A Li Yaa Restaurant Bukit Damansara

Located just beside Aria Restaurant in Bukit Damansara, is yet another homely restaurant A Li Yaa Restaurant & Bar, offering Sri Lankan cuisine which was new to me. I had the opportunity to dine there with a group of friends to try out their signature cuisines.

A Li Yaa Restaurant Bukit Damansara
A Li Yaa Restaurant & Bar

A Li Yaa Restaurant & Bar
48G&M, Medan Setia 2,
Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara, KL.
Tel: 03 2092 5378
*Pork Free Restaurant
Website: http://www.aliyaa.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aliyaamalaysia

A Li Yaa Restaurant Bukit Damansara
The Interior

Reaching the restaurant just before nightfall, there was already a crowd gathered to have their dinner at A Li Yaa. The ambiance inside the restaurant was pretty good, with warm lights illuminating the Sri Lankan stone-themed decor. Now, I don't usually have Sri Lankan food, so I was rather excited to dig into some of A Li Yaa's Sri Lankan food. Do check out what we had that night.

Fish Cutlet
#1 Fish Cutlet - RM15
Lamb Rolls
#2 Lamb Rolls - RM15

The first two opening appetizers that arrived were the Fish Cutlets and the Lamb Rolls, which were both savory and stuffed with lots of spices. Crispy on the outside, and tasty inside, I could not get enough of both these appetizers. Taken with A Li Yaa's special chilli sauce, it did open up my appetite for more spicier dishes to come.

The Different Types of Sambol

A Li Yaa called these "sambal" as Sambol, which to me were the same except these Sambol came in various unique flavours to complement the Sri Lankan dishes. We had the Seen sambol, Pol sambol, Katta sambol, Karuvappilai sambol (curry leaves) laid out on the table for us to savor with our dishes.

String Hopper Kothu Seafood
#3 String Hopper Kothu Seafood - RM28
String Hopper Kothu Chicken
#4 String Hopper Kothu Chicken - RM18

The String Hopper Kothu Seafood and Chicken were similar except one came with seafood while the other came with minced chicken.These 2 dishes were cooked akin to the way fried rice was cooked except instead of rice, A Li Yaa used these fine "muthumayam mee hoon" like strings made from unprocessed brown rice flour dough which was a delight to the taste buds.  Served hot, these 2 dishes topped my favourite dishes list for the night.

Mutton Paal Poriyal
#5 Mutton Paal Poriyal - RM21
Fish Sothi
#6 Fish Sothi - RM19

We were served with the Mutton Paal Poriyal a mutton dish which had a heavy spiced taste. I heard this dish was their top seller as the mutton came in small bite-sized portions cooked with curry leaves and lots of chillies.  The Fish Sothi was good too, cooked in coconut milk lemongrass, with added garlic, shallots and curry leaves to produce this mild and thin creamy curry. Now if only there were more fish portions in the dish it would have been great.

Eggplant Sombol
#7 Eggplant Sombol - RM8
Brinjal Moju
#8 Brinjal Moju - RM8

For a person that does not really fancy Brinjals or Egg Plants, surprisingly I found myself wanting to try out A Li Yaa's Brinjal Moju and Eggplant Sombol just because it smelt so good. I found most dishes that were served had a lot of spices in it very similar to Indian cuisine except these were from Sri Lanka origins.

Devilled Crab
#9 Devilled Crab - RM11.90/100gm
Colombo Styled Crab
#10 Colombo Styled Crab - RM11.90/100gm

Are you a crab lover? Then these huge crab dishes served by A Li Yaa should suffice to satisfy that craving. We were served with 2 huge crab dishes in the form of the Devilled Crab and Colombo Style Crab dish. The difference between these two would be the way its cooked and the contrasting flavours. A Li Yaa's Devilled Crab was cooked in a sweet and sour sauce while the Colombo Styled Crab was prepared with hot and spicy black pepper. I much preferred the Colombo Styled Crab for its spiciness and great taste.

