Queensbay Mall Countdown Fireworks

It's a brand new year 2012 today, where everyone's wishing each other a Happy New Year and happy holidays. Last night, like most people every New Year Eve, I went to join the masses for some countdown fireworks, this time over at Queensbay Mall in Penang. The Queensbay Mall Countdown Fireworks was a rather low key event, with some performances in the mall and fireworks at midnight, but without a stage or a countdown.

Queensbay Mall Countdown Fireworks
Performances at Queensbay Mall up till midnight

Queensbay Mall Countdown Fireworks
Countdown Shopping
until 11.30pm
Go on a shopping spree at Queensbay Mall while counting down to 2012! 

Indoor Countdown Party
9.30pm onwards, Centre Stage
Have a blast, party like a rockstar and usher in the new year at the
indoor countdown party. Featuring fun and entertaining look-alikes such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry

Seafront Fireworks
12 Midnight 1 Jan 2012, Seafront of Queensbay Mall
Usher in the new year with a dazzling display of lights across
the skyline of Queensbay Mall’s seafront fireworks!

The Countdown Party 2011 Banner

Taking my own sweet time to reach Queensbay Mall last night, I was wary of the impending traffic jam after the countdown and parked rather far. It was all good though, as Queensbay has become some sort like Gurney Drive with their seafront walk where we can actually enjoy the cool sea breeze while walking along the sea lines.

Queensbay Mall Countdown Fireworks
The crowd, the fireworks and my dear Janice

I was surprised though that no stage was placed outdoors, nor was there any announcer or loudspeakers announcing the countdown. Basically the huge crowd just stood around, families, couples, singles and waited until midnight for the fireworks display. I would have expected Queensbay Mall to do something nicer. Anyway, do check out the fireworks display that was let off at midnight ushering the brand new year 2012 that we are in now.

That concludes my Queensbay Mall Countdown Fireworks post. So how did your New Year Eve go? Did you spend it with family, friends, loved one and was it with a big crowd or perhaps over a candle light dinner. Wherever it was, I'm sure it was a memorable time, and with a huge smile, I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2012, may the new year bring joy and success to all!

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  1. your dear so cute and sweett...^^

  2. wow.. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year, Isaac! :D

  4. it's nice celebrating new year at penang :) happy 2012 to you, Janice and family!

    Latest: Happy Hakka 2012!

  5. BLESSED 2012 ISAAC!! And Janice is looking really pretty and innocent there!

    Glad u enjoyed yourself! May 2012 bring more laughter and joy!

  6. Happy 2012 to u and janice!

  7. Happy New Year to u and ur dear Janice too! :)

  8. Happy New Year, Isaac, Janice and all in the family. My daughter and missus on the way to Penang right now en route to SP. Sigh!!! If I had been the one going with her, we could meet up some place tonight in Penang... Hmmm....no luck! Next time perhaps.

  9. Eunice,
    Hehe thanks! she's always cute :P:P

    Happy new year to you too bro. Why wow? Haha

    Happy New Year my friend!

    Dead Cockroach,
    Hey there, Thank you for dropping by my blog. Have a happy new year 2012 to you too! :)

  10. Fish,
    Thanks for the wishes. yup Penang is very relaxing. Happy new year 2012 to you and your family too ya :)

    hey there~ thanks for dropping by my blog. Happy new year! :)

    Blessed new year to you too! Its 2012 already, lets make this new year an awesome one! Thanks for the compliment to Janice XD

    Happy happy new year my dear friend XD

  11. Xue Ren,
    Happy new year to you and your family also ya XD

    aiyo.. nvm la, there's always chance in the future, maybe then i'll be the one to visit you! why is your missus still in the Peninsula and not you? oh my, you must be very lonely now. :p

  12. oh, so this year you were in penang to countdown for the year?? great.. and seems like it's equally happening as KL huh?? ooopss, happy new year to you btw~~ :)

  13. that's nice! Happy 2012!

  14. Happy happy new year 2012

  15. Happy New Year Isaac!

  16. Happy New Year 2012!! So the countdown at Queensbay Mall was very happening? : )

  17. Those early days Bananaz would take a spin to Weld Quay at almost midnight and waited for both the long & short needles to embrace together as one to hear the Penang ferries sound their horns and had been doing that for quite a few years. Until at one time my friend had a nightmare got stuck at Gurney drive with his wife & two daughters. Those hooligans climbed onto his car to dance and a group of them rocked his car left and right. Have to spend money to repair the dents and worst was they scared the hell out of his children. He said lucky they didn't break the door glass to harass his wife as they were totally out of control. So always at home ever since. Wishing you & Janice Happy 2012.

  18. I went to QB mall and apparently not many people as I expected. Maybe that is too early and I didn't go for count down.

  19. Is it just me or are the videos exploding rather quickly in the video? Nonetheless, it is an awesome display and a very happy new year to you!

  20. Happy New Year to You Again! :P


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