Philea Resort & Spa Melaka

The recent Honda Insight Test Drive event gave me the opportunity to stay over at this really nice lodging, Philea Resort & Spa Melaka. The first impression of mine when first reaching the hotel was that it reminded me of those nature themed chalet styled resort on some island. Located just after passing the Malacca toll, Philea Resort was an excellent place to stay at, with wooden interior rooms, with an overall "back to nature feel" to the whole place.

Philea Resort & Spa Melaka
Philea Resort & Spa Melaka

Philea Resort & Spa Malacca
Lot 2940 – 1, Jalan Ayer Keroh, 
Off Jalan Plaza Tol 
75450 Melaka 
Phone: +6 06 2333399
Fax: +6 06 2332299

"The accommodation at Philea Resort and Spa captures the nostalgic elegance of an age where quality and care were a way of life. Bespoke furniture merges with the beauty of finest quality pine log and railway sleepers that pave the way to create an environment that is both beautiful and comfortable. Surround yourself and relax against a backdrop of rolling hills and lush green forest."

Philea Resort & Spa Melaka
Each building houses 4 rooms

With 180 Pavilion rooms, 19 Philea Suites, and 2 Royal Suites, the surrounding area of Philea Resort was filled with greenness and nicely done landscape. We were allocated 1 Pavilion typed room each which was more than large enough to accommodate one person. In fact, I felt the room size could fit a small family comfortably. Some of the buildings were located a distance down the road, but walking down the pathways were an experience in itself.

Philea Resort & Spa Melaka
Beautiful pathways amidst natural green trees

A few minutes were spent collecting our key cards, and off we went to our rooms. Now the keycards were rather unique, as every room in Philea Resort did not require a physical key, but utilizes keyless entries via these keycards.

Philea Resort & Spa Melaka
My keycard holders to my room in Philea Resort & Spa
Philea Resort & Spa Melaka
Room 3007

Philea Resort & Spa Melaka provided me with my own personal room, a rather large spaced lodging with 2 single beds, a bathtub, LCD TV, air-conditioned, and minibar. It would have been great if it was a queen sized bed instead of 2 single beds though. The room itself had was wood themed, with almost everything made out of wood, and dimly lit to provide a really romantic ambiance. Check out the photo of the interior of my room.

Philea Resort & Spa Melaka
My dimly lit and cozy room at Philea Resort

After a good night's rest over in Philea Resort & Spa Melaka, I took the opportunity to catch their buffet breakfast as well. The buffet spread was rather extensive, ranging from local fares such as Nasi Lemak and porridge, to western dishes and breakfast sets. It was a good start to the morning indeed. 

Philea Resort & Spa Melaka
My first plate of many
Philea Resort & Spa Melaka
A nicely done and rolled omelette

Overall it was a wonderful stay at Philea Resort & Spa Melaka, a resort I would recommend to anybody who wishes to have a really nice place to stay, living with nature. The price of each room starts from RM880 though, but I guess for a great holiday, it's worth it. 


  1. very authentic natural hotel....
    Nice for relaxing.....

  2. love the woody feel! the place kinda reminds me of my stay at berjaya langkawi resort surrounded by lush trees!

    gong hei fatt choy!

  3. RM880??? No, thank you...

  4. Wow...Nice! Lucky U...

  5. looks great..might try one day..

  6. Looks like those wooden cottages in the mountains! Is the hotel high up in the hills?

  7. walau eh, this is such a nice resort lor.. especially all lit up at night in the first photo, so grand!! you are so lucky bro..

  8. and i like the breakfast also, hahahaha!! nasi lemak with bacon and sausage, wow, fantastic!! haha~~

  9. Simple person,
    Yup, if you love nature, will definately love this hotel :)

    Hey there!! Gong xi fa cai!! :) Philea is really nice. Wouldn't mind going back again if there are offers.

    ehehe, i guess the lush greenery and nice environment comes with a price.

    Actually it's not high in the mountains, it's located next to a forest. Philea took the concept of living with nature :)

    thanks! I always appreciate the chances I have.

    Yay, try then tell me if you love it. :)

    Thanks bro, I feel rather lucky to get the chance too. And nasi lemak with bacon and sausage is like really awesome, a fusion of western and local taste. hehe

  10. It's pricey but I guess you go on hols to splurge. :)

    Very good article!

  11. I like this resort..

  12. RM880??? I will wait for groupong deals :)


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