Seoul Garden KL Festival City Mall

A couple of days after my first visit to KL Festival City Mall, I was back there again yesterday night. This round, it was to celebrate a dear colleague, Vennisa's farewell from the company and the venue we chose was the Seoul Garden Restaurant. Now I have passed by Seoul Garden's other outlets elsewhere but did not really dine there yet.

Seoul Garden
Seoul Garden: The Table Barbeque People

Seoul Garden Restaurant
Lot G38, Ground Floor
KL Festival City
67, Jalan Taman IbuKota
Taman Danau Kota, Setapak
53300 Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours : 11.30am - 10.00pm
Reservation : 03-4131 7385 or 03-8065 3166

Seoul Garden
Seoul Garden, newly opened on 20th October 2011

With a tagline that reads "The Table Barbeque People", the first impression I had on Seoul Garden was it is a typical dual steamboat restaurant, one where you could have your steamboat in the middle of the pot while grilling the meat on its side. I wasn't that far off from the truth, except Seoul Garden was priced at RM36.88++ per pax for an all you can eat steamboat buffet. It had less choices of food than I expected though.

Seoul Garden
Seoul Garden's decor

Seoul Garden KL Festival City Mall had a simple, and clean no frills decor, with the bowls and plates made from "kindergarden" plastics. For a moment, I thought I was back in my company's canteen. Probably they were afraid we will break the plates I guess. Anyway we reached the restaurant at around 7pm plus, just in time to jostle with the dinner crowd for the food.

Seoul Garden
Varied meat, seafood and vegetables for our steamboat

Now the choices of food available in Seoul Garden KL Festival City Mall were pretty limited. There were the mandatory beef, poultry and lamb meat, thoroughly seasoned, as well as seafood, but I've been to other steamboat buffets, and this place pales in comparison. Anyway we were there for our dear colleague's farewell, so I guess it's the company that matters. 

Seoul Garden
Various Sauces to spice up your meat.

Personally I'm not a big fan of steamboat, but i do like to grill my own beef, lamb and chicken meat. It was rather amusing to see a few colleagues going for the vegetables while my table had meat overdose. Just check out a couple of shots of our steamboat in progress. 

Seoul Garden
For the carnivores
Seoul Garden
The ladies meticulously cooking their meal
Seoul Garden
And then there were the herbivores, folks who love the vegetables to bits

Overall it was a rather good meal, filling but not really fulfilling. I had my ice-cream for dessert, which surprisingly was the best part of my dining experience there. Do check out some photos which I manage to capture of my colleagues' happy faces that night. I guess the best part about dining at steamboat restaurants such as Seoul Garden was the feeling of friendship over a hot boiling pot of steamboat.

Seoul Garden
Group Pic #1
Seoul Garden
Group Pic #2
Seoul Garden
Some of my colleagues who doesn't seem to like being photographed during the meal
Seoul Garden
One for the album, Good Luck in your future endeavors Vennisa!

If you do drop by Kl Festival City Mall, do take note of Seoul Garden's new outlet there on the Ground Floor at the end just opposite Tang Shifu Restaurant. The prices to me does nto match the quality of the food, but I guess that's just my opinion. 

Seoul Garden
Seoul Garden Buffet Prices

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wenn said...

looks good..must try that one day!

Nikel Khor said...

Has been long time never step in their outlet.. I usually have at their Autocity outlet..

michleong said...

Tried their outlet in One Utama before. not bad actually for a steamboat bbq buffet which is halal. Can accommodate big groups some more. (Y)

suituapui said...

Smelly or not after the meal - it sticks on to your clothes? That usually puts me off...

bendan said...

Yerrr~ I always wanna try this. Hahaha!! But awww, not much choices, not worthy then. ='[

Simple Person said...

I passed by the shop many times @ 1U but never tried it...
Coz i never like buffer .. i will end up eating n eating n eating ..
might give it a try next time....

[SK] said...

wah looks like your next place to hangout has changed from Wangsa Walk to Festival City huh?? hehehe, eih, i still have not been there yet leh, so "sua gu"~~ :D

annant said...

never been to Seoul Garden. i dined once at Daorae. pretty good imo! but it's different concept though, Daorae is all about ala-carte

Small Kucing said...

not bad looks better than Flaming Steamboat

Anonymous said...

hi mr isaactan. i am norah, i am from gombar near festival city mall. i want ask u about seoul garden pakej i am very comfuse about price, yesterday i call seoul garden (festival city). i just ask them how much 1 person for luch adlut, them say RM 46 or RM 47 but i look signboot for adlut RM 26.88 and dinner RM 36.88, i want comform this price is right or not? i hope u can help me?

Anonymous said...

hi,, I want to let go my Seoul Garden groupon voucher. i buy 2 coupons (4 pax) for 135.80, let go price RM100 only. valid till 27 july 2014. lunch buffet for weekend only. if u interested you can whatsapp me 0194659165/email for details. thx!.

anak_tebuan_nakal said...

Is it possible for Muslim to eat there? The all ingredients Halal right???