Lion Dances @ Naza World CNY Celebration

Just yesterday, I dropped by Naza World over in PJ to catch their Chinese New Year Lion Dance performances. The Kun Seng Keng Dragon & Lion Dance Association troupe came all the way from Muar to perform for us that afternoon. Being the 2010 and 2011 Champion in the World Lion Dance Competition, I went expecting a good performance and they did not disappoint.

Lion Dances @ Naza World CNY Celebration
Naza World - Naza Auto Mall PJ

Naza World Chinese New Year Celebrations
Venue: Naza Auto Mall, PJ
3 Jalan 51a/221
46100 Petaling Jaya
Date: 4th February 2012
Time: 1pm

Arriving just after 1pm, the place was packed with families and people coming from all over to Naza World to join in the festivities. I had to park a distance away and walked huffing and puffing to the venue but it was all worth it when I heard the loud drums. It was Naza's auto car showroom, and I did not miss the chance to walk in to appreciate the beauty of all the exotic cars on display.

Naza Auto Mall PJ
Naza Auto Mall PJ
Naza World Car Bloggers
Thumbs up, Helenness, Isaac and Simon Har

It wasn't long before the the Lion Dance went to the front amidst deafening drums to begin their dance on these really high stilts. It was a feast for the eyes as we saw the lions danced and jumped around doing near impossible acrobatic moves on those stilts. Even though I was standing under the hot relentless afternoon sun, I still persevered on to record some videos to put up here. Check them out below.

Lion Dance Champions
It was a good lion dance performance

In fact, while I was loitering inside the huge Naza Auto Mall, these Bernama TV folks actually came over to ask me on what I thought about the event. I did mention I expected more acrobatic acts from the lions, now who doesn't? We always expect more than we are shown. in Bernama TV
Photo courtesy of Simon
Lion Dance Championship
Up Close and Personal

Overall it was a really good experience, watching Lion Dances during Chinese New Year was part of my Chinese New Year must-do list, and I am glad I took some time off to enjoy this year's Naza World Chinese New Year Celebrations. So have you caught and watched some lion dance performances lately?


  1. Wah... Awesome car in the garage..

  2. I think CNY won't be complete without seeing at least one lion dance.. Luckily I saw one at the JayaOne event the other day so I'm happy this year.. Hehehe.. :P Just no time to put the video up yet..

  3. wow! theres a huge crowds over there!
    u shud grab the chance to promote ur blog on bernama! =p

  4. seems like it's a long long time i last seen a lion dance, haha!! remember last time during CNY, there will always be a lorry coming house to house to ask if we want the dance..

  5. Nikel,
    All the cars there were pretty awesome, none that I could afford ><

    Lol! take today to put up the videos yo! :) Thanks for dropping by.

    you know what? I did take the chance to spell out my blog name to them. Haha!

    you're right. Actually in taman desa setapak, there was this lorry going around too.. Tong Tong Chiang!!

  6. Which TV interviewed you? That photo you look like Penang CM lah! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  7. did u check out the news? I didn't XD

  8. Wahhh you're on press!!!!

  9. awesome cars n great lion dance!!!

  10. I see many millions @ d garage...
    I am a big fan of lion dance.. last year i saw a stunt where d lion walk on wire ropes ..
    awesome ....
    now i could say it is mainly to entertain d crowd ....especially d kids..
    sad sad sad...

  11. Haha where's the food??

  12. I'm still amazed with some lion dance from Labuan group like years ago.. their acrobatic skill were.. simply too amazing!!.. ^_^.v.. but, you're more amazing, been interviewed by those Bernama.. :D


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