Tang Shifu KL Festival City Mall

The last time I had some healthy dishes from this chain was back in May last year at Tang Shifu's branch in 1 Utama. (Tang Shifu Restaurant 1 Utama) This round, I was with Janice at the KL Festival City Mall when we spotted their newly opened outlet there. This time however, the display name has been changed to Taang Shifu with the additional 'a'. I'm not exactly sure why the change in shop name.

Taang Shifu KL Festival City Mall

Tang Shifu @ KL Festival City
Lot G34, KL Festival City, 
No 67, Jalan Taman Ibu Kota, 
Taman Danau Kota, Setapak 
53300 Kuala Lumpur.

Tang Shifu KL Festival City Mall
Oriental Chinese Decor

The interior of Tang Shifu's outlet in Festival City Mall really gives off an oriental feel as can be seen in the photos above. I actually felt I was walking into one of the Chinese restaurants in ancient times, just like in the movies.

Tang Shifu KL Festival City Mall
Tang Shifu's Restaurant Menu

My first impression of Tang Shifu was that they do serve lots of healthy soups ranging from Gin Seng to various types of herbs. The price ranges from around RM10 per bowl of soup to the hundreds depending on the ingredient thrown in. Check out below on what we had that evening.

Tang Shifu KL Festival City Mall
#1 Dang Gui Stewed Pork with Rice - RM8.90++
Tang Shifu KL Festival City Mall
A closeup of the meat served, it was a real mouthful, much more than I expected

Now the Dang Gui Stewed Pork with Rice came in this really tall wooden basket, which I felt was rather unique. It did make things difficult especially when I wanted to dig into the rice inside. Tang Shifu was really generous with the meat though, which I suspect might be due to the restaurant being new and all. 

Tang Shifu KL Festival City Mall
#2 Mee Suah with Herbs and Rice Wine Set - RM15.90++

The Mee Suah with Herbs and Rice Wine was good too, just a bit too strong on the wine. It had such a strong wine taste in it, that I wondered if they had accidentally poured too much wine in. But if you like your soup "strong", then this dish would have been perfect. 

Tang Shifu KL Festival City Mall
#3 Luo Han Guo with Longan and Honey Drink - RM5.90++
Tang Shifu KL Festival City Mall
Taang Shifu, "Healthiness Starts with Us"

Overall a pretty good meal at Tang Shifu Festival City Mall, and it's filling too. I don't quite agree on the healthy part though, as the meat that came in my dish was pretty oily with fats, while and overdose of rice wine isn't really good right? Probably I'll come back again to try their more exotic soups which are touted to be "healthier".


Nikel Khor said...


Xue Ren said...

I think I saw this shop at Uptown there too! a lot of customers weyy! :)

Simple Person said...

Last time i tried at Melaka JJ.
I think it is their first branch.

Henry Lee said...

never tried tang shifu before after hearing from friends that it's overpriced but the environment looks good :)

Yvonne Sam said...

heard about this shop recently.. Hmm.. maybe I should give it a try?

Unknown said...

You didn't ask the waiters why the changed the name? Perhaps some feng shui problem or copyrights problem.
More interested about the name change.

suituapui said...

Herbal soups? Oooo...must eat more - you and your missus. LOL!!! 1Utama...sighhh!!! Nobody ever takes me there... Sobsss!!!!

Isaac Tan said...

hehe, why wow :)

guess lots of people want to have healthy soups nowadays. haha :)

Simple Person,
hi there ! thank you for dropping by my blog :), oh, so far I've only tied at 1 utama and here. You're from Malacca?

Let's try again one day. lol! the price abit higher than normal but guess they use those herbs thing so its justifiable.

Isaac Tan said...

jom lets go try together! wahaha.

ya lo, did not cross my mind to ask >< .. if I drop by again will get clarification. XD

You also must have lots of herbal soup. Then have long long long life! XD I take you there the next time you're here :) no worries.

[SK] said...

have not been to festival city yet.. but been to the outlet at 1U, find the things a little pricey lah..

wenn said...

mee sua is yummy!

Unknown said...

Been before this shop.. Quite nice.. but the branch in uptownace staffs quite unfriendly sometimes

darranlow said...

#2 looks so healthy!

Stella Lee said...

i seriously dont want to visit your blog, because it always makes me SO HUNGRY!!

which means....



burn isaac! LOL
nice post :yes:

Simple Person said...

ipoh mali..
Happy weekend

missyblurkit said...

The soups! That was the first thing that caught my eye. Will be heading in there real soon. I love soups!

Erika Toh said...

Hmm...I always pass by but never try. :p

toninkush said...

never tried cause ppl said it sux. well i guess i should judge for myself