Lumprice Chicken
#11 Lumprice Chicken Version 1 - RM24
Lumprice Chicken
#12 Mixed and baked Lumprice Chicken - RM24

Next up on the menu was the rice dishes, Lumprice Chicken to be exact. We were served with two different versions, one unmixed and the other one with all the ingredients mixed and sent for a short oven bake to release the sweet aromatic flavour. Wrapped in a banana leaf and served with fried egg. roasted cashew nuts and vegetables of the day, it does remind me of Penang's Nasi Kandar.

Plain String Hopper Kothu
#13 Plain String Hopper Kothu - RM8
Doosra Roti
#14 Doosra Roti - RM8
Normal, Egg and Sweet Appams
#15 Normal, Egg and Sweet Appams - RM6

We ended the evening with A Li Yaa's plain String Hopper Kothu (our first few dishes was this string hopper kothu fried with seafood and chicken), some Doosra Roti and various sweet and savory Appams. It was an explosion of tastes that evening as we had savory, spicy, sweet and sour dishes all prepared with great tasting spices. A Li Yaa Restaurant is a pretty good place to dine in should you be in the vicinity of Bukit Damansara and will like to savor some authentic spicy Sri Lankan food.



For RedCard holder, you are entitled for 30% discount off on total food bill (only apply to ala-carte menu)

1. RedCard offer not available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
2. Booking in advance is needed and please mention you are RedCard member.
3. Maximum guests allowed is 4

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1. Fill up the registration form at
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  1. wow i think i should recommend this to my Sri Lankan friend! haha wonder if they will like it! =D

    1. Henry Tan,
      Hehe, probably they will like it :) .. nom nom nom

  2. The food looks real good! :D

    1. Yi Han,
      Hey! thanks for dropping by! yup it was a rather heavy meal that day. A lot of chilli and spices :)

  3. Sri Lankan? Oooo...looks good. Not cheap though...but still, I would love to try. Looks too good not to... Maybe I'd skip the crabs. ;-)

    1. STP,
      Yep, taste like Indian cuisine actually, but with different spices. Lots and lots of spices. Delicious though. I'm not too much of a crab person either, more of a beef and meat person :)

  4. Anonymous2:34 PM

    I want crabs broooo!!!

  5. Sri Lankan Cuisine! Love to try it, thanks! :)

    1. “追食富迪”,
      You must try it! wonderful.. :)

  6. Replies
    1. Nikel,
      If at Bukit Damansara why not give it a try!, but i suggest trying Aria Restaurant next door first XD hehe

  7. Replies
    1. Meitzeu,
      I smelt a lot of spices! haha but its a good thing :)

  8. Wow.. I've not tried Sri Lankan cuisine before!

    1. Merryn,
      Neither have I! but it was a good tasty experience :)

  9. wow..so scrumptious!

  10. wow!! looks nice! this is definitely something adventurous to try on! :D

  11. Gosh..the food looks so unique.. Must try if given an opportunity!

  12. I din fancy the look except of the crabs.. :D.. he he he.. if only I have then chance to eat all you can like you guys, I'll be in my own wonderland.. :p

  13. wow, nice!! i've not eaten any sri lankan cuisine before and this is definitely something new for me.. thot it must have very obvious southern indian influence, but then looking at those yummy photos, not really~~

  14. I bet my big sister from Smallkucing.com would love to try these too... last time, she brought me to an Indian Cuisine somewhere in PJ, and I loved it very much... one of these days gonna ask her to accompany me here. =D Looks tasty.

  15. ok, I'm hungry. Dinner time!!!

  16. How spicy is it? I hope not too spicy cos never eaten Sri Lankan food before :)

  17. They look really delicious and from the way you described, they seem to be really delicious! I'm so going to try them out!

  18. the crabs look awesome. so that's where they have gone to. loved their old place though. green and fresh. somehow now it feels very shoplike.


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