Penang Dim Sum Restaurant Maxim Pekaka

A couple of weeks back, I was in Penang for the year end holidays and somehow ended up here at Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant in Pekaka Sungai Dua Penang for an early dim sum breakfast. When I was working in Penang, this restaurant was a place I frequent often for some good dim sums, and this round I was pretty surprised at the increase in the customers. The crowd had tripled in size, and Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant had expanded spanning 2 huge shop lot space. 

Penang Dim Sum Restaurant
Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant Pekaka Square Penang

Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant
2-G-11 & 12, Pekaka Square, 
Bangunan Lip Sin
Lebuh Perkaka Satu, Sungai Dua, 
11700 Gelugor, Pulau Pinang.

Open: 6am-2pm.
Close: Closed on alternate Mondays.
Tel: 04-6560915

Penang Dim Sum Restaurant
The crowd and huge varieties of dim sums

My timing was rather off, as I reached Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant during its peak hours at 10.30am. Initially we wanted to come way earlier, but blame it on my alarm clock, we were having brunch instead of breakfast that morning. Space was scarce, and everyone was jostling and waiting for a vacant table. Patience is key to getting a table and having their dim sums.

Penang Dim Sum Restaurant
#1 Almond Coated Prawn Balls

Each of the dim sum dishes we ordered ranged from RM1.30 to RM5, with nothing going for more than RM5 per dish. I found this pricing rather reasonable as compared to the prices of dim sums in KL. Check out below for photo shots of the food we had that morning. 

Penang Dim Sum Restaurant
#2 Deep Fried Prawn Fritters
Penang Dim Sum Restaurant
#3 Fried Fish Fillet
Penang Dim Sum Restaurant
#4 Fried Prawn Dumplings

Personally I like fried dim sums, which aren't healthy, but really tasty especially when dipped with mayonnaise sauce or chilli sauce. Janice was against me ordering too many fried stuff though, which I plan to cut down from my diet very soon. The fried dim sums in Maxim Penang Dim Sum Restaurant were pretty good.

Penang Dim Sum Restaurant
#5 Fried Rice Cake (Char Kuey Kak)

I have to comment on the Char Kuey Kak here, it tasted really very good and must be the first thing anybody should order at Penang Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant. One of their hottest dish here, even Penangites with their fussy tastebuds were seen waiting and ordering loads of the Char Kuey Kaks here.

Penang Dim Sum Restaurant
#6 Egg Tarts
Penang Dim Sum Restaurant
#7 Century Egg and Chicken Porridge
Penang Dim Sum Restaurant
#8 Chai Kuey or Vegetable Dumplings
Penang Dim Sum Restaurant
#9 Steamed Fish Balls
Penang Dim Sum Restaurant
#10 Har Kow or Steamed Prawn Dumplings

Now all the "wet' dim sums comprises mostly of prawn related dumplings, and I'm glad to say the prawns used at Maxim Penang Dim Sum Restaurant were really fresh with virtually no bad prawn odor. I'm rather particular when it comes to prawns as I can't really stand the odor from stale prawns. The ones here were good, to say the least. 

Penang Dim Sum Restaurant
Our bill for that morning

I admit I went overboard with my food intake that particular morning, as everything looked way too good to be missed. The bill came in at RM34.20 for 11 dishes between the two of us. Now you can just imagine the size of my stomach at the end of the meal. No regrets though as I find Maxim Penang Dim Sum Restaurant offers really good dim sums for Penang dim sum lovers. If you are around Sungai Dua area, do not miss out having a wonderful dim sum meal at this restaurant!

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Camy said...

it's super near to my house! i went once, super niceeee!

foongpc said...

I want the prawn dumplings! I love fresh prawns! I can do without all the fried stuffs though : )

suituapui said...

Looks a bit better than the place I will blog about in a couple of days... Pastry of the egg tarts needs improving...and why kuey kak they add flour and deep fry kah?

[SK] said...

have not been eating dimsum for a long time already.. this shop is so crowded with people, their dimsum must be very nice..

JunFook said...

The almond ones look good!!!

Simple Person said...

I have not tried dim sum in PG.
Seems good and the price is cheap..
Is the dim sum make by themself or provide from wholesale ..
There r a lot of dimsum shops in KL that is not make by them and the taste is very "fake"

wenn said...

all look so good..

Nikel Khor said...

wow.. great one... Two person portion?

Koh Kian Fai said...

wah eat so much :D and it is in Penang!

And . . . you watermark the Van, u drive it is it? :P

choulyin.tan said...

wah, so much dim sum, and for quite a cheap price!! lol I loved your "Isaac Tan is Awesome" watermark :p

Yee Ling said...

those dim sum really look enticing..

choi yen said...

I can't eat much for dim sum, 4-5 pcs maximum >.<

Small Kucing said...

If am ever there I sure wanna go makan here. Delicious dim sum

Peeciella said...

it looks so delicious!

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Erh? Thought have left ma peels but not to be found? For Dimsum only place Bananaz knows is in Campbell Street or Anson Road but rarely had dimsum. Most of the time curry mee and other noodles will come first. Sg Dua is picking up very fast. tQ

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Wow I love Dim Sum alot !!!
Wish to try the Almond Coated Prawn Balls, looks unique and it's hardly see from the other place. =D

Haha the watermark for the van and the bill quite nice eh XDD

Anonymous said...

I went recently in 2012 and had the porridge and some dishes. Not very hygenic. Lao sai. Standard went down already.