Padi House Restaurant Cyberjaya

The other day, before dropping off my brother to his university in Cyberjaya after the long Christmas and New Year break, we managed to crash in at Padi House Restaurant for dinner. It was an early dinner at 4pm though. Padi House was recommended by my brother, Ivan who told me it was a rather popular place to chill out especially since it was a short driving distance away from Multimedia University Cyberjaya. 

Padi House Cyberjaya
Padi House Cyberjaya

Padi House Restaurant
Block 3503, Jalan Teknokrat 5,
63000 Cyberjaya, 

Phone: 03-83189368

Padi House Cyberjaya
The cozy "kampung" and "coffee shop" like interior

It was just 4pm in the afternoon, way before the dinner crowd arrive, and there were already quite a number of customers at Padi House already. Glancing over the menu, I realize Padi House provides a fusion of western fare and Malaysian dishes, which we ordered to try out that afternoon. The cafe has an open-air concept, pretty much like any coffee shop but the ambiance was way better.

Padi House Cyberjaya
Padi House Menu - City Variety, Hometown Recipe

With a tagline that read "City Variety, Hometown Recipe", the first impression that came to mind was that the food will bring a nostalgic hometown feeling while having a modern array of dishes. The dishes we ordered weren't a disappointment, but not really great either. Check them out below. 

Padi House Cyberjaya
#1 Stir Fried Dry Shrimp Fish Rice - RM9.90
Padi House Cyberjaya
#2 Padi House Chicken Chop Rice - RM7.50

The Stir Fried Dry Shrimp Fish Rice was good, with very generous slabs of fish fillets cooked with curry leaves and chilli padis giving out a very fragrant smell and taste. I do recommend this dish. The second dish we ordered however, the Padi House Chicken Chop Rice was a disappointment. With a name that includes Padi House, I would have expected it to be more filling and nice, but instead I was served with three pathetically small chicken pieces which didn't taste really good. Well, at least the Stir Fried Dry Shrimp Fish Rice was good. 

Padi House Cyberjaya
#3 Golden Fish Finger Rice - RM8.50
Padi House Cyberjaya
#4 Banana Milk Shake - RM7.50

Ivan ordered the Golden Fish Finger Rice which was pretty simple, and not bad. It had the same sauce as the Padi House Chicken Chop Rice but with larger portions. I guess the waiter gave me a smaller portion (three small chicken pieces) to "tell" me that I shouldn't eat so much. I loved the Banana Milk Shake though, as it came thick and sweet, just the way I like it. Janice will never go near the Banana Milk Shake, or any Banana related drinks though. 

Overall, it was an okay restaurant, one with a good ambiance which I imagine would be packed at night with students from the surrounding universities. The prices were pretty reasonable. Now if only they gave me more chicken pieces in my Padi House Chicken Chop Rice, I would have left Padi House with a happier stomach. 


FiSh said...

hahas my fave hangout place at night. but during the day time, the portion they offered is very small coz' the restaurant is packed with people. At night, it's totally a diffrrent story, not much business at night. lol.

Nikel Khor said...

Great early dinner.. Is there Local cuisine or what?

thedeadcockroach said...

Yum! looks good! *getting hungry just by looking at the pictures*

iVAn said...

hahaha woots, padi. lol. getting hungrayy

missyblurkit said...

hehehe probably gave you less coz you didn't have a student look? :P

annant said...

they have a branch in somewhere around sri petaling?

the food does look appealing. luckily i just had my supper if not i'll be drooling jor

suituapui said...

Looks ok... Must KIV for the next time I stay at Concorde KLIA. Hey! Your handsome brother didn't go with you kah? No photo leh? LOL!!!

[SK] said...

I think i've been here, is it just opposite DHL?? meeting customer there but there's just not many choices to lunch in that area huh?? food, so-so la, eatery is scarce there haha.. :p

FBS Headmaster said...

Looks nice wehhh... this one need to purposely go and try it out :D ahah so far some more xD

Reanaclaire said...

The name sounds so unique! hey, I havent tried banana shake before but my sons told me that it is good! for constipation! hahaa..

Unknown said...

eh..there's one in sri petaling also...haha heard their pasta also damn good

foongpc said...

Oh! Have never been to this restaurant. So the food just so-so? Maybe a nice place to meet up for a chit chat : )

Bella Enveeus said...

so long dont lepak cyberjaya dy.. my bro in MMU pulak so bz bee haha.. maybe shud visit him one of this days n bring him here la.. nice photos.. :)

Ethnic Food said...

The foods and snacks are delectable. I would love to visit this restaurant.