I Love Yoo Gurney Plaza

Now this franchise is not new, neither is it only confined to central Malaysia but there are more than 30 outlets all over Malaysia now. I Love Yoo brings the traditional Chinese breakfast and tea time favourites in a modern cafe setting, and it does it rather well even though if given the chance I will still jump at the chance to have "you tiao" at my nearest local market for breakfast. 

I Love Yoo Gurney Plaza
 I Love Yoo Gurney Plaza Penang

I Love Yoo (Gurney Plaza Branch)
170-4, Basement 1
Plaza Gurney, Penang.
Business Hours: Opens Daily: 10am - 10pm

you tiao and ham chim peng
A small variety of nice traditional "you tiao" and ham chim pengs (fried buns)

It was during one of my trips back to Penang where I dropped by Gurney Plaza and had a sudden hunger for some tea time snacks. Dropping by I Love Yoo, I was attracted by their "you tiao"s and fried buns which I promptly ordered on top of some porridge and soya drink. Simple yet filling, perfect to cure those afternoon hunger pangs.

You tiao
#1 You Tiao (came in a set)
Chicken Porridge
#2 Porridge (came in a set)
Soya Drink in a bowl
#3 Soya Drink in a bowl (came in a set)

The three items above came in a set costing RM6.50 which consisted of "you tiao", a bowl of porride and soya drink. I loved the "you tiao" as it was still hot and crispy. The porridge was okay, but left me feeling really thirsty afterwards, which was when the soya drink came in handy. 

Fried Bun with red bean paste aka Ham Chim Peng
#4 Fried Bun with red bean paste aka "Ham Chim Peng"

We ordered an extra dish, which was the Fried Bun with red bean paste or better known as "Ham Chim Peng" in Chinese. Crispy on the outer skin while fluffy and sweet inside, I actually did not mind having more of these buns. Of course, I did practise some self control and stuck with what we ordered. 

I Love Yoo was pretty good, the perfect tea time snack to have while shopping in any shopping complex. With the franchise opening everywhere including Midvalley, 1Utama, Sunway and many other major shopping malls in Klang Valley and Malaysia as a whole. Have you tried them yet?

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Simple Person said...

Yup their food is simple n nice....
It always my perfect snack when I m out 4 shopping.."....

Cutebun said...

I wanT!!! tried once and a bit pricey for me XD

Huai Bin said...

I've eaten here once! Not the Penang one, the one over here at the behest of my friend.

I don't like porridge but she said it was the cheapest and most filling and satisfactory lunches she's ever had so a bunch of us went over.

It's good. I like the yaw char kueh. :)

[SK] said...

you know what?? a fried of mine told me that one day he saw how they prepare the porridge early in the morning before the crowd.. pouring lots of starch into the porridge to thicken it~~ (@_@)"

Nikel Khor said...

Try before.. very smooth taste.. LIKE!

Aki said...

wow.. got in KL ah?? he he he.. I always love that food!! ^_^.v..

Ken Wooi said...

i love you char kueh! :D

choi yen said...

saw many I love Yoo kiosk in major shopping malls.

FiSh said...

oh i have been to the one @ 1U, quite pricey for such street food actually ><

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suituapui said...

Not a fan of these franchise places - usually good but not great and can be pricey. Cheaper and nicer at the coffee shops.

Restaurant Bruges said...

nice and really a beautiful post i love it a lot

Silver Jewelry Jaipur said...

i love you two gurney plaza nice looking resurent

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nice work really amazing work done

Meitzeu said...

I like this kind of afternoon tea!! :yum!

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wenn said...

I love it..but no more in Ipoh.

Yvonne said...

compared to the roadside stalls...this is a bit expensive.

Rome Diwa said...

planning to visit KL, i'll keep this on my list thanks for sharing

Nath said...

porridge + fried bun is <3

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

Wow, looks yummeh!^^