The Mix Holiday Inn Glenmarie Valentine's Day Set

The Mix is this rather exclusive restaurant tucked away in the vicinity of Holiday Inn Glenmarie which serves good food amidst a bar like atmosphere with a live band every night to entertain its patrons.  I was privileged to be invited to try out their Valentine's Set Menu ahead of Valentine's day this coming 14th February.

The Mix Holiday Inn Glenmarie
The Mix Holiday Inn Glenmarie

The Mix
Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie

1 Jalan Usahawan U1/8, Seksyen U1,
40250 Shah Alam, Selangor D.E. Malaysia
Tel: +60378031000 Extn: 7376

The Mix Holiday Inn Glenmarie
The Bar-like ambiance and environment

Arriving just in time for the Valentine's Day Set to be served, I was rather impressed with the laid back interior of The Mix, where everything looks like it was set in place just for us.  Our tables were specially set up with red covers, roses and candles to bring out the romance.  It was rather romantic the way everything was prepared, saving the guy some time to impress the lady this coming Valentine's Day. 

The Mix's Valentine's Day Special Set
The Mix's Valentine's Day Special Set @ RM90++/person

The night kicked off with the Moroccon Grilled Chicken Salad, where we had this Grilled Chicken wrapped into a ball to be taken with some green salad.  I rather liked the chicken, but am not a vegetable person. Consisting of tomato, celery, cucumber, corriander apricot and mint, the Salad did go well with the chicken though.

Moroccon Grilled Chicken Salad
#1 Moroccon Grilled Chicken Salad
Moroccon Grilled Chicken Salad
A closer look for salad lovers

Well, the salad was just the appetizer which was followed by a serving each of this wonderful hot Wild Mushroom Soup with herbs cream and garlic bread.  I love it when my mushroom soups are served piping hot, and here even the plate that it came with was warmed up.

Wild Mushroom Soup
#2 Wild Mushroom Soup

Taking a quick glance at the Valentine's Day Menu at The Mix, I appreciated the fact that for the main course, we had a choice of either seafood or meat. Janice always prefers seafood while I cannot get enough of poultries and meat hence the menu was perfectly presented to cater for both our taste buds. 

Oven Baked Cajun Chicken Roulade and New Zealand Rack of Lamb
#3 Oven Baked Cajun Chicken Roulade and New Zealand Rack of Lamb

Now the Oven Baked Cajun Chicken Roulade and New Zealand Rack of Lamb came looking really pretty, and it tasted really good as well.  I did not have to choose between either lamb or chicken because I got both in this dish.  Each time I get lamb dishes, I'm always wary of poorly cooked lamb meat which have this really strong smell and taste.  Here at The Mix, the lamb was cooked just nice with the meat falling off the bone rather easily. 

Atlantic Grilled Salmon and Baked Black Cod
#4 Atlantic Grilled Salmon and Baked Black Cod
Atlantic Grilled Salmon and Baked Black Cod
A closeup of Janice's Atlantic Grilled Salmon and Baked Black Cod

No prizes for guessing if the Atlantic Grilled Salmon and Baked Black Cod dish was ordered by Janice or me. The dish came with sauteed spinach asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes and had a unique fusion of salmon placed on top of the cod. I did try a bit, and was glad to find the fishy smell not too strong. According to Janice, the cod and salmon were fresh hence the taste and firm texture.

Fudge Brownie Melt
#5 Fudge Brownie Melt

Desserts were served amidst beautiful music belted out by The Mix's in-house band Zynchro. The Fudge Brownie Melt which came along with their Valentine's Day Set was a tad too small for my liking. Something as good as this made me want more, and the portion was definately not enough. Check out the band Zynchro that entertained us throughout the night with beautifully sung music below.

Zynchro Band
The Mix's in-house band, Zynchro

It was a good night indeed, and I can imagine during the actual Valentine's Day, this Valentine's set offered by The Mix Holiday Inn Glenmarie should appeal to many couples.  At such a posh restaurant, with the price tag of RM90++ per person,  The Mix promises sweet memories to last till the next Valentine's Day next year. Isaac Tan and Janice Soon
Janice and I celebrating an early Valentine's Day at The Mix


  1. the food looks pretty decent. how's the pricing for this valentine's set?

  2. woot, everywhere love love. Seems like love is in the air~

  3. lucky you, get to celebrate valentine without paying lol

  4. Constance,
    It's RM90++ per person

    Yep, the mood is coming to town next week :)

    well, I wouldnt call this valentine's celebration. You dont expect me not to celebrate valentine's day on the day itself? :)

  5. wow! the Atlantic Grilled Salmon and Baked Black Cod looks nice! with the heart shape there definitely got valentines feel! =D

  6. a truly lovely evening at The Mix and congrats again in celebrating your first Valentine as a married couple!! :0)

  7. Love the LAST picture most! <3

  8. Yumyum.. So early celebrate your valentine..

  9. no diamond ring for val's present?

  10. Wanted to go last trip, didn't manage. Hope to go next time... Looks like a great place to chill and dine...

  11. wah, so nice!! having an early celebration valentines' day with your wife huh?? i love the menu, looks so romantic, haha!! hmmm, so are they gonna invite you again on the day itself?? :p

  12. nice ambiance for a lovely couple!

  13. on what they are offering the price is pretty good eh . .

  14. I think I should visit this place as everything looks great!

  15. good food with lenglui xD


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