I
Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
#3 Khairi, Mohd Zaid and I
Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
#4 Farah, Benjamin and I
Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
#5 May Ying and Joel Wong
Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
#6 Yeong Boon, Janice and I in blue!
Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
#7 Eric and Caroline
Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
#8 Tony and Iris with Serge in the background
Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party
#9 Kenwooi and Shane

It was truly a fun night, one where we got to see the fun side of Nuffnang bloggers, not that we're not fun or anything, but the night brought out the best in us. The performances could have been much better, but I do appreciate the fact that the Nuffnang staffs and committees really put a lot of effort to make this birthday bash a success. This marks the 5th year Nuffnang came into existence, it would be appropriate to give a huge shoutout to Nuffnang below.

Happy 5th Birthday Nuffnang!
May Every Following Year Be Another Awesome Year!


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Efficient. You must have been excited about the event. Well, who wouldn't!? I missed this D: Happy Birthday Nuffnang! :D

Cutebun said...

Wah... Ken and Shane so lovely together one. XD

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u r FAST, lightning fast! Happy birthday NN!

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Superrrrr fast! :D Must be a really good night, too bad I can't attend x(

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wow.. DONE in less than 2 hours...

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Looks fun! Regretting big time now!

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Yeah, it was a lot of fun! I didn't manage to see you tonight, catch you next time bro! :)

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OI, too fast oledi la!!! i'm not even bath yet wei!!!

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Nice coverage of the event as usual! Didn't see many familiar faces but many new ones came up! Happy 5 years old NN!

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Oh??? That one, kenwooi's girl kah? You didn't meet Huai Bin? - He was there...I think!

suituapui said...

Ah yes! He was... Just saw his comment.

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wow, all the great bloggers gathering together!! sure the event was a great night to enjoy.. congratulations to nuffnang..

Stella Lee said...

So fast!!!!
I've heard about it on twitter and i regret I was not in KL! :(
Would love to attend this awesome event *as if I would be invited lol*

You're so lucky to be invited to this awesome event! Go nuffnang!

missyblurkit said...

looks like a good night out. the rain certainly did not dampen anyone's spirit:D

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Aiyaaaaaa~ dint get to take photos with most of u.. ='[

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Isaac you are super duuper efficient in blogging about this awesome party =D

Nice to see you and Janice again~

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holla nuffnangers..!! nice to meet you all.. :)

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Is that Ken Wooi's girl friend? :P

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i saw u in front of me last night but i'm a bit shy to greet u...

btw, great event by Nuffnang! :)

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isaac, saw u line up behind me, but im to shy to greet n talk to u...hehehe...

btw, can i used/share/borrow the 2nd pic? the girl in the blue stripe scarf, that was me..hehe... :D

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Aw Look so fun! I wanna go too :(

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wow, awesome happening!

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the party was awesome and u a great man :)

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A happening bloggers event!

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Nice!!! too bad i Missed it!=(

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Wah! Nuffnang 5 years already? : )

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Yeahh ....all of us having so much fun on that nite ...rite

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The signature Isaac thumbs-up pose! ;D