OpenRice Malaysia Launched

Something new has just hit Malaysia, OpenRice ( which were previously available throughout Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand has been officially launched today. With its launch in Malaysia, OpenRice welcomes the hundreds of thousands of Malaysians to share their food reviews, contributing to their growing database of over 12000 local food and beverage outlets.

OpenRice Malaysia
OpenRice Malaysia

OpenRice Malaysia

" is OpenRice Malaysia. Through our comprehensive restaurant search engine, we guide people to suitable dining places based on quality restaurant reviews. OpenRice Malaysia features a growing database of over 12,000 local food and beverages outlets. Be part of this exciting community where food enthusiasts come together to share quality and honest food reviews all over Malaysia."

OpenRice Malaysia
The Colourful and Vibrant  Front Page of OpenRice Malaysia's website

So what is OpenRice Malaysia anyway? Keeping it simple, OpenRice Malaysia serves as an avenue for Malaysians to share their opinions and reviews about any restaurants and contribute to OpenRice's massive database. OpenRice is Asia’s No. 1 dining guide where food enthusiasts come together to share quality and honest food reviews all over Malaysia.

OpenRice Malaysia
The current on-going Rewards Program for folks who contribute their reviews in OpenRice

Currently OpenRice Malaysia is having this Rewards Program, where each review contributed are rewarded, from vouchers, to movie tickets, to Airasia tickets and even a chance to win a Philips Blu-Ray Player. Now what are you waiting for?

Personally, I have just made an account in and plan to contribute some of my food reviews there very soon. Oh, the best thing is, non-bloggers can contribute as well, generally making OpenRice Malaysia an All-Malaysian website. contributed by Malaysians for Malaysians. 


wenn said...

wow..that would be great for u..

toninkush said...

seen these kind of sites come and die almost immediately. foursquare is enough for short reviews of most things

colourless opinions™

missyblurkit said...

hey! glad to see you joined too. happy winning rewards. i've just had 2 reviews approved:D

Anonymous said...

I'm from Indonesia, and really great to see OpenRice Malaysia! Welcome, brother! Let's beat this culinary world ;)

Koh Kian Fai said...


foongpc said...

Oh this is interesting! : )

SuFang (Careen) said...

Thanks for sharing! This is indeed interesting :D