Sweet Poems Dessert House Sungai Wang Plaza

Having desserts for tea during shopping trips have really become the norm nowadays, and I've been to one too many desserts recently to be really excited over this fad. A couple of weeks back, I was called along to try out Sweet Poems Dessert House in Sungai Wang Plaza and since we were going to shop anyway, I figured why not drop by for some cooling dessert. 

Sweet Poems Dessert House Sungai Wang Plaza
Sweet Poems Dessert House

Sweet Poems Dessert House
C08, Concourse Level, 
Sungai Wang Plaza, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603.2142 9686

Sweet Poems Dessert House Sungai Wang Plaza
They have this on-going Buy 1 Free 1 promotion for selected drinks

Located on the concourse level, which was the lowest level in Sungai Wang Plaza, just next to U-Cafe, Sweet Poems Dessert House wasn't really hard to locate. Sweet Poems are sharing space with U-Cafe to allow their diners to have some desserts, and possibly order some food from the cafe. Anyway do check out on what we had that evening. 

Mango Jelly Drink
#1 Mango Jelly Drink - RM 7.90
Ice Desserts
#2 Black Pearl With Mango & Coconut Juice - RM 7.90
Sago with pomelo and mango
#3 Sago With Pomelo And Mango - RM 7.90

The specialties of Sweet Poems Dessert House were their mango related drinks and desserts, something which I have to agree on after trying out their Mango Jelly Drink and Black Pearl with Mango & Coconut Juice. Fresh mangoes were added into the drink with no preservatives added. The Sago with Pomelo and Mango dessert had a sweet and sour taste to it, where the sweetness came from the mango while the pomelo had a slight sour tinge. I guess their mango drinks and desserts are the must have of Sweet Poems Dessert House. 

Black sesame snow ice
#4 Black Sesame Snow Ice - RM 6.90
Sweet QQ Ice
#5 Sweet QQ Ice - Grassjelly ice base + 3Q (RM5.90)/4Q(RM6.90)/5Q(RM7.90)

The Black Sesame Snow Ice however was an acquired taste where not everyone will love the strong taste of black sesame with ice. I for one felt this particular dessert was pretty unique with the crunchy rice crisps and nuts on top. For those who do not prefer shaved ice, we have the Sweet QQ Ice dessert to satisfy the masses. With an assortment of ingredients to choose from, it was okay, but not really something to shout about.

Durian Snow Ice
#6 Durian Snow Ice - RM 6.90

Being a durian lover, I did not miss ordering Sweet Poems Dessert House's Durian Snow Ice. With a slab of durian pulp being added with nata de coco, I found this dessert well suited for my taste buds. Now if only they have given more durian pulp in the dessert, I would have been much happier. 

To sum it up, Sweet Poems Dessert House in Sungai Wang Plaza do provide some really good mango desserts, along with other varieties of drinks and desserts where shoppers can just do a quick stop for the much needed thirst quencher. Do check them out the next time you're shopping in Sungai Wang Plaza.

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suituapui said...

Oh no!!! Not another one...

Simple Person said...

Another Taiwanese dessert.....
I still prefer those traditional dessert like purely red bean, baby cha cha, black pulut .... If serve with Yau char Kwai lagi best.......

[SK] said...

it's not a norm seeing the trend now, it's getting more and more crazy that you see yet another bubble tea and shaved ice dessert stall.. actually i've not even tried any once before~~ :D

wenn said...

I could simply say, wow!

bendan said...

Ahaha~ I see snowman!! The Durian snow looks good wo... gonna try it one day!! =]

Nikel Khor said...


Twilight Man said...

Goodness, you ate so many orders in one visit? Faints!
I am going to Sg Wang this afternoon, so will try it.

Twilight Man said...

Hey, you seriously wanna go to gyms on wknds??? Great, email me your contacts.

Reanaclaire said...

Something like Snowflakes? Wouldnt mind trying if i were there..

Small Kucing said...

looks good. You mean the juice is also fresh mango juice? I dont really like if the juice is one of those premix. If fresh mango juice I dont mind trying

Caroline said...

Durian Snow Ice? look kinda pale geh? :p

Vince G said...


missyblurkit said...

aiks...another dessert house in town. i supposed its not too bad to have desserts in between shopping. shopping is hard work with much walking needed.

FiSh said...

at the first place, i thought it's a mango dessert house. bet you love their mango there alot :P

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choi yen said...

Is this the one same as the Sunway Giza Mall?

SuFang (Careen) said...

I've seen this tong pak fu everywhere but not yet try it :D