The Tranquerah Red Carpet Encorp Strand

The Tranquerah, serving Malacca Baba Nyonya cuisine located at Red Carpet Avenue, Encorp Strand is currently having an on-going Chinese New Year food promotion. After hearing so much about this restaurant, I was delighted to get a chance to sample their Nyonya cuisine early this week, a week before the much awaited Chinese New Year celebrations. 

The Tranquerah Red Carpet Encorp Strand
The Tranquerah Red Carpet Encorp Strand
The Tranquerah - Getting a photo with Alan Yun before our meal

The Tranquerah
62A-G, Red Carpet Avenue
Encorp Strand, Jalan PJU5/22
Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603 – 6142 4106
Approx GPS Coordinates:3.155291,101.592850

Open for business on CNY eve and during the 1st to 7th days of CNY.
Closes from 30 Jan - 2 Feb 2012

Behind the Name
Tranquerah is a part of the City of Malacca originating from the Portuguese word meaning palisades, entrenchment or outworks made from stakes driven into the ground, a fortress to protect the town. 

Behind the Concept
Providing a unique dining experience where East-meets-West. Serving authentic Malacca Nyonya Cuisine in a contemporary-meets-heritage setting

The Tranquerah Red Carpet Encorp Strand
The unique contemporary-meets-heritage setting of Tranquerah

Arriving just in time for lunch, I was pleasantly surprised to see Alan Yun, the actor, director and entrepreneur at Tranquerah's front doors welcoming us to sample their Chinese New Year menu. Not only that, another famous actor by the same first name as me, Isaac Ong was there too. I felt like a celebrity of sorts that sunny afternoon.

The Tranquerah Red Carpet Encorp Strand
#1 The unique Nyonya Yee Sang -RM28 for small and RM 48 for large portions

Kicking off with the traditional yee sang tossing, this round with a nyonya twist comprising of squid, raw salad, and jelly fish. The taste wasn't bad at all, really unique. As we tossed the yee sang as high as we could, for prosperity and longevity, I couldn't help but smile as this Chinese New Year dish does give out some really good vibes.

#2 Pai Tee
The Tranquerah Red Carpet Encorp Strand
The Pai Tee (Top Hat) really looked cute in my hands
The Tranquerah Red Carpet Encorp Strand
#2 Cucur Udang

The starters comprising of Pai Tee, and Cucur Udang really opened up our tasted buds to cater for more good food. The crispiness of the Pai Tee, with well simmered filling of turnips coupled with its cute shape tastes good as an appetizer.

The Tranquerah Red Carpet Encorp Strand
#3 Nyonya Stewed Chicken
#4 Nyonya Chicken Curry
The Tranquerah Red Carpet Encorp Strand
#5 Chicken Meatball Soup

The Tranquerah serve pork-free dishes hence poultry dishes are the meat of the day on top of some fish dishes. We were served with the Nyonya Stewed Chicken, Nyonya Curry Chicken and the Chicken Meatball Soup, all of which complemented each other really well. I liked the way the Nyonya Stewed Chicken was presented. The Curry Chicken was good too, not unlike any other curry chicken dishes elsewhere. I did find the soup somewhat too salty though. 

The Tranquerah Red Carpet Encorp Strand
#6 Sotong Masak Lemak Nenas
The Tranquerah Red Carpet Encorp Strand
#7 Ikan Goreng Chili (Talapia)

Up next were the seafood dishes, namely the Sotong Masak Lemak Nenas and the "Ikan Goreng Chili". With enough "lemak" in the soup, the squid dish was popular with each of us having a few helpings. Personally I like my fishes steamed rather than fried, but Tranquerah did a good job spicing up the fried talapia dish. The chili inside enhanced the overall taste of this dish.

The Tranquerah Red Carpet Encorp Strand
#8 Nyonya Mixed Stir-fried vegetables
The Tranquerah Red Carpet Encorp Strand
#9 Sambal Terung (Brinjals)
The Tranquerah Red Carpet Encorp Strand
#10 Sambal Bendi (Ladies Fingers)

Like they used to say, all meat and no vegetables make Jack and Jill really thick and dull. Okay, I made that saying up so don't mind me. Throughout the meal, we were served with a variety of vegetables, the Nyonya Mixed Stir-fried vegetables, Sambal Terung (Brinjals), and Sambal Bendi (Ladies Fingers). Personally, I loved the sambal bendi. I always feel a good sambal bendi dish lies in its sambal, and here the sambal was really tasty with enough kick in the chili to wake up my taste buds.

The Tranquerah Red Carpet Encorp Strand
#11 Desserts (Ice Kacang, Bubur Cha Cha, Sago Gula Melaka)

We ended the meal with some really nice Nyonya desserts comprising of the Ice Kacang, Bubur Cha Cha and Sago Gula Melaka. Sweetness was the theme for any dessert, and with generous doses of sweet Gula Melaka, these desserts were the perfect end to a nice lunch. The Tranquerah Red Carpet Encorp Strand is serving all these in their current Chinese New Year menu going for RM588 which started since 13 january 2012.

The Tranquerah Red Carpet Encorp Strand
One for the album

So if you are around Kota Damansara area, and wish to have some unique nyonya dishes with a really nice environment, do drop by The Tranquerah at Red Carpet Avenue Encorp Strand. They are open throughout the first seven days of Chinese New Year, so do check their Chinese New Year menu out.


suituapui said...

I saw Merryn's photos on Facebook. Kota Damansara eh? Alan Yun's? Must go when I go to KL again... He's got a Chinese restaurant too somewhere, right?

Omigawd!!! What happened to him? Not handsome, not hunky anymore lah.... Too busy counting money to worry about his grooming, unlike before?

suituapui said...

Food looks very good. I love nyonya cuisine...something like your mum's cooking but hers is Northern - they say not the same as Malacca's...

Simple Person said...

i like the cucur udang... is it crispy ?
chicken meat ball? good?
it looks like pork meat ball...
gula melaka is always my fav...

missyblurkit said...

food's generally good at tranquerah. the yee sang looks unique but it kinda looked like rojak sotong:P

[SK] said...

the "yee sang" us really special, the focal item is the squid instead if fish?? haha, interesting.. and the other dishes look yummy too!! mmmm, this is really a unique CNY lou sang dinner huh don't you think?? :)

Merryn said...

OMG! I think I forgot to include Unc John's femes cucur udang in my post! -.-

FiSh said...

another nice meal with you eh. i love the sago gula melaka the most there :)

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Nikel Khor said...

A very good place to get know.. thanks..

Chasing Food Dreams said...

wah.. u are as tall as Alan!

a unique CNY experience for Lou Sang... :0)

annant said...

wow, it's near my yiyi's place, must go try this out with her and kaiye!

SiMon Har said...

nice food... I love sweet dessert! especially gula melaka!!

Yvonne Loke said...

the sambal bendi n the nyonya chicken curry makes me hungry!!! heard of The Tranquerah many times n been following them on facebook chance to go over n try it out yet :(

toninkush said...

is alan yun the owner? man, he's young.

Koh Kian Fai said...

Terung with sambal was interesting for me ^^

Small Kucing said...

Food looks good :)

Stella Lee said...

if only u lived in here, i would ask you to drag me whenever you go, and i would die fat LOL

Unknown said...

colorful and tasty =)

Twilight Man said...

Your excellent photography again made the food looked so yummy & delicious! I would love to go there since they open for 7 days in CNY. I have copied down the address now and you got them a customer - ME!

reyah said...

oh mine...this is delicious, and i am feeling hungry while looking at this picture